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Battery Operated Baby Monitors For Camping in 2024

Ashley Davis

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Baby monitors that are operated by batteries rather than AC power have several advantages, my favorite being that I can use a battery-powered baby monitor while traveling, camping, during power outages, and more.

One parent personally asked me to send her some suggestions for battery-operated baby monitors that have great functionalities such as video, night vision, two-way talk, and even lullabies. I thought I’d find them easily but I was wrong.

There are audio baby monitors that rely on batteries but you may have to rely on outdoor security cameras that use batteries as traditional video baby monitors mostly use AC power for the camera/baby unit mainly because some features such as night vision consume a lot of power that batteries just can’t support.

The best audio baby monitor that can be entirely operated by batteries is the TimeFlys Audio Baby Monitor. It uses AAA batteries in both the baby unit and the parent unit and unlike VTech audio monitors’ batteries that barely last for 3 hours, TimeFly’s last for up 10 hours – and they are rechargeable. When you get it on Amazon, it comes with 3 AAA batteries.

These battery-operated baby monitors are the most ideal for camping whenever you are, in Australia, the UK, the US, or any other part of the world. You can also purchase most of them on Amazon or at physical retail stores such as Target, Argos, and Walmart.

I spent over two weeks putting together this list and having previously developed a guide for baby monitor batteries, this didn’t seem like a difficult exercise. The list below has both audio baby monitors and some great video baby monitors that rely on AAA batteries as well as rechargeable batteries.

Best Battery-Powered Baby Monitors 2024

Name of MonitorGeneral Features
TimeFlys Baby MonitorBoth baby and parent unit can be powered by rechargeable batteries and can also use AC power
Billfet Audio Baby MonitorCan be fully powered by 1.5V AAA batteries but can also use AC
Levana JenaVideo, powered fully by batteries but no longer available on sale
Motorola MBP855CONNECTThe screen and camera units can be powered by batteries and last for 3 hours per charge.
Arlo Baby MonitorCamera can be powered by batteries but Arlo states that batteries are only for temporarily monitoring when you are out of AC power.
Graco Battery Operated baby monitor No longer available.
Arlo Pro, Camera and BaseWifi, rechargeable batteries
DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor Both units can be powered by batteries.
Vava Baby MonitorVideo and audio – up to 24 hours, 4500 mAh battery storage
Motorola MBP36XLThe camera and parent unit can run on batteries
VTech VM819
  • 2600 mAH battery that lasts up to 19 hours of continuous video and 29 hours in audio mode only
  • .
    Infant Optics DXR 8 ProIts battery life is about 8 hours but you can purchase an external 10,000 mAh battery pack that can extend battery life for up to 48 hours. The external battery pack/power bank is available on Amazon here.

    Reviews of Battery Baby Monitors

    1. TimeFlys Audio Baby Monitor 

    TimeFlys Audio Baby Monitor is the best baby monitor for camping as it can be powered entirely by 3 AAA batteries and can last for 8 hours. The three AAA batteries that it comes with when you buy are rechargeable but you can just get many AAA batteries on Amazon and go off-grid for some time.

    Overall Best Battery Operated Baby Monitor

    TimeFlys Audio Baby Monitor OL Portable Monitor

    Both baby and parent units can be powered by both AC and DC batteries

    • Has 2-way talk and 8 lullabies
    • The small display acts as nightlight and you can control remotely
    • Has temperature sensor- will alert you if the temperature is past the range of 60.8F to 86F.
    • More pros and cons below;
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    Below are the rechargeable batteries for TimeFlys.

    TimeFlys 3AAA Rechargeable Battery Pack

    1.2V 800mAh Ni-MH Triple AAA Batteries for TimeFlys Audio Monitor for Camping

    Buy Now
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    TimeFlys offers three versions of Battery Baby Monitors: Mustang OL, QQ, and Panda. The company has confirmed that there are no functional variances among the models; the differences lie solely in their design and appearance. Interestingly, several reviews highlight the QQ model’s extended battery life compared to the others. This may explain the slightly higher price.

