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The Ultimate Guide to Red Lights in Baby Monitor

Sarah Davis

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One of the most commonly used indicators on baby monitors is the red light. It can sometimes be confusing for you if you don’t know what it means or how to interpret it. In this guide, we will discuss the meaning of the red light on baby monitors and its significance.

What is a baby monitor red light?

A baby monitor’s red light is a visual indicator that appears on the camera or parent unit to indicate different alerts or when certain functionalities are ongoing. It can appear in different forms such as a solid red light, a blinking red light, or even a flashing red light depending on the brand and model of your baby monitor.

Will the red light on the baby monitor affect my baby’s sleep?

No, the red light on your baby monitor will not disrupt your baby’s sleep, as it is designed to be dim and non-intrusive. While any light in the baby’s room doesn’t improve their sleep, it also doesn’t interfere with the natural sleep process.

Studies have shown that artificial light can stimulate a baby’s brain, making it more difficult for them to fall asleep. However, considering that red has the highest wavelength compared to blue, yellow, white, or green hues, it doesn’t disturb the baby’s melatonin production – the hormone responsible for promoting sleep.

Below is a baby’s sleep cycle when they are 6 to 12 months in age;

snapshot showing baby sleep cycle

Most baby monitors use near-invisible red light to illuminate your baby in low-light conditions. Red light is chosen because it is the most sleep-friendly, with a higher wavelength than blue, white, or green light, and does not disrupt sleep or melatonin production. While red light doesn’t enhance sleep, it doesn’t interfere with its natural processes. As a result, red lights are gaining popularity, and numerous versions are now available.

I was initially very worried that my little one wouldn’t be able to sleep with the red light on, but thankfully, it has been proven that red light is not disruptive to a child’s sleep. I realized after some time that my baby wasn’t bothered by the light.

It is best to have no light in the nursery or child’s bedroom for optimal sleep. Complete darkness promotes the best sleep, with red light being the second best option.

Considering that night vision mode won’t be possible without some light illuminating on your baby to capture the images and videos at night, the red light is a fair compromise. It allows you to see your baby without waking them up and provides enough light for the camera sensor to capture clear images in low-light conditions.

Apart from using red light, some brands also offer a dimming function that allows you to adjust the brightness of the red light or turn it off completely if desired. This gives parents more control over their baby’s sleep environment and allows them to find the perfect balance between monitoring their child and promoting restful sleep.

Meaning of Red Light on Baby Monitors:

  • Infrared Night Vision: Red light is used in baby monitors with infrared night vision to capture clear images and videos of your child in low-light conditions. It allows the camera sensor to detect and record images even when there is no visible light present.
  • Indicator Light: Some baby monitors have a red indicator light that turns on when the monitor is turned on or charging. This indicates that the monitor is working and receiving power.
  • Sound Indication: Red light can also be used as a sound indicator on baby monitors. It may blink or turn on when the monitor detects noise from your child’s room, alerting you to check on them.
  • Temperature Warning: Some advanced baby monitors use red light to indicate a high temperature in your child’s room. This is especially helpful for parents of newborns who need to keep their baby’s room at a specific temperature range.
  • Battery issues: In some cases, the red light on your baby monitor may indicate low battery or a charging issue. It is important to pay attention to these indications and address any issues promptly to ensure uninterrupted monitoring of your child.
  • Monitor charging: If your baby monitor has a red light while charging, it means that the battery is being charged and will turn off once it is fully charged. This allows you to easily keep track of the charging progress.
  • Warning(red alert): Some smart monitors such as Nanit will flash red when it doesn’t detect any breathing from the baby for 20 seconds. This is an important feature for monitoring your baby’s breathing and preventing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
  • Baby monitor hacked: In some instances, a red light on your baby monitor may mean that it has been hacked. If you notice any unusual activity or hear unfamiliar voices coming from the monitor, it is important to immediately disconnect and report the issue. Read more about baby monitor hacking here.

Red Light meanings in different baby monitors:

Infant Optics Red Light:

If you notice a red light surrounding the camera on your Infant Optics camera, those are the infrared LEDs. There are 12 of them, and they are used to provide illumination for night vision, allowing you to see your child clearly in low light conditions without disturbing their sleep. The presence of the red light does not signal a warning or alert; it simply indicates that the night vision mode is activated.

If your Infant Optics is showing red light on the parent unit, it means that it is charging and the red light will be on until its fully charged. When fully charged both DXR 8 and DXR 8 Pro will turn from red to blue indicating that you can now unplug the AC adapter.

If the red light on the parent unit persists after 8 hours of continuous charging, it indicates unsuccessful charging and could signal problems with the rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. Consider replacing the batteries or relying solely on AC power to operate the parent unit. A blinking red also indicates that the battery is low and needs to be charged. Here are 10 ways to troubleshoot baby monitor charging issues.

