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Apple Watch Baby Monitor

Whether you own Apple Watch 9 released in September 2023 or Apple Watch 4 released back in 2018, you can turn them into a baby monitor using a paid app called Cloud Baby Monitor App.

Apple Watch seamlessly works with other iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, allowing you to utilize these devices together to create an effective baby monitoring system.

The Cloud Baby Monitor app is specifically designed to leverage the strengths of Apple’s ecosystem, offering a robust and user-friendly solution for parents. Here’s how the app works across different Apple devices, from the Apple Watch Series 9 released in September 2023 to the older Apple Watch Series 4, alongside iPhones and iPads:

Some apps, specifically iCam below allow you to stream live video feed from security cameras to your Apple Watch, similar to what you would on an Apple Homekit compatible camera. All you need is a good internet connection and an internet-connected camera to turn your Apple Watch into an excellent baby monitor.

There are also other great baby monitor apps you can pick but I personally prefer Cloud Baby Monitor.

How to use Apple Watch as baby monitor

Creating a baby monitor system with your iPhone as the camera and your Apple Watch as the parent unit is a smart way to repurpose these devices for child safety. This setup allows you to keep an eye or ear on your baby using technology you already own. Here’s how you can set this up:

Step 1: Select a Compatible Baby Monitor App

  • Start by finding a baby monitor app that supports both iPhone and Apple Watch. Apps like “Cloud Baby Monitor” or “Baby Monitor 3G” often support this functionality, enabling audio streaming and notifications on your Apple Watch.
  • Download and install the chosen app on your iPhone from the App Store. Ensure it mentions compatibility with the Apple Watch.

Step 2: Setup on iPhone (Child Unit)

  • Launch the app on your iPhone and follow the setup process to designate your iPhone as the “Child Unit” or camera. This usually involves granting necessary permissions like microphone and camera access.
  • Place your iPhone in a stable position where it has a good view of the baby’s crib or play area. Ensure it’s securely placed to prevent any accidents, and keep it plugged in to avoid battery drain.

Step 3: Setup on Apple Watch (Parent Unit)

  • Make sure the app is installed on your Apple Watch. This might happen automatically if you’ve installed the app on your iPhone, or you may need to manually add it via the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Open the app on your Apple Watch to set it up as the “Parent Unit.” This setup allows you to receive audio and notifications directly on your wrist.

Step 4: Connect and Test Your Setup

  • With both devices running the app, follow any on-screen instructions to connect your iPhone and Apple Watch. This might involve entering a code or simply confirming the connection on both devices.
  • Test the connection by making some noise in the baby’s room and ensuring that it’s picked up and transmitted to your Apple Watch. Check the app’s features, like two-way audio (if available), to communicate with your baby.

Step 5: Adjust Settings for Optimal Use

  • On your iPhone, explore the app’s settings to adjust features like sensitivity, audio quality, and whether the screen should stay on.
  • On your Apple Watch, ensure notifications for the baby monitor app are enabled. Go to the Watch app on your iPhone, find “Notifications,” and adjust settings as needed.

Step 6: Monitoring

  • With the setup complete, you can now monitor your baby from your Apple Watch. Keep an eye on notifications for sounds, movements, or other alerts based on the app’s functionality.
  • Regularly check the iPhone to ensure it remains connected to Wi-Fi, the app is running smoothly, and it’s adequately charged.

Below is a helpful Tiktok video of a mom using Apple Watch as baby monitor with her iPad as the baby unit:

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Apple Watch Guide to Correctly Turn it Into a Baby Monitor

Compatibility and Setup

  • Cross-Device Support: The Cloud Baby Monitor app is designed to work seamlessly across Apple devices, including various models of the Apple Watch, iPhones, and iPads. This compatibility ensures that you can use an older iPhone or iPad as the child unit (camera and microphone) in your baby’s room and receive audio and video feed on your Apple Watch, regardless of the series. Make sure your Apple Watch is running on WatchOS 9 or later and if using iPad or iPhone as the baby unit, they should be running on iOS 12.0 or later. Note that Cloud Baby Monitor app is paid and will have to part with $5.99.
  • Simple Setup: Setting up the Cloud Baby Monitor app involves downloading it from the App Store onto both the parent and child devices. Once installed, the devices can be easily paired over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing for flexible and reliable connectivity within your home network. You can also check out our guide on how to turn iPhone and iPad into a baby monitor.

Using Apple Watch as the Parent Unit

  • Notifications: You can receive instant notifications on your wrist about your baby’s movements and sounds. This feature is particularly useful for times when you’re not actively looking at your iPhone or iPad but still want to be alerted to any changes.
  • Audio Feed: Depending on the app’s features and the watchOS version, you may be able to listen to live audio from the baby’s room directly on your Apple Watch. This allows for discreet monitoring, ensuring you’re always connected to your little one.
  • Convenience: The portability of the Apple Watch means you can move around the house or engage in activities without having to carry an additional device. You’re able to stay informed about your baby’s well-being with just a glance at your wrist.

Use Walkie-talkie App to turn your Apple Watch into a Baby Monitor

Walkie-talkie app turns your Apple Watch into a 2-way talk baby monitor allowing you to speak to your baby if you want to. You can also choose to sing a lullaby to your baby to soothe the baby to sleep. You’ll need to ‘invite’ the iOS device that is also the camera in your baby’s nursery and when the contact accepts the invitation, all you need to do is open your Walkie-Talkie app and start talking to your baby!

Apple Watch allows you to talk to your baby using 2-way intercom app

Use your Camera App on Apple Watch

You can view your iPhone camera images of your baby on your Apple watch. You can also take pictures using your Apple Watch and even better, you can ask Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri to take a picture by saying, “Siri, take a picture of (your baby)”. You’ll need to set a shutter time to allow you to lower your wrist and to get a good angle for the image.

Apple Watch Taking Images of Baby
Apple Watch Taking Images of Baby

Below are images of Series 4 and 5 of Apple Watches that have been rated 4.7/5 by 3,000 customers on Amazon. They each cost over $300 but you can access several apps that make it worth every dollar. You can read about the apps and how to set it up on Apple’s website here.

Apple Watch 5 Series (Link to Amazon)
Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch 4 Series (link to Amazon)

Use Nest to Stream to Apple Watch

You can now watch a live video feed of your baby in your baby’s nursery using this Dropcam app that you can download on Appstore. It will cost you $2.99 to purchase the app but you’ll need a Nest Account and at least iOS 9.

Cloud Baby Monitor turns your Apple Watch to baby monitor

Cloud baby monitor turns your Apple watch into a baby monitor by utilizing Apple Watch App to stream videos and push alerts right to your wristwatch. You will need watchOS with the latest being the watchOS 5 and 6.

Cloud Apple Watch Baby Monitor

You’ll need to pair your iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad to your Apple Watch to start utilizing your iOS device camera as the camera in your baby’s nursery. Once the iOS device (such as iPhone shown below) are paired with your Apple Watch, you can tap to open the Apple Watch app icon and can play around with the settings on your Apple Watch app such as swiping to see your baby camera feed.

iPhone showing Apple Watch baby monitor camera settings

Use iCam Apple Watch Baby Monitor

iCam is another Apple Watch App that allows you to stream video footage of your baby straight to your wristwatch. The app has been rated 4.5/5 by over 500 users and costs $4.99 on Appstore. Unlike the Apple Watch App above that’s exclusive to Nest Cameras, iCam allows you to stream security camera feed to your Apple Watch.

Baby Monitor 3G Apple Watch

Baby Monitor 3G won the “Show Your App” Award in 2017 and became the best overall app in Germany. Since 2012, 3G baby monitor has been one of the top downloaded iPhone baby monitors on Appstore. Below are some helpful intro videos:

3G baby monitor is a product of an EU-based company called Tappy Taps

Connecting Apple Watch to Camera

The video below explains how you can connect your baby monitor camera to your Apple Watch to get instant notifications on your wristwatch

Annie Apple Watch Baby Monitor

Annie is another Apple Watch Apple-compatible app that allows you to turn your iOS devices into an excellent baby monitor. This app has been rated 3.8/5 by 677 iOS users but as of this publication in September 2019, Annie is being modified to stream videos to your Apple Watch and turn it into an Apple Watch baby monitor.