    Below is a comparative table showing the differences in appearances;

    There is another cheaper variation of TimeFlys Battery Baby Monitor, the 2024 Paladin model which is much cheaper and is different from the others above. It features 1-way talk, lacks temperature sensors and has longer range of up to 2000 ft. It is still a great camping monitor as it can be fully powered by batteries. Below is an image of the model;

    TimeFlys Paladin Audio Baby Monitor 2024 Upgrade Version
    • Portable,
    • Rechargeable,
    • Extra Long Range up to 2000 ft,
    • Night Light,
    • Crystal Sound,
    • Camping Monitor
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    Below are mode details of the original TimeFly monitors(the 3 models above). This sound-only monitor has cool features including;

    TimeFlys night light
    TimeFlys night light
    • Temperature Monitoring and Warning,
    • 8 lullabies to lull your baby to sleep 
    • 1000 feet range which is very impressive
    • Two-way talk
    • Vibration alert which is ideal for those with hearing impairments or heavy sleepers
    • LCD Display showing the real-time temperature of the baby room’s/location. You’ll get a warning if the temperature is out of the set 60.8F – 86F range.
    • Night Light which you can remotely control using the parent unit.

    This monitor is suitable for use in all situations where battery-powered monitor is ideal such as camping, road trips, or even during power outages. It allows parents to keep an eye on their baby without being tethered to a power outlet.

    Below are the pros and cons of this unit:

    • Comes with one set of rechargeable batteries
    • Both baby and parent units are battery-powered and rechargeable
    • It has a good noise filter that cancels out static and wind.
    • I like the belt clip in both the baby and parent units – making it very portable and travel-friendly
    • It is voice-activated to save batteries.
    • Comes with a nice case for easy stowing of all parts when traveling
    • Superior soothing features with a 2-way talk and is pre-loaded with lullabies
    • Very helpful controls for volume on the side of the parent unit
    • Has a small display that indicates baby’s room temperature
    • Has a super cool night light feature
    • Cool owl design that’s nursery-friendly
    • The battery capacity is rather limited, needing a recharge after just a few hours and barely lasting a full night. Yet, this issue can be addressed by employing a power bank to recharge the devices during use.
    • The bundled USB-C cables are not standard-compliant, limiting their use to this baby monitor. Monitor units can accept other cables.
    • The temperature sensor in the baby unit is notably sluggish in its response, often requiring 15-20 minutes to accurately reflect the temperature change when transitioning between indoor and outdoor environments.
    • The lullaby function is rather ineffective; the speaker on the baby unit is of poor quality, resulting in noisy songs that fail to provide a relaxing experience.

    2. Billfet Audio Baby Monitor Powered By Batteries

    Our next best battery-powered audio baby monitor in this 2024 list is the Billfet Audio Monitor which is much more lightweight.

    With Billfet, you can choose to power it entirely using batteries or you can choose AC. The parent unit and the baby unit both can be used with 1.5V AAA batteries but can work with 100V-240V AC. It is perhaps the cheapest battery-operated baby monitor for camping.

    This monitor is ideal for use when you want to keep an eye on your baby for short periods such as during nap times as the battery does not last more than 4 hours.

    Below is an image of Billfet

    Best 2-way Talkback Battery Baby Monitor
    Billfet Battery Audio Baby Monitor with USB Charging

    A voice-activated monitor that relies on Triple AAA batteries. Can choose any batteries - disposable or rechargeable and can also opt to use AC power as it comes with 2 USB cables

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    Below are some of the features I like most about this audio baby monitor:

    1. It uses FHSS transmission technology, guaranteeing you 100% privacy and no limited interference with other 2.4 GHz-frequency devices
    2. Clear 2-way communication
    3. Long indoor range of up 150 ft.
    4. It has a good design which makes it very portable
    5. It is voice-activated which enables it to save battery and reduce EMF radiation
    6. Similar to VTech audio baby monitors, Billfet has a clip that allows you to attach it to your belt.
    7. 6 1.5V AAA batteries are required.
    • It is very lightweight, weighs just 8.8 ounces(about 250 grams)
    • Has 2-way talk
    • Easy to use
    • It has limited interference thanks to its 32 channels and FHSS transmission technology
    • It has a very handy belt clip in the parent unit
    • It has clear audio both ways
    • It can use batteries for both baby and parent unit
    • It has an alarm to notify you when the connection is lost.
    • Has the option to be powered by AC or DC batteries
    • Drains batteries fast – no more than 5 hours. If you go for this unit, I recommend getting a pack of 30+ such as this Energizer Pack of 32.
    • Does not have temperature sensors
    • Does not have lullabies or nightlight
    A note about baby monitor cameras and power use:
    Baby monitor cameras require a amount significant of power to support various functions like built-in sensors and night vision features. This is why they mostly require AC power. It’s worth noting that there isn’t a dependable video baby monitor that is solely reliant on batteries for both the parent and baby/camera units, especially the camera unit. In the following section, there are models capable of using DC power, yet user reviews indicate they lack reliability.

