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Baby Monitor Chargers and Replacement Cords (Motorola, VTech, and Others)

Ashley Davis

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If you realize that your baby monitor doesn’t charge, you may need to replace the charging cord or its adapter if it’s not using USB charging. It can be frustrating to realize that your monitor’s cord or charging cable is damaged and that it may need to be replaced. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as wear and tear from daily use, or accidental damage caused by pets or other household objects.

I have had to replace my own baby monitor’s charging cable a few times, and I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to find the right replacement. That’s why I’ve put together this guide to help parents understand the different types of baby monitor chargers and replacement cords available on the market.

Charging cords are essential for all baby monitors; AC-powered and DC-powered monitors. If your baby monitor’s power cord is faulty, you need to replace it to ensure the safety of your baby as faulty cords may present a power-surge hazard – a hazard not common with a battery-operated baby monitor. In addition, faulty cords or adapters can render your baby monitor useless as you won’t be able to charge your baby monitor screen or camera unit.

In this article, we have links and instructions on how to replace the power cords of the following baby monitor brands:

  1. Motorola baby monitor replacement cords (MBP36S)
  2. Project Nursery baby monitor replacement cord
  3. VTech baby monitor replacement cord
  4. Oricom baby monitor replacement cord
  5. Summer Infant replacement adapters

Motorola Baby Monitor Charger and Replacement Power Cord

Motorola retails power cord replacements or monitors chargers.

Part of the reason we do not highly recommend Motorola baby monitors is because of its fault charging cords that need to be replaced. If you currently own Motorola MBP36S, you may have to replace the charging cord and it will cost you about $20. You may have the cord broken as shown in the diagram below:

To replace your Motorola charging adapter, you can get an AC-to-DC Power Adapter that has a 6-volt output and 500mA supply. The adapter which you can get on Amazon or on your local Radio Shack store has to an adapter TIP A. This is the tip that will enter to the charging port on your Motorola baby monitor.

Below is a link to Amazon where you can get a replacement charger for your Motorola charging cord replacement:

Motorola Baby Monitor Charger Power Cord, Replacement Adapter
Motorola Baby Monitor Charger Power Cord, Replacement Adapter (link to Amazon)

As of this publication, the Motorola adapter shown alongside sells for $15.99 and is compatible with the following Motorola baby monitor brands:

  • MBP33S
  • MBP36S
  • MBP36XL
  • MBP38S
  • MBP41S
  • MBP43S
  • MBP843
  • MBP853
  • MBP854
  • MBP855

If you found the Motorola baby monitor replacement charging cord instructions above helpful, make sure to share the image below for more users to get the help they need for their malfunctioning Motorola charging cords.

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VTech baby monitor replacement power cord

If the charging cord of your VTech baby monitor is faulty, you can get a replacement on Amazon for less than $20. The VTech baby monitor replacement adapter is shown in the image below.

VTech Replacement Cord (link to Amazon)
VTech Replacement Cord (link to Amazon)

The VTech replacement cord above is compatible with VTECH DM111, DM112, DM221, DM222, DM223, DM251, DM271 parent unit and DM221, DM223, DM251 baby unit. VTech offers 12 months warranty and measures about 80 feet.

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