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Anmeate Video Baby Monitor Review

Ashley Davis

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Anmeate Baby Monitor is one of the earliest non-Wi-Fi monitors that we fell in love with back in 2019. Even after nearly five years, this brand continues to captivate us with its unwavering reliability, effortless simplicity, and user-friendly design.

After numerous incidents of baby monitor hacking in 2019, my primary focus became finding a monitor with secure transmissions. Anmeate Baby Monitor came highly praised by loved ones, who couldn’t stop raving about the brand’s 2.4-inch screen predecessor, which was followed by the newer 3.5-inch models.

Anmeate currently offers a range of models with different screen sizes. The first model, the SM24, features a 2.4-inch screen and was released in November 2018. In addition, there are two models with a 3.5-inch screen. The first 3.5-inch model, the SM935E, was released in November 2019, while the second 3.5-inch model, the B0C3D3JPY9, was released in December 2021.

Below is an image of Anmeate Sm24 model;

About Anmeate Baby Monitor Company

Anmeate seems to be under the ownership of the same parent company as Hellobaby. On Hellobaby’s website, we noticed that Anmeate Monitors are listed with identical product descriptions and lineups, featuring nearly identical product features but with different names. You can see them on the Hellobaby website here.

BabyGearLab also pointed this out in its review of the SM24 brand.

In early 2024, when I visited Anmeate’s website, it appeared to be offline. Specifically, the site briefly redirected to the website and then led back to an offline page. Even the website which once had warranty info for Anmeate is no longer available.

Judging from the initial availability of Anmeate’s products, I speculate that it was established around 2017. This brand originates from China, as highlighted in other reviews where concerns were raised regarding the translated manuals. While we have no objections to juvenile product manufacturers based in foreign countries, our main concern lies in the level of support that can be expected.

Review of Anmeate SM24:

We included this brand in our list of recommended non-Wi-Fi monitors because it uses hackproof FHSS technology, which aligns with our preferences of only going for secure monitors. Additionally, this brand stands out as the most cost-effective option available in the market.

Our overall rating for the product is Average or 3/5 and I’ll explain more below;


One impressive feature of this monitor is its use of 2.4GHz FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) secure wireless transmission technology. This ensures safe and secure point-to-point digital encryption wireless transmission. The monitor operates within the 2400-2480 MHz auto-tuned frequency, minimizing the risk of interference with other electronic devices nearby.

For optimal audio and video reception, I found it to be best to maintain a minimum distance of 3 feet between the camera unit, parent unit, and any other electronic devices in your home. This aligns with the general suggestion to avoid interference.

Being a digital monitor, there is no risk of eavesdropping as the signal is point-to-point. This means that it can’t be intercepted by other receivers, unlike the traditional analog monitors.

In this category, this monitor scored 5/5.


While the marketing materials claim that this unit can work up to a range of 960ft. in a straight line with no obstacles, I found that the range in reality is about 500-600ft. with a clear line of sight and decreases with walls or other obstacles in between.

According to BabyGear Lab which tested this model, the device began experiencing connectivity issues when used beyond a range of 200 ft and completely stopped working at a range of 600 ft. Fortunately, we didn’t encounter any connection problems when using it indoors in our small apartment. However, BGL reported that the device could only connect up to 65 ft or through a maximum of 4 walls.

We analyzed other customer feedback and with our insight, we gave a rating of 2/5 in this category.


I appreciate the eco-mode feature in this model, which offers low, medium, and high sensitivity options for customization. When your baby is asleep and no sounds are detected for 15 seconds, it automatically activates the eco-mode. The VOX mode setting is also good for two reasons. Firstly, there is evidence suggesting that it reduces EMF radiation while prolonging the unit’s battery life.

In this category, we gave it a rating of 4/5 as it doesn’t provide 5-levels of VOX mode customization as other brands such as Hellobaby HB65.


The audio capabilities of this model are decent with loud volume exceeding 80 Decibels. This means that you should not have any problems hearing your baby cry or make noises. Additionally, the audio clarity is of high quality without any interference or static noise if you are well within the 65 ft range indoors.

However, we did find some complaints from customers about poor sound quality and background noise being picked up by the monitor. This could be due to individual unit defects and we did not experience this issue when using it.