    3. Motorola MBP36XL: Camera and Parent Unit Operated by Batteries

    Motorola MBP36XL is a battery-operated cordless baby monitor. Both the camera/baby unit and the monitor/parent unit are powered by rechargeable batteries. The batteries for the camera/baby unit can last for up to 3 hours and the parent unit’s batteries can last much longer – up to 6 hours. This baby monitor can operate without wifi which allows you to use it when camping offline. Check out top-rated non-wifi video monitors.

    The camera features non-removable, built-in batteries, preventing the possibility of purchasing and using multiple backup batteries for easy replacement. This is one big drawback of this monitor.

    Best Video Baby Monitor Camera and Screen Powered by Batteries

    Motorola MBP36XL

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    Below are some other features of this camera:

    • The monitor/screen of this baby monitor is quite large, 5 inches diagonally. It made it to our list of best large®-screen baby monitors list.
    • The technology powering the communication of the baby monitor is hack-proof. The 2.4GHz FHSS technology fully secures and encrypts communication between the baby unit and the parent unit.
    • This baby monitor is expandable and up to 4 cameras can be hooked up. If you want to monitor twins or more than 2 kids in your home, this is an ideal baby monitor. It also has split-screen viewing.
    • With this battery-powered baby monitor, you can talk to the baby – the two way communication enables you to soothe the baby without getting physically close to your baby. Read more about two-way communication baby monitor here.

    4. Motorola MBP855CONNECT and MBP855CONNECT with Rechargeable Cameras

    If you prefer a battery-operated video baby monitor that connects to Wi-Fi and has a screen unit, our next pick by Motorola MBP855CONNECT by Motorola(Binatone Global) is your best pick.

    Motorola MBP855CONNECT is designed and distributed by Binatone Global, the owner of Motorola-branded baby monitors. Like several other Motorola baby monitors, several customers are unhappy with the durability and reliability of this model.

    The Motorola MBP855CONNECT is a portable Wi-Fi baby monitor that offers a blend of traditional and smart monitoring features, making it a versatile choice. With Wi-Fi connectivity, this monitor allows you to keep an eye on their baby from any location through a compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer using the Hubble app, providing peace of mind while away from home.

    Being a hybrid monitor that comes with a handheld 5-inch screen and relays the footage to the Hubble App, this monitor is super convenient giving you remote access when far away from the baby.

    Alternative Battery-powered Video Baby Monitor

    Motorola MBP855CONNECT


    Supports local monitoring with screen and remote monitoring with a smartphone app. Both the camera and the parent unit can be powered entirely by batteries but for full functionalities, it is advisable to use AC power for the camera.

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    07/15/2024 09:08 am GMT

    This monitor uses Wi-Fi and 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless connectivity to allow you to view your child on the included 5-inch monitor or on compatible smart devices while you’re away from home. The ergonomic parent unit features a 5″ diagonal color screen that makes it easy to see your child, and with a simple press of a button on the unit or a touch of the screen on your smartphone, you can talk through the device to comfort your child.

    You can recharge the cameras of Motorola MBP855Connect which lasts for 3 hours per charge but some review comments indicate that the battery life for the camera is barely 30 mins. This battery-powered video camera has built-in Wi-Fi and can be set up in any location inside your home. They include remote pan, tilt, zoom, and infrared night vision so you may see everything clearly whether it’s day or night. Plus, with two-way communication.