The red light on the Infant Optics can also indicate a high sound level in your baby’s room. In addition to audible alerts, both the DXR 8 and the DXR 8 Pro feature visual sound indicators to assist individuals with hearing impairments.

When the sound in the baby’s room is at a normal level, the LED bars on the left side of the 5-inch screen display just a single green bar. As the noise increases, the LED bars also increase and turn yellow. As the noise becomes even louder, the LED sound bar indicators grow further, eventually turning red when the noise from the baby’s room is too loud.

The temperature indicator on the Infant Optics’ screen turns red when the temperature is high, prompting you to adjust the thermostat in your baby’s room. While the DXr 8 doesn’t send alerts for out-of-range temperatures, you can still see the temperature readings changing from white to red on the display to indicate that it’s too high.

I think one of the reasons Infant Optics opted to have the visual indicator rather than an audible alert for temperature warnings is because Infant Optics, like other monitors, have very inaccurate temperature sensors that are at times wildly off. Unlike Nanit which sets off alarms for inaccurate temperature, Infant Optics just shows you on screen and doesn’t necessarily make a sound.

VTech Monitor Red Light:

VTech Baby Monitors use red light differently than Infant Optics. In VTech RM7764, the red light stays on when the baby unit is connecting to the parent unit in direct mode, and the green light stays on when both units are connecting to your home Wi-Fi network via the Wi-Fi router. The red light flashes slowly during video streaming in direct mode, while the green light flashes slowly during video streaming via the home Wi-Fi network. Let me elaborate on this.

This means that when you are using the monitor in direct mode, the red light will be continuously on as long as it is connected to the parent unit. However, when streaming through your home Wi-Fi network, the green light will remain on to indicate a successful connection. If either connection is interrupted, the corresponding light will start flashing slowly.

VTech also features 3-level sound indicators. The red light illuminates when there is a high sound level in the baby’s room, similar to the infant Optics mentioned earlier. The green light indicates a low sound level detected by the baby unit, while both green and amber lights indicate a moderate sound level. When the baby unit detects a high sound level, the lights show green, amber, and red.

Like other monitors, VTech also uses infrared LEDs to provide clear night vision images. When the baby unit is in infrared mode, a red light will be visible on the camera. Note that this red light is not the same one used for sound indicators or connection status.

If your VTech monitor isn’t turning on red light to indicate activation of night vision mode, you need to reset it using the reset button located at the back of the camera. If resetting doesn’t resolve it, it may be because of low batteries, depleted batteries or fault cables. Try changing the batteries and check all cables before contacting customer support for further assistance.

If the VTech monitor’s red light is flashing, it means the parent unit isn’t linked to the baby unit, causing the POWER / LINK light on the parent unit to flash. To resolve this, move the parent unit closer to the baby unit (maintaining a distance of at least 6.5 feet / 2 meters) and ensure that the POWER light is on after fully inserting the power plug into the baby unit’s power jack.

The VM301 from the VTech brand uses the color red to indicate power source and issues. It indicates red when the baby unit is powered by batteries, green when powered by AC power, and orange when not paired to the parent unit. The red light flashes when the baby unit battery is low, and alternates between red and green when the baby unit is in pairing mode. Read more on VM301 Manual here.

The VTech DM1111 features a red indicator to signal sound levels and battery status. With a 1 to 5 sound-level scale, 4 and 5 denote high sound levels from the baby’s room. When the baby’s cry is particularly loud(at 4 and 5), the LED indicator turns red. Additionally, it flashes red to signal a low battery level and the need for charging. You can read more on DM1111’s manual here.

Other VM models display a red light when powering on the monitor. The light turns red when the baby unit is turned on and connected to the parent unit. Additionally, the light flashes when the link to the parent unit is lost.

LM models of VTech indicate red light when the camera and the parent unit are paired. They flash when the connection is lost between the camera and the parent unit.

To turn off the flashing red light in VTech monitors caused by loss of signal, follow the pairing process below;

  1. First, move the camera unit and parent unit closer together.
  2. Power off both units for two minutes before powering them back on.
  3. Press Menu and navigate to the Pair/Unpair cam button
  4. Press the pair button on the camera for 5 seconds while simultaneously pressing the pair/unpair cam button on the parent unit.
  5. After a successful pairing, the flashing red light will stop and the connection between the camera and parent unit will be restored.

Motorola Baby Monitor Red Light:

If the LED light on your Motorola baby monitor is slowly flashing red or blue, it means your device is in setup mode. You can add the device to your account in this mode. When first powered on, the device is in setup mode. To reset to setup mode, press and hold the PAIR button on the bottom of the device until you hear a beep. If the LED light is flashing red slowly, it indicates that the Motorola monitor is either connecting to the router or has lost the connection to the router. Please ensure that the device is within the Wi-Fi signal range.