Overall, we gave this model a rating of 4/5 in the audio category.

Remote Pan and Tilt:

Unfortunately, this unit lacks the capability to remotely pan or tilt the camera. Therefore, you will need to manually adjust the camera to your desired angle. However, it does offer a 2x digital zoom feature and the ability to pan the camera a full 360 degrees, as well as tilt it up to 60 degrees.

I found it a real hassle having to physically adjust the camera every time I wanted to see my baby from a different angle. This is definitely an area where the Anmeate SM24 Baby Monitor falls short compared to other brands with remote pan and tilt capabilities.

The newer Anmate models have remote pan and tilt features.

In this category, this model received a rating of 1/5 as it lacks the convenience and versatility of other models with remote pan and tilt capabilities.


I found the visuals in this unit to be good enough but lacking clarity. There is a green tint that can be seen in the 2.4-inch display and this might make it difficult to see your baby clearly, especially in low light conditions. With night vision mode, the clarity is is considerably lacking compared to other models.


Battery Life:

Another important factor to consider is the battery life of the monitor. The Anmeate Baby Monitor has an impressive battery life, lasting up to 12 hours on eco-mode and up to 8 hours on normal mode. BabyGearLab found it to last up to 14 hours on eco-mode!

It takes about 5 hours to charge the parent unit from 0% to 100%. When it’s time to recharge, a red light will appear on the screen.


Ease of Use:

In terms of ease of use, the Anmeate SM24 Baby Monitor is fairly simple to set up and operate. It comes with clear instructions that are easy to follow.

Score: 4/5:


Based on BGL’s findings, The Anmeate SM24’s EMF levels averaged at 1.67 V/m, with the reader positioned 6 ft away from the camera. Remarkably, this measurement falls well below the FCC’s established limit of 1.6W/kg.

Customer Support:

Based on various comments and reviews, there is a mix of customers complaining about lack of response from Anmeate’s customer support. With no online presence, it can be quite difficult to get a hold of their support but it appears that this was not always the case. Some users from back in 2021 mentioned of how fast the customer support assisted them.

Temperature monitoring:

The Anmeate Baby Monitor has a temperature sensor that will alert you if the temperature in the room gets too high or too low. The temperature sensor is inbuilt into the camera and gives you a notification when the temperature is outside the set range.

There are concerns about the Anmeate temperature sensor being off or inaccurate by 5 to 10-degree discrepancy. If you use air conditioners or any air circulation system in the house, the sensor will not be accurate.

VOX Mode and Sound Activated LED Indicators:

The parent unit has sound-activated LED indicators that help you know if your baby is crying even when the volume is off.

Anmeate Eco-Mode:

This mode gives you control over the sound activation of your baby monitor. By default, the ECO setting is OFF. If there is no sound detected around the camera for 30 seconds, transmission stops. The monitor screen turns off when the camera is not transmitting. Once the camera detects sound louder than the set sensitivity level, it resumes transmitting the signal to the monitor.

To activate or adjust the ECO level, please follow these instructions:

  1. Press the Menu/Exit key to access the menu.
  2. Use the LEFT or RIGHT key to highlight the ECO icon. Select “ON”.
  3. Use the UP or DOWN key to choose the desired level: LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH.
  4. Press the OK key to confirm your selection.
  5. Press the Menu/Exit key to exit the menu.

These steps will help you easily control and optimize the ECO level.

The monitor allows you to set a threshold for the level of noise in which you can be notified. This ensures that the monitor is not transmitting signals even when your baby is quietly asleep. This voice-activation feature, also called VOX, reduces the amount of radiation in the nursery and increases the battery life of the baby monitor.

On eco-mode, the camera screen turns off and will only start streaming again if the sound level exceeds the set threshold.

Two-way talk:

The two-way talk feature on the Anmeate Baby Monitor is very convenient because you can talk through the parent unit to your baby. The sound quality is very clear and you can hear your baby crying or cooing from the other room. You can also soothe your baby by talking to them through the monitor.

This feature is very useful when you want to know if your baby is awake or still sleeping without disturbing them.

You can talk to your baby by pressing the talk button on the parent unit. You need to release it after you finish talking. Note that you can’t hear the sound in the nursery when you are talking.

Very portable parent unit that fits in your hand;

The parent unit of the Anmeate Baby Monitor is very lightweight and portable. It only weighs about 3 ounces with batteries. It can easily fit in your purse, diaper bag or even your pocket.

Image showing how portable Anmeate monitor is

Other features:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Sound activation
  • Talk to baby
  • Digital zoom
  • Kickstand

Troubleshooting Anmeate Baby Monitor

Anmeate baby monitor waiting for connection

If your Anmeate Baby Monitor keeps giving you an alert saying ‘waiting to connect’ or experiencing a black screen with no images, the issue is with the connection. As mentioned above, this model doesn’t have strong range of connection.

The most effective way to troubleshoot Anmeate for connection issues is to reset the unit using the reset key located at the back of the parent unit just under the kickstand. Before resetting, ensure that both units are powered properly and turned on and that the camera isn’t placed too far away from the parent unit. Once you’ve done that, follow these steps to reset it;

  1. Ensure both parent and child units are turned on
  2. Using a pointed object such as a pen, press and down the reset key for 10 seconds.
  3. Release the key after 10 seconds.
  4. Restart both units and wait for the parent unit to automatically connect with the child unit.
Image showing location of Anmeate Sm24 reset key
Image showing location of Anmeate Sm24 reset key

If this doesn’t work, try moving the camera closer to the parent unit or removing any devices that may interfere with the signal such as a Wi-Fi router.

Another reason your Anmeate is losing connection is that it may not be properly paired. To pair Anmeate, follow these steps;

  1. Press the Menu/Exit key to bring up the menu.
  2. Navigate using the LEFT or RIGHT keys until the camera icon is highlighted. Use the UP or DOWN keys to select the desired camera for pairing.
  3. Press the OK key to initiate the pairing process.
  4. While the LED is flashing, press the PAIR button located on the back of the camera.
  5. Once the pairing is complete, the screen will display the camera’s image.

You can read more on this manual

Anmeate video baby monitor made it to our list of top non-wifi baby monitors and ranked behind Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro and Eufy Spaceview baby monitor. It is an FHSS baby monitor that has all the great features you’d want in a video baby monitor including a sound-activation feature (VOX) that limits EMF radiation and increases battery life.

The best-selling Anmeate Baby monitor is the 2.4-inch screen monitor but Anmeate has also released a larger-screen option that has a 3.5-inch LCD screen.

Can Anmeate connect to the phone?

No, Anmeate baby monitors are not designed to be connected to a phone. They are standalone devices that work through their own dedicated parent unit and utilized localized closed-circuit system. Since it does not rely on the internet, it does not have a smartphone app and does not transmit its signals to the cloud.

Can Anmeate baby monitor be hacked?

It is almost impossible to hack Anmeate Baby monitors as it uses FHSS wireless transmission that is proven to be almost 100% hackproof. FHSS which stands for frequency-hopping spread spectrum is a security feature that ensures the privacy of your baby’s video and audio by constantly switching frequencies to avoid interference or eavesdropping. By constantly changing the frequency, it makes it nearly impossible for hackers to intercept and decode the signal. You can rest assured that your baby’s privacy is protected when using an Anmeate baby monitor.

How to turn on Anmeate baby Monitor

To turn on the Anmeate baby monitor, first, ensure that both the camera and parent unit are charged. Then, press and hold the power button on the parent unit for 5 seconds to turn it on. The camera will automatically turn on when the parent unit is turned on and you’ll see a green LED light.

To turn on the Anmeate camera, simply connect the baby unit to the wall outlet using the AC adapter provided. Once the adapter is connected, the unit will power on automatically and the LED indicator will illuminate.

How to connect Anmeate Baby Monitor to Wifi

Unfortunately, the Anmeate video baby monitor does not have Wi-Fi capability and cannot be connected to a Wi-Fi network. It uses a closed-circuit communication technology that utilizes radio frequency in the 2.4 GHz wireless frequency band for communication between the camera and parent unit, providing a secure and reliable connection without the need for internet access.

For this reason, you cannot connect to the phone or receive phone notifications.

Comparing the Anmeate SM24 and Anmeate SM35 models, it appears that the only difference is the screen size with Anmeate Sm24 having a 2.4-inch screen and Anmeate SM35 having a 3.5-inch screen and a price difference of about $20.