    We featured this brand on our other list of wifi monitors with both apps and handheld units/monitors and I give credit to Binatone (beholder of Motorola brand of baby monitors), for designing such a versatile monitoring device capable of AC and DC-powering; and having both the capability to operate without Wifi and with 2.4 GHz wifi. While not among the best Motorola Baby monitors, its only fair as this model is relatively older than some recent Motorola brands such as Motorola Peekaboo Twin Cameras WiFi 1080p Video Baby Monitor.

    Like Arlo brand, next on this list, the DC or battery power isn’t the ideal way to power the camera of this MBP855Connect brand. The power cameras consume just can’t be sustained for long with some energy cells such as Triple A or Double A.

    There are other features to ike about this device though. Its two-way communication lets you hear your baby’s every coo and giggle, and even check in on them with the room temperature display. You can also soothe them to sleep with any of the five lullabies built into the device.

    -5″ screen
    -Secure FHSS transmission technology
    -Versatile – Relies on both Wi-Fi and Non-WiFi transmission technologies
    1000 ft. outdoor range
    -Two-way communication
    -Rechargeable batteries placed in the cameras can last up to 3 hours
    -Expandable and can support up to 4 cameras
    -You can remotely pan and tilt the camera


    • Camera expandability to monitor multiple locations
    • Whole room view with pan, tilt, and zoom features
    • The Hubble app lets you manage the camera and receive feeding straight to your phone no matter where you are.
    • It allows viewing in split screen for multiple cameras


    • Poor ratings citing frequent camera disconnection
    • Some customers say the night vision is poor
    • Some customers report that the sound quality is poor and that it fails altogether sometimes

    5. Arlo Baby Monitor

    Arlo Baby Monitor is the most suitable option if you want a 6-hour-max battery-powered baby monitor camera that also integrates with smart home ecosystems such as Homekit, Alexa Home and Google Home.

    There are two easy ways to turn Arlo Baby on and off. You can either do it in the Arlo App or unplug the device and turn off the battery power. Turning off battery power will help conserve energy for when you need it later or if you’re moving the camera elsewhere.

    After reading other parents’ reviews of this Arlo Baby camera, I wasn’t thrilled about what they had to say about the batteries. According to one user, when the battery stopped working after only a year Arlo customer service told him that there was no way to fix it or replace just the battery. The customer’s only option was to buy an entirely new camera. With a warranty of just 12 months, the user had to opt for other brands to avoid the same issue happening with another Arlo brand.

    After using Arlo for a month, one user said the batteries were totally drained and the camera only worked when plugged into the wall. Then, after another month, the whole system just shut down without any warning.

    It uses CR123A cells such as this Duracell CR123A on Amazon.

    I think that’s enough to tell you that this model is only appropriate if you want an AC-powered monitor with an option of using batteries for very short periods – say less than 30 mins.

    While not rated highly as a smart baby monitor, this Arlo brand still has great features to like. I really like that it integrates with all the major smart home ecosystems such to make it a compatible Google Home Hub monitor, Apple’s Homekit-approved and compatible with Alexa Home’s Echo. You can use your voice to control the monitor from any room in your house.

    I also really like that the camera has a wide range of viewing angles for up to 130 degrees. You can pan and tilt the camera to get a better view of your baby’s room. There are other brands, however, that boast of up to 360 degrees pan.

    The latest model by iBaby, the iBaby M8L 1080P Smart Baby Camera Monitor gives you an entire 360 degrees view of your nursery and can do this remotely as you can use the smartphone app to move the camera’s field of view. This iBaby brand has also been touted as a favorite by parents using iPhone or any iOS device’s retina display. So, better rated (4.5/5) than Arlo (3.8/5) but uses ‎110 Volts of AV Power with no batteries.

    6. Arlo Pro: Fully Battery-Operated Camera and Base

    Arlo Pro is my favorite battery-powered security camera with a battery-operated base. Arlo Pro camera which can be turned into a baby monitor, when used together with the base station is currently retailing at under $200 and is most ideal for campers that want very long battery life of up to 1 week. Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 can both rely fully on rechargeable batteries.

    While Netgear claims that the batteries could last for as long as 6 months, users have found it to last for up to 4 weeks. If you are going camping, plan effectively to make sure that the Arlo camera and base station do not drain the batteries before your camping trip ends. You should also note that when a battery is used, you should expect 720p HD resolution images and not the 1080p HD resolution images you’d expect when plugged into AC power.

    Users of Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 have really found these Netgear battery-operated baby monitor cameras to be handy when traveling or camping in remote locations where AC power may not be available to recharge the batteries. While Arlo baby monitor can rely on batteries, it cannot last for more than a few hours. This makes Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 the best battery-powered cameras for baby monitors.

    Arlo Pro 2 comes with 2 cameras and is great if you plan on using it when camping with your twins.

    The table below shows a further comparison of Arlo’s cameras.

    Arlo battery operated baby monitor base

    7. DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor

    For a very budget-friendly price, you can get yourself this battery-powered audio baby monitor by DBPower (image shown below). It comes with three rechargeable batteries and is quite easy to carry as it has a belt clip similar to VTech’s audio baby monitors.

    Both the baby and the parent units can be powered by AAA batteries but have the option of being plugged into AC power and have adapters.

    -Uses secure 2.4GHz FHSS technology with low interference & high privacy
    -Has clear sound due to digitized and encrypted transmission system
    -Has beep alerts when the monitor is out of range and disconnected
    -Range up to 1,000ft in open area
    -Comes with 3 rechargeable batteries for parent unit
    -Instant dim mode for a peaceful night
    -Easy-carry belt clips for traveling or working

    Other Top-rated Battery Baby Monitor Brands (2024 Releases)

    Below are some recently released video monitors with large-capacity batteries. Note that they still rely on AC for the camera unit and only rely on batteries to power the screen or the parent unit of your monitor. The batteries mentioned in the ‘Details‘ column below are for the handheld screen/parent units of the listed battery monitors in this table;

    UKSUP Baby Monitor
    It has a large 4000mAh battery and claims to offer up to 29 hours of video streaming on a single charge.
    This brand is generous with features, such as 4x zoom, long 960 ft. range, and 720p HD display, and goes for less than $100.
    KAWA Video Baby MonitorThis monitor comes with a high-capacity 4,000mAh battery which the manufacturer claims to provide up to 20 hours of monitoring in VOX mode.
    ADENEW Baby MonitorThe manufacturer claims that this monitor comes with a 3000mAh Battery and can work continuously for 24 hours in VOX mode, or 5-7hours in normal mode.
    Babycozy Video Baby MonitorBabycozy Video Baby Monitor brand claims to have the largest battery capacity among all the brands we’ve reviewed here. With a 5000 mAh battery capacity, this brand’s battery is bigger than VAVA’s 4500 mAh batteries.

    Baby Monitor with Battery Backup:

    Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro is my top-rated brand of baby monitor that has an external battery backup. The 10,000mAh power bank is sold separately and goes for about $20. With this backup unit, Infant Optics can run for up to 24 hours. I explained in detail why this brand is my top recommendation among non-wifi monitors in this post.

    Below is an image of this backup unit.

    Battery Operated Baby Monitors FAQs

    What is the best battery-operated baby monitor for camping

    We’ve selected a number of battery-operated baby monitors ideal for camping on our list above. You can choose from Billfet, Levana Jena, Motorola Connect, Arlo baby monitor, and Timeflys baby monitors

    What are some of the benefits of battery-powered monitors?

    Battery-operated baby monitors offer the benefit of being portable and can be used anywhere in your home, even if there’s no outlet nearby. They’re also a good choice if you’re looking for a monitor to take on vacation or to use at a grandparent’s house.

    How are baby monitors powered?

    Most video baby monitors rely on AC power to operate the camera with the parent or screen units having the option of being powered by AC power or DC batteries.
    AC Power is important for baby cameras as night vision mode requires a significant amount of power to run and will quickly drain batteries.
    Rechargeable batteries are available for most baby monitors and run most screen units. This gives you the option to use the monitor without being tethered to a wall outlet however if the power does go out, your battery backup will be very important.
    Most monitors on the list on this page describe a few units that are entirely powered by batteries but they’re very limited.

    In 2020, VAVA released a non-wi-fi® baby monitor that can last for up to 24 hours – mostly because of its large battery storage capacