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Best Baby Monitors with Cry Detection in 2024 Reviews

Ashley Davis

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If you don’t have a baby monitor with cry detection, you may have gotten home or returned after being away from your baby, only to discover they’ve been crying for hours. It’s like winning the “Bad Parent of the Year” award. You can’t help but point that finger at yourself, wondering how you could have left your little one to cry for so long without your superhero parenting powers.

It was a single occurrence, and I couldn’t help but feel remorseful for weeks afterward. The baby was right beside me, crying for hours, and yet I failed to hear him, and to make it worse, she was still recovering from a cold. Thankfully, baby monitors with cry detection have come to the rescue!

Your baby can now get a sigh of relief knowing that they won’t have to cry their eyes out for you to hear them as you can utilize any of the monitors we recommend below to get notified immediately.

List of Top-rated Baby Monitors with Cry Detection:

What is the best cry-detection baby monitor?

Cubo Ai Plus

In our comprehensive analysis of leading brands, we carefully evaluated those equipped with cry-detection capabilities. Among them, Cubo Ai Plus emerged as the undeniable frontrunner, excelling in all 10 vital criteria.

This exceptional baby monitor not only encompasses essential cry detection features, but also offers unparalleled danger points customization options within the crib, face-covering detection, accurate sleep tracking, and seamless two-way communication. Without a doubt, Cubo Ai Plus stands as one of the most sophisticated and dependable cry-detection baby monitors available on the market today.

Cubo AI Plus offers essential crossing detection features that help you monitor your baby’s safety. By setting a border within the camera view to track movements in the crib, you’ll be notified of any incidents that occur outside the border. For example, if your baby’s leg gets stuck, you’ll receive an immediate alert. This advanced functionality ensures that you can keep a watchful eye on your little one and promptly address any potential danger.

Additionally, Cubo AI Plus offers face-covering detection, which has been praised by numerous parents. This feature alerts you if your baby’s face is covered while sleeping, helping you prevent potential suffocation hazards.As someone who prioritizes safety, I am extremely pleased with this feature. It provides me with peace of mind, knowing that it eliminates factors that can cause SIDs, such as a covered face.

Sleep tracking is another essential feature of Cubo AI Plus, providing accurate insights into your baby’s sleep patterns, duration, and quality. You can also track the room temperature and humidity to ensure a comfortable sleeping environment for your little one. This information allows you to adjust the settings accordingly and promote better sleep for your baby.

Moreover, the two-way audio feature in Cubo AI Plus allows you to communicate with your baby from anywhere, soothing them back to sleep and providing comfort. This is especially useful for working parents or those who are away from home but want to stay connected with their baby.

The Cubo AI camera is excellent, offering a multitude of options and surpassing the Babysense camera I previously used. It excels in accurately detecting motion and baby cries.

We have a full review of Cubo Ai here with comparisons of this brand against other brands such as Nanit Pro and Owlet 3.

Cubo Ai Plus is available on Amazon here

Reviews of our Best Cry-Detection Wi-Fi Monitor

Lollipop Baby Monitor 

Lollipop boasts a remarkable 96% accuracy in detecting your baby’s cries. Like Cubo Ai, this brand allows you to create danger zones and receive notifications when your little one ventures beyond them.

The only downside of Lollipop over Cubo Ai is that Cubo Ai offers a 5-person Access subscription for $60 per month, with fees only starting after the first year. On the other hand, Lollipop’s $100/year subscription fees start immediately after you purchase the monitor payment and allows you unlimited access.

I have reviewed the Lollipop Monitor here.

You can find it on Amazon here.

Reviews of Other Best Baby Monitors that Detect Crying by Babies

Invidyo Baby Monitor

The invidyo WiFi baby monitor with temperature sensor and cry detection is a high-quality 1080P Full HD camera that lets you watch your child on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. It has cry detection, motion detection, and temperature sensors.

The 2-way talk feature allows you to communicate with your toddler even when he/she is asleep. You can also remotely pan and tilt the camera so you can always have an eye on what matters most to you. The video WiFi baby monitor comes with lullabies, white noise, and a night light for a sound sleep every time.

Vijoy Baby Monitor with cry detection ensures you never miss a moment with your little one. With a 5 inch full 1080 HP display screen and a 355° horizontal and 110° vertical rotating camera, you will have a clear view of your baby at all times.

The built-in 5200mAh rechargeable battery lasts for 6hrs in display mode and 12hrs in sleep mode, so you can rest assured knowing that you will always be alerted if the baby starts to cry. 100% data encryption technology provides a more stable and secure connection without using wifi or App.

JouSecu Baby Monitor with cry detection

JouSecu Baby Monitor is another cry-detection smart video baby monitor that can be used as a standalone monitor or with the app. It has two-way audio and night vision. The camera has room temperature sensors and you can get alerts when it’s too hot or too cold in the nursery.

It uses FHSS technology without wifi to reduce interference and provide secure transmission. This makes its wireless range superior to WiFi, Bluetooth, RF monitors, and others. With split-screen mode, you can watch your baby on one side and check your phone messages on the other side of the screen at the same time.

MMV Baby Time Video Baby Monitor with Cry Detection

If you are looking for a baby monitor with crying detection that comes with a screen and app, Baby Time is a fantastic choice.

We loved how sensitive this baby monitor is at detecting your baby crying from their nursery room. This makes it easier for you to do other things in the house while watching them on the 5-inch parent unit. Alternatively, you can download the CloudEdge app on your smartphone and register to view feeds remotely and receive notifications. Baby Time comes with a long-range transmission of 1000ft.

The two-way talk intercom will help calm your fussy and crying baby if they need to hear your voice. Unlike Aibien above, the Baby Time video baby monitor comes with 18 in-built lullabies to help lull your crying kiddo to sleep. Other features that give Baby Time the upper hand are the humidity and temperature sensors and a feeding reminder. Both, however, do not work with the 5 GHz network, but Baby Time has no play and record.

Nooie Baby Monitor with Cry Detection

Nooie is a relatively new brand that was founded in Spring 2018. It is an innovative tech firm that focuses on enhancing the design and development of smart home devices. The Nooie baby monitor had an extravagant reception in the market.

This smart baby monitor made it to our list because of its Smart Detection feature that detects your baby’s cries as well as sound and motion. Since it has no parent unit, you need to download the Nooie app on your smartphone device to receive baby cry notifications. What we loved most is the high-sensitivity and anti-noise mic and speaker that receive cry signals fast. They also come in handy when using two-way audio to converse with your kiddo.

We love the 1080p camera resolution. Like Ebemate and Aibien baby monitors, Nooie comes with recording capabilities with local and cloud storage options. Unlike the Baby Time baby monitor, however, Nooie has no in-built lullabies. So, you can only record yourself or talk to calm your crying baby. It also works with 2.4GHz wi-fi only.

HelloBaby HB65 Baby Monitor with Cry Detection

HelloBaby is another reputable brand in the baby monitors industry with many models and great features. Although some of its models have 7 and 5 huge screens, we specifically choose the 3.2” screen HB65 because it showed to have more reliable crying detection than the others.

Other than the crying detection feature, what we loved most about the HB65 baby monitor is its VOX function combination. The feature turns off the parent unit’s screen when there is no activity in your baby’s room. Once VOX detects him or her crying, it triggers the camera and sends you notifications to get your kiddo’s attention. This VOX mode comes with 2 adjustable sensitivity levels. It also has good night vision and picture quality and works with 2.4GHz.

To calm your crying baby, you have a choice between playing the 8 pre-loaded lullabies or using the two-way talk audio to communicate with him. It has a range of up to 1000ft, a feeding timer, alarm, a room-temperature sensor, and 5-level sound LED indicators. The HelloBaby HB65 compares closely to GoodBaby SM35PTZ and Infant Optics DXR-8. However, it offers better cry detection than the two.

Simshine AI 2K HD Baby Monitor with Cry Detection

If you are on the hunt for a baby monitor with cry detection that works with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wi-fi networks, Simshine got you. The advantage of working with a 5GHz network is that there are fewer interferences which gives you a clearer audio and video signal reception.

Most parents are thrilled by the AI crying detection feature that stays alert to monitor your little one’s room. What’s best, it uses a unique smart tech to recognize his or her cries and plays music automatically to calm them down. The notifications are sent to your iOS or Android smartphone via the SIMHOME app. Like HB65 and Baby Time, the Simshine baby monitor has 2-way talk and lullabies to soothe your crying kid. Even better, there is white noise to lull him back to sleep.

Simshine baby monitor, like Aibien, Nooie, and Ebemate, has a record and playback function. We loved the Timeline Smart review video function that allows you to check on your previously recorded videos. You also have access to local storage and cloud storage for your videos with great encryption. What makes Simshine exceptional is the 2K camera resolution, like the one in iBaby M8, that offers the best picture and video quality in the baby monitors market today.

MAYSLY Video Baby Monitor with Cry Detection

Our review of the best baby monitors with cry detection would be incomplete without remarking on the Maysly brand. This non-wifi video baby monitor comes with an excellent 1080p camera resolution for great picture clarity in the day while offering a crisp night vision. Like HB65, it only comes with a parent unit, but Maysly’s is a 5-inch large screen.

This Maysly baby monitor uses crying detection tech and VOX mode like HB65 above. The screen remains off until the vox mode picks up your baby’s cries and activates the camera to send you notifications on your parent unit. To help calm your fussy or crying kiddo, you can play them lullabies or connect using the two-way talk feature with an in-built mic and speaker. This mode also helps in saving battery power.

What makes this Maysly non-fi-fi baby monitor better than HB65 and others in its category such as GoodBaby and HB50 is its ability to record videos and screenshots. It also has playback. This feature is mainly found on wi-fi-enabled baby monitors which makes Maysly exceptional. Like others in our review today with this function, Maysly offers local storage (micro SD max. 64GB) but there is no cloud of course.

Buying and User Guide for Baby Monitors that Detects Crying Babies:

What is a baby monitor with cry detection?

A baby monitor with cry detection are video baby monitor with special sensors to specifically notify you when they cry. They have a specific algorithm to detect the sounds and decibel levels of a baby’s cry and alert you through your phone or the monitor display.

Cry-detecting monitors are ideal for parents seeking to closely monitor their little ones, particularly when they are unwell and require vigilant attention. These monitors are reliable tools that provide timely notifications. You can use them to attend to your baby’s needs, whether it’s feeding them when they’re hungry or changing their diapers when they’re wet.

Reasons your baby may be crying:

  1. Hunger: Babies have small stomachs and need to be fed frequently. If your little one is crying, they may be hungry and in need of a meal or some milk.
  2. Wet Diaper: A wet diaper can make babies feel uncomfortable and cause them to cry. Regularly check their diapers and change them when necessary to keep them dry.
  3. Sleepiness: Babies need a lot of sleep, and when they don’t get enough, they can get cranky and fussy. A cry-detecting monitor can help you know when to soothe them back to sleep.
  4. Feeling Sick: If your little one is crying excessively and seems unwell, it’s best to consult with a pediatrician. Cry detecting monitors can help you keep track of your baby’s crying patterns and provide useful information to your doctor.
  5. Colic: Some babies may experience colic, which is a condition that causes them to cry for hours at a time without obvious reasons. Cry-detecting monitors can help you monitor your baby’s crying and identify any persistent patterns that may require medical attention.

What to do when your baby cries:

  1. Check on Them: Whenever your baby cries, it’s important to check on them and make sure they are safe and comfortable. A cry-detecting monitor can help you locate your baby quickly.
  2. Try Soothing Techniques: There are many ways to soothe a crying baby, such as rocking them, singing to them or gently massaging their back. A cry-detecting monitor can help you determine when your baby is crying and when they have calmed down.
  3. Address Basic Needs: Make sure your baby’s basic needs, such as feeding, changing, and sleeping, are taken care of. A cry detector can help you keep track of these activities and ensure that your baby’s needs are met.
  4. Consult with a Doctor: If your baby’s crying seems excessive or out of the ordinary, it’s always best to consult with a pediatrician. A cry-detecting monitor can provide useful information and patterns for your doctor to help diagnose any underlying issues.

10 Factors we Considered when Picking the Best Monitor that Detects Sounds of a Weeping baby

  1. Microphone Sensitivity: A good cry-detecting monitor should have a sensitive microphone that can pick up even the slightest sound of your baby crying. This will ensure that you are alerted promptly when your baby starts crying.
  2. Range of Microphone Sensitivity: Different babies have different crying patterns and sound levels, and a monitor with multiple levels of microphone sensitivity can help you customize the settings to match your baby’s cries. We considered brands that provide for up to 5 levels of cry levels labeled as very low, low, medium, high and very high with decibels ranging from 30 to 100
  3. Cry-Detection Accuracy: We rated highly those monitor brands that have a higher level of accurately notifying you when the baby is crying. It should be able to differentiate between wind or moving car from actual cry.
  4. Notification Ways and Settings: Some cry-detecting monitors have different ways to notify you when your baby cries, such as flashing lights, sounds, or vibrating alerts. It’s important to consider which notification settings would work best for you and your baby. If you have hearing loss, you can pick a monitor that notifies you with vibration or flashing lights when baby cries.
  5. Overall Audio Quality: Along with detecting crying sounds, a good monitor should also provide clear audio so that you can hear other noises from your baby’s room, such as talking or giggling. This will give you a better understanding of what is happening in the nursery and allow you to respond accordingly.
  6. Environmental Factors Detection Features: Monitors that can detect environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and movement also faired better as we compared our list of top-rated cry detection monitors. These features can help you ensure your baby’s comfort and safety while sleeping.
  7. Other Safety Alerts: Brands that have danger zone customization, face-covering notifications and sleep tracking also got top marks from our team. These additional features can provide extra peace of mind for parents, giving them the ability to monitor their baby’s health and well-being in real-time.
  8. Two-way talk: This feature allows you to communicate with your baby through the monitor. It can be helpful for soothing your little one without having to physically enter their room, especially during nap time. Some monitors also have lullabies and white noise options that can be remotely activated through the two-way talk feature
  9. Customer Reviews: We also took into account customer reviews and ratings when evaluating each brand. Positive reviews from other satisfied customers who have used the monitors helped us understand the overall performance and reliability of each monitor.
  10. Price: Baby monitors with cry detection can range in price from budget-friendly options to high-end models. It’s important to set a budget and choose a monitor that meets your needs without breaking the bank.