Anmeate Video Baby Monitor
Anmeate Video Baby Monitor

Mounting: Tabletop or wall

You can place the camera on a tabletop or mount it to the wall. The package includes a mounting bracket and screws.

Note that if you decide to mount it to the wall, you’ll need to find a stud in the wall to be able to securely mount it. If you’re not sure how to do this, you can always ask a friend or family member for help.

Anmeate is manufactured by Anmeate, a Chinese manufacturer based in Shenzhen. It is a very light baby monitor weighing just 422 grams making it very easy to travel with. It is among the most inexpensive baby monitors available on Amazon with great reviews.

Compared to others such as Infant Optics Pro and Eufy Spaceview baby monitors, Anmeate has a relatively small screen of 2.4 inches. It, however, has 2x digital zoom and the screen resolution is pretty decent, considering it is non-HD.

Anmeate is a brand that I trust and one that I have come to rely on over the past year. I was a little hesitant at first to spend the money on a baby monitor, but it has been worth every penny!

Anmeate Baby Monitor is a portable video baby monitor which features a 2.4” screen, 8 infrared LED Lights and could constantly monitor babies’ activities. It has built-in features including automatic night vision and temperature monitoring. The two way talking & long transmission range covers a transmission range of up to 960 feet. The play 4 soothing lullabies can help you relax while the little one is sleeping peacefully, it also has play music function so that you can enjoy your free time with your family or friends while watching the lovely view of your baby.

The monitor also features a talk back system that will allow you to comfort your baby from anywhere in the house, and the 8 infrared LED lights ensure that you can see your baby perfectly, even in the dark! This is a huge plus for me, as I am often up at night checking on my little one.

The monitor is also incredibly easy to use, which is a lifesaver for busy moms and dads! You simply plug it in, turn it on and you’re good to go!

Anmeate baby monitor uses FHSS technology which does not rely on wifi and cannot be hacked. This is a huge selling point for me, as I am confident that my baby’s safety is of the utmost importance to me!


NameAnmeate Video Baby Monitor, 2.4-inch screen
Baby Monitor TypeNon-wifi video baby monitor
Product Dimensions3.03 x 6.22 x 8.62 inches
Item Weight14.9 ounces
Item model numberSM24
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required.
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableMarch 11, 2018


  • Easy to install
  • Secure with FHSS non-wifi technology
  • Does not rely on wifi
  • Good picture quality
  • Good long range of 960 ft.


  • Does not have a wide-angle lens to cover a wider area.
  • Narrow field of view
  • Small screen size – only 2.4 inches
  • Requires manual panning and tilting
  • No app – there is no Anmeate baby monitor app as it does not connect to wifi or smartphones.

Anmeate Baby Monitor with 3.5-inch Screen Review

Anmeate Baby Monitor is a 3.5 inch non-wifi secure baby monitor with a remote pan, tilt and zoom feature. The high-resolution camera with powerful night vision sensors provides a crystal clear picture of your baby at night. There are also 5 soft lullabies to soothe your baby to sleep. The 2 way baby monitor also has the ability to talk back to your child. Other features include Eco Mode Voice Activation, Sound Activated LEDs, Alarm/Timer Setting, Multi-Camera Expandability (up to four cameras), Auto Camera Scan View, and more.

The monitor has a transmission range of up to 960 feet and utilizes FHSS technology for a secure signal that can’t be hacked. It is also easy to set up and use, making it perfect for busy parents on the go!

I highly recommend Anmeate Baby Monitors to all parents looking for a quality, non-wifi baby monitor! They are a brand that I trust and one that I know will provide my family with the peace of mind we need while our little one is sleeping!


NameAnmeate Video Baby Monitor, 3.5-inch Screen
Package Dimensions7.48 x 5.47 x 3.54 inches
Item Weight1.34 pounds
Item model numberSM935E
Date First AvailableDecember 5, 2019


  • Remote Camera Pan-Tilt-Zoom
  • Invisible IR night vision
  • Alarm function
  • Two-way talk
  • Remote temperature display
  • Sleek compact design for portability
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • Screen Off, Audio Only Mode (saves 50% battery)


  • Good quality on a bigger 3.5-inch screen
  • Secure transmission technology
  • Does not require wifi
  • Portable/easy to carry
  • Has an alarm, 2-way talk, and an invisible night vision sensor


  • Complaints of too many buttons/keys on the parent unit
  • Short charging cord for the camera which needs to be plugged in to AC power to work
  • The buttons on the parent unit do not light up at night and is difficult to operate it without being able to see.

