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As fellow parents, we’ve joined forces to create Safer For Baby, a site dedicated to assisting you in navigating the world of unsafe and substandard baby products. We’re on a mission to ditch the duds and guide you to baby safety products that pass the safety bar with flying colors! Because your baby’s wellbeing and safety deserve nothing but the best.

We love to share our recommendations for the best baby safety products based on our own experiences. Our goal is to let the products speak for themselves and putting them to the test reveals all their true colors.

We carefully research and rate baby safety gear based on safety hazards identified in the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s (CPSC) baby safety standard guidelines. The safety standards for various products that are endorsed by CPSC include input from reputable independent organizations such as AAP, ASTM, NHTSA, Consumer Reports, and JPMA.

Building upon these guidelines, we have further refined them to create a comprehensive safety checklist for ensuring the well-being of your baby at home, during travel, and while sleeping.

Don’t compromise your child’s safety by using substandard products. READ MORE

As a parent myself, I understand the importance of finding the best and most reliable baby safety products. That’s why at SaferForBaby, we thoroughly test and review each product before recommending it to our customers.

Our unbiased reviews and guides are meant to help you make better and safer choices for your baby. Whether it is technical safety products touching on the latest automation systems or old-school safety seat installation, we strive to create comprehensive guides that answer your doubts and inquiries.

Whether you’re at home or traveling, we have organized our guides and reviews to make it easy for you to find the information you need. We cover a range of baby safety products, including car seats, baby monitors, baby gates, strollers, corner protectors, high chairs, and many others on our blog.

Baby Safety Products for Home

baby monitor for safety at home
Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro Baby Monitor – (Secure Non Wi-Fi Option)
baby monitor for baby safety - Nanit Pro
Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor(Secure Wi-Fi option)

Baby Monitors

Despite being a top baby safety product, some baby monitors can be hacked in just 98 seconds, and not all monitors are reliable for keeping your little one safe.

Aside from hacking risk, EMF radiation and 5 other risks can make your baby monitor unsafe. READ MORE

Strangulation risk, battery hazard risk, and interference risk are among the things to consider when picking a safe monitor. Read to learn our guide with a practical safety checklist including tips on features to look for.

Go for a secure encrypted Wi-Fi video baby monitor that uses bank-level encryption (AES-256) & 2-level authentication for maximum signal safety from hackers. Here are ways to secure your baby monitor from hackers.

To avoid the hacking risk altogether, go for non-wifi baby monitors that use FHSS technology known to be hackproof with its frequency hopping transmission

For convenience and ease of use, you can opt for a secure monitor that supports both app and handheld screen display. You can use the app when away from home and rely on the handheld unit when at home.

To enhance your baby’s safety, a recording monitor will inform you of all the safety risks with their playback capabilities. Plus, you won’t miss your baby’s milestones as all moments are captured and stored.

If you want better control of your monitoring experience, consider a brand of monitors that can integrate with smart home ecosystems such as Google Home, Alexa Home/Echo Show, and Apple Homekit. You can also opt for smart monitors with superior sensors such as cry-detecting monitors.

For deaf parents or heavy sleepers, a secure monitor that will do the job meets our safety checklist and provides non-audible alerts. Our list has monitoring brands with vibrating alerts, LED light alerts, wearable smartwatches with vibrations, sound-level indicating monitors and more. Check out the list of baby monitors for deaf parents.

If you need a monitor to track vital signs(breathing and heartbeat), choose brands that use reliable, accurate technologies and have fewer false alarms. Most reliable breathing or movement monitors are FSA and HSA-eligible.

If you need a portable monitor for camping or travel that runs on batteries, check out these battery-operated brands. Keep in mind that batteries pose safety risks such as overheating, exploding, and causing fires. We’ve selected monitors that meet our safety criteria, including battery safety.

Voice-activated monitors(VOX) have the advantage of being safer as they emit less EMF radiation when in sleep mode and have a relatively longer battery life. Here is our list of VOX monitors.

Go for digital audio monitors with limited interference, superior sound quality, long-range, and reliable battery life.

baby safety product for home - Cardinal Gate SS330

Baby Safety Gates

Each year, close to 2000 children land in emergency rooms due to injuries related to baby gates, which can lead to traumatic brain injuries, cuts, sprains, and strains(source: Nationwide Children’s Hospital)

Avoid pressure-mounted in any critical areas in your home such as fireplace and stairs. We recommend. READ MORE

hardware-mounted baby safety gates that give you sturdy mounting with screws or bolts, for maximum stability and strength.

Using all the identified safety hazards associated with baby gates, we have highlighted all the risks and described all the 10 safety standards developed by ASTM and endorsed by CPSC. Check out our guide on choosing an ideal safe baby gate.

We have a list of our recommended safety gates that are secure. Check out hardware-mounted gates and other lists including gates for stairs, uneven walls, and outdoors. We also have no-drill gates for apartments. We are still developing more babyproofing guides to ensure safety protector guards, door stops, latches, and corner guards.

Baby Travel Safety Products

car seats as key travel safety product for infant and toddlers

Baby Car Seats

 Proper car seat use reduces the risk of injury, hospitalization or death by greater than 70% when compared with seat belts or no restraints(Source: Research).

The safest car seats are those with add-on safety features that reduce impact force such as load leg, anti-rebound bar(ARB), and READ MORE

side-impact protection. Go for car seats with over 80% safety rating as per NHTSA and Consumer Reports’ crash test results. We have a list of infant car seat safety ratings and convertible car seat crash test results. Also, check out car seats with load legs and anti-rebound bars to learn how safer they are compared to those without load legs or ARBs.

strollers are essential baby mobility safety product


Strollers pose risks such as tipping over, falling, entrapment, and strangulation. The safest strollers feature a five-point harness system and effective shock absorption. For an active lifestyle, opt for 3-wheeled systems for better stability on rough terrains. But how many strollers to get?

Our list of safe strollers includes: READ MORE

carriers are baby safety products for travel that can also improve your own wellness


The most secure baby carriers are made of strong, durable materials and have a structured design to support the baby’s head and neck. Look for carriers that offer multiple carrying positions such as front-facing, back carry, or hip carry for flexibility.

Our list of safe carriers includes: READ MORE

Safe Baby Sleep Products

bassinets are sleep safety products we cover at Safer For baby website


The safest bassinets for your baby are those with strong, stable bases and breathable mesh sides. Avoid buying second-hand bassinets or those with decorative features that may pose a suffocation hazard to infants. Read our reviews on top-rated bassinets, with information on safety standards, materials used, and additional features such as height adjustability and portability.

The most secure bassinet lists include; READ MORE

cribs are essential safe sleep products for babies


Aside from meeting the crib safety standards set by CPSC, some crib features such as adjustable mattress height, sturdy construction, and teething rails are important safety considerations. Avoid cribs with uneven slat spacing or those with drop-side rails as they increase the risk of entrapment and suffocation.

Our list of safe cribs includes: READ MORE

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