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3 Best Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Baby Monitors with Excellent Night Vision Images and Videos

The best baby monitor with night vision in 2024 should give you clear non-pixelated black and white images or even better offer you bright color images with no grainy or snowy effects. Having experienced the frustration of using unreliable night vision monitors that often went completely blank or required me to strain my eyes and … Read more

Wi-Fi Vs Non-Wifi Baby Monitor(Updated 2024)

Wifi vs Non wifi baby monitor

Do you want to find out Wifi vs Non-Wifi Baby monitors before deciding which type is good to pick? You’ve come to the right page with all the details on similarities and differences between WiFi and non-WiFi monitors. If you’re looking for our recommendations for the best non-Wifi monitor to get, go here. This article … Read more

Best Car Baby Monitors 2024

Baby Monitor for Car

Have you ever noticed how car mirrors can distort the reflection of your baby in the backseat or how they’re non-functional at night? It was during our drive home from the hospital after delivering our secondborn that I first became aware of this phenomenon, even though it wasn’t my first time utilizing the mirror. I … Read more

Baby Monitor Chargers and Replacement Cords (Motorola, VTech, and Others)

Guide to Baby Monitor Chargers and Replacement Cords

If you realize that your baby monitor doesn’t charge, you may need to replace the charging cord or its adapter if it’s not using USB charging. It can be frustrating to realize that your monitor’s cord or charging cable is damaged and that it may need to be replaced. This can happen for a variety … Read more

MoonyBaby Baby Monitor Review & Troubleshooting Camera Lost

moonybaby baby monitor review

MoonyBaby Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras MoonyBaby Baby Monitor is a 2-camera non-wifi baby monitor that comes with split-screen viewing. Moonybaby is particularly great for parents who have more than one baby or twins and would like to use it to monitor them. The only other recently-released split-screen viewing monitor that challenges Moonybaby video baby … Read more

Battery Operated Baby Monitors For Camping in 2024

battery-operated baby monitors

Baby monitors that are operated by batteries rather than AC power have several advantages, my favorite being that I can use a battery-powered baby monitor while traveling, camping, during power outages, and more. One parent personally asked me to send her some suggestions for battery-operated baby monitors that have great functionalities such as video, night … Read more

VTech Baby Monitor Frequency: Helpful Guide

VTech Baby Monitor Radio Frequency

VTech baby monitors use three radio frequency bands; the 1.9GHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequencies. This article goes through all the details need to know about VTech baby monitor radio frequencies used by different brands of VTech baby monitors available on the market in 2019. VTech is one of the most popular baby monitor … Read more

Lollipop Vs Cubo Ai – Updated 2024

Lollipop Baby Monitor Review

The renewed Lollipop baby monitor was released to the market on January 7, 2019, and parents haven’t stopped saying great things about this baby cam. The 2019 release was an update to the earlier Lollipop that was initially released in 2016. In this article, we’ll cover what this new one has to offer. The new … Read more

Anmeate Video Baby Monitor Review

how to fix Anmeate baby monitor pairing

Anmeate Baby Monitor is one of the earliest non-Wi-Fi monitors that we fell in love with back in 2019. Even after nearly five years, this brand continues to captivate us with its unwavering reliability, effortless simplicity, and user-friendly design. After numerous incidents of baby monitor hacking in 2019, my primary focus became finding a monitor … Read more

5 Homekit Baby Monitors 2024(Apple’s Siri Compatible Monitors)

Apple Home Kit Baby Monitors.png

Below is a review of the five best Homekit baby monitors that you can install and integrate into your Apple Homekit smart home ecosystem. In 2014 Apple released the Apple Homekit, a software that enables users to use iOS devices to control smart home devices such as cameras, bulbs, and baby monitors. Apple joined Amazon’s … Read more

Baby Monitor Battery Life & Replacements – Helpful Guide 2024

Infant Optics Battery

This article has all the details you need to know about baby monitor batteries, including the baby monitor battery life, the reliability and where you can get some replacement batteries. We also have an analysis of the risk that batteries pose and how you can choose between AC powered vs. battery-powered baby monitor options. In … Read more

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iBaby M7, More Than A Video Monitor iBaby M7 is among our best wifi baby ...

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