Anmeate Video Review

The video below shows the unboxing of Anmeate baby monitor:

Features of Anmeate Video Baby Monitor:

  • Range: Long-range of up to 960 ft. Anmeate video baby monitor range is longer than most non-wifi baby monitors such as Eufy and Infant Optics DXR 8. When the monitor is out of range, you get a warning that it is out of range.
  • Digital Zoom: If you are a big fan of getting finer details in pictures or videos, you can take advantage of Anmeate’s 2x digital zoom feature.
  • Temperature sensors – Anmeate’s camera has an inbuilt temperature sensor which senses the temperature in the baby’s nursery, letting you know when it’s too hot (over 90°F) or too cold (below 55°F). With this sensor, you can rest easy knowing that the temperature conditions are good and knowing that Anmeate can alert you in case of any issues.
  • Lullabies: Anmeate comes with pre-programmed lullabies: Using the parent unit, you can choose to play polyphonic lullabies to your baby.
  • Sound Activated: Anmeate is sound-activated and only transmits data or video signals if the baby makes noise above a certain threshold. Sound activated baby monitors/VOX baby monitors emit less EMF radiation and have longer battery life.
  • Very durable

Comparison of Anmeate video baby monitor vs others;

Anmeate Vs. Babysense

Anmeate and Babysense are both non-wifi baby monitors that made it to our list of best baby monitors without wifi in 2019. Anmeate and Babysense both use FHSS transmission technology.

The table below shows the differences between Anmeate and Babysense.

Anmeate Babysense
Has both 2.4-inch screen and 3.5-inch screen optionsHave both 2.4-inch and
3.2-inch screen monitors
FHSS technologyFHSS technology
960 ft. range 900 ft. range, relatively
Supports up to 4 camerasSupports up to 4 cameras
2x Zoom2x Zoom
Cheaper in priceMore expensive
2-way talk2-way talk
Autio infrared Auto infrared
Check PriceCheck Price
It has 2 models, one with a 2.4-inch screen and another with a 3.5-inch screen. The 2.4-inch costs less than $50 and comes with one camera. The 3.5-inch monitor comes with a single camera and costs less than $65. It has 2 models, one with a 2.4-inch screen and another with a 3.5-inch screen. The 3.5-inch monitor comes with 2 cameras and costs less than $100. The 2.4-inch with 2 cameras cost less than $80.
960ft Transmission Range 960ft Transmission Range
One year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee One year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee
Manual Pan (360 degrees) & Tilt (60 degrees), 2x zoom Manual Pan (360 degrees) & Tilt (60 degrees), 2x zoom
Manufactured by Anmeate, a company that has been around since 2017. Manufactured by Hisense, an ISO-certified company that has been around since 1991.

Anmeate Video Baby Monitor, Add-on Camera

Anmeate can support up to 4 cameras making it ideal for monitoring twins or multiple babies.

Anmeate Video Baby Monitor Replacement Parent Unit

Like Infant Optics DXR 8, Anmeate has a replacement screen that you can get on Amazon.

Below is Anmeate SM24 Monitor add-on camera

Below is Anmeate SM24 Monitor Replacement Parent Unit;

Anmeate Baby Monitor Manual

Anmeate baby monitor manual

You can check out the manual of Anmeate SM24 here and can access Anmeate SM935E here.

How to pair Anmeate Baby Monitor

Follow the steps below to pair your baby monitor with Anmeate camera:

  1. Press the Menu key on the parent unit of the parent unit/Anmeate baby monitor and a menu will pop up.
  2. Press the LEFT key or RIGHT key until the camera icon is highlighted
  3. Press the UP key or DOWN key to select the desired camera to pair.
  4. Press the OK key to start the pairing.
  5. While the LED is flashing then press the PAIR button on the back of the camera.
  6. Once paired, then the screen will display the image from the camera.
  7. If unsuccessful, please repeat the above steps.