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11 Ways to Fix Baby Monitor Wrong Temperature

11 Ways to Fix Wrong Baby Monitor Temperature

If you’re wondering about the temperature sensor readings in your baby monitor, don’t worry, you’re not alone! It’s not uncommon to come across baby monitors with temperature readings that can be quite inaccurate, sometimes off by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. As a mom with experience using more than 4 different baby monitor brands, I …

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Guide to Baby Monitors Firmware Update(Eufy 3.7.1)

Baby Monitors firmware Update Guide

If your baby monitor is constantly crashing or having sporadic unusual static noises, you may need to update its firmware. If you’ve reset your monitor multiple times and just can’t seem to figure out what the problem is, chances are that your monitor needs its firmware updated. What is a baby monitor firmware update? Firmware …

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8 Ways to Fix Nanit ‘Baby is Moving’ Alert

8 Ways to Fix ‘Baby Moving’ in Nanit when Baby Isn’t

Nanit is an innovative baby monitor that uses advanced technology to track your baby’s movements and sleep patterns. However, there may be instances where the device detects movement when your baby is actually still. This can be frustrating for parents, especially if they are trying to make sense of their baby’s sleep patterns. In this …

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How to Reset VAVA Baby Monitor(Correctly)

How to Reset VAVA Monitor

Resetting your VAVA Baby Monitor will help you resolve some issues the monitor may experience with maintaining a connection with the VAVA camera. VAVA Monitor also sold under the Hipp brand name on Amazon need to be reset from time to time to ensure efficient functioning. At Safer For Baby, we believe a normal-functioning monitor …

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Does Owlet Work Without Wi-Fi?

Does Owlet work without Wi-Fi how to use owlet without wi-fi

Does Owlet work without Wi-Fi? Yes, indeed! You can still use Owlet without a Wi-Fi connection as the Base Station communicates with the Smart Sock via Bluetooth and the Base Station can notify you with colored lights and audible sounds if the Sock sensor detects vital signs that are out of normal range. If you …

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How to Fix Eufy Baby Monitor Not Pairing

How to Fix Eufy Baby Monitor Not pairing

If you’re struggling to connect Eufy Baby Monitor with its camera and is repeatedly failing to pair, you’ve come to the right page. Repeated firmware updates combined with technical hardware bugs have left many users frustrated and you’re not alone. The pairing issues with Eufy Cam is among the highly sought-after troubleshooting solutions for this …

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How to Reset Owlet Dreamsock, Sock 3 & Cam 2

How to Reset Owlet DreamSockSock 3 & Cam 2

Resetting Owlet Dreamsock, Sock 2, Sock 3, and even Owlet Cam 2 is one of the main troubleshooting fixes for many of Owlet’s issues such as Wi-Fi connection problems, wrong readings and even pairing issues with the app and base station. I recently wrote about how to troubleshoot Owlet’s Wi-Fi connection issues. In this guide, …

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23 Ways to Fix Owlet Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

23 ways to Fix Owlet won’t connect to Wi-fi

If you’re experiencing difficulties connecting your Owlet to WiFi or encountering issues connecting it to the app or base station, I have put together comprehensive step-by-step troubleshooting instructions to help resolve the Wi-Fi connection problems with your Owlet. Unlike other traditional Wi-Fi monitors, Owlet comes with a base station that connects your monitor to the …

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How to Choose a Baby Monitor for Safety

Baby Monitor Safety Checklist - cover image

We’ve finally managed to put together a baby monitor safety checklist to assist parents in keeping their little ones safe while using baby monitors. This guide is essential if you are looking for advice on how to pick a safe baby monitor. When I recently attended the Childhood Injury Prevention Convention(PrevCon), one speaker mentioned the …

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Sarah Davis

We’ve finally managed to put together a baby monitor safety checklist to assist parents in ...

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