The goal is to have the LED light on your Motorola Monitor turn blue. When it is flashing slowly in blue, it indicates two things:

  • 1. During setup, the blue LED signals that the camera is ready for connection.
  • 2. After setup, the flashing blue LED indicates that the camera is being viewed via Wi-Fi.

Certain Motorola models, like the Comfort50, use a Green-Orange-Red-Red system to display the sound level detected by the Baby Unit. The more LEDs light up, the louder the sound detected. When the Parent Unit is searching for the Baby Unit or in pairing mode, the LEDs flash rapidly in green. Additionally, the Comfort50 lights up in blue when the Parent Unit’s battery is being charged, and in green when the Parent Unit is switched on as indicated on this manual

As with other monitors above, a red light on Motorola can also indicate night vision is activated. Infrared LEDs emit their light in the infrared spectrum, which is invisible to human eyes but readily captured by cameras. So it’s normal that you see red dots on your Motorola video monitor, unless they are too bright or flickering.

Of course, there may be other reasons for a red LED light on your Motorola baby monitor, such as low battery, camera issues or network connection errors. In case you need further assistance, you can always refer to the user manual or contact Motorola customer support for help. It’s also recommended to regularly check for software updates and keep your monitor system up-to-date for optimal performance.

Owlet Camera Red Lights:

As per Owlet’s status lights guide, a blinking red light on the Owlet Cam means it’s processing a shutdown or restart cycle. If it blinks red and blue, it’s ready to pair with the app. A solid red light indicates an active video stream, background audio turned on, or an update in progress. Blinking blue means it’s connecting to Wi-Fi, while a solid blue light means it’s connected to Wi-Fi but not streaming video.

Owlet status lights
Owlet status lights

There have been reports of people observing a solid red light, indicating an active video stream, even when no one with access is streaming video. The Owlet Cam can connect to non-password-protected networks (WPA) that are vulnerable to hackers, and since it uses a lower encryption standard (AES-128-bit), I recommend always connecting to secure, password-protected Wi-Fi networks (WPA2 or WPA3) to minimize the chances of your Owlet Cam 2 being hacked.

Another aspect of the Owlet Cam that I found bothersome is the bright blue flashing light that appears when it’s turned on. This can be highly disruptive when trying to put a baby to sleep in a dark room with a bright blue light flashing. When disconnected, it emits a bright blue light that wakes up my baby.

Eufy Camera Red Lights:

When the Eufy Camera displays a red light, it indicates that live streaming is in progress or a recording event is ongoing. A solid purple light signals that the camera is powering on, while a slow blinking red light indicates disconnection from the internet. A single red blink signifies the detection of sound or movement. A solid blue light confirms that the Eufy cam is powered correctly and operating smoothly. During firmware upgrades, it will alternately blink red and blue. A breathing blue LED indicates readiness for setup, as detailed on Eufy’s support page.

VAVA Baby Monitor Flashing Red Light:

The VAVA Monitor’s LED indicator should display a solid red light when the camera is fully charged, and a slowly flashing red light when it’s charging.

Vava features a small red and blue light and a flashing blue indicates loop mode recording, while flashing red signals emergency mode, triggered by a crash or sudden brake detected by the g-sensor. Other light combinations indicate various statuses, such as memory full.

Should I cover the monitor red light?

It is not recommended to cover the monitor’s red light, as it serves as an essential indicator for various events and statuses. However, if you find the light too bright or distracting, try adjusting the camera angle or covering it partially with a piece of tape. It’s best to experiment and find a solution that works best for your specific needs while still allowing you to utilize the light’s functionality.

If your monitor’s camera has extra red lights as indicators for connection lost, you can cover it with tape as this won’t affect night vision or other functionalities. However, always be mindful of not obstructing the monitor’s sensors or lenses with tape or any other materials.

Check your monitor manual to see if there is an option to turn off the status lights. You may simply toggle between status light on/off in the settings menu, or you may have to perform a factory reset and set it up without activating the lights.

The red light persists – what should I do?

If your VAVA Baby Monitor’s LED indicator continues flashing red even after charging and all other statuses are ruled out, it could indicate a technical issue.

First, try resetting your monitor. Locate the reset button, usually found at the back or bottom of the camera unit, and press it for a few seconds until the monitor restarts. If this does not solve the issue, try charging the battery with another charger to eliminate any potential issues with the original charger.

You can also try power cycling the monitor by unplugging it for a few minutes and then plugging it back in. If none of these methods work, you may need to contact the manufacturer for further assistance or consider getting a replacement.

Check your baby monitor batteries and replace them if needed. If the monitor is running on rechargeable batteries, make sure they are fully charged before use.

If you have tried all of the above steps and the red light still persists, contact your manufacturer for technical support and potentially a replacement unit. In some cases, the red light may indicate a hardware malfunction or defect that would require professional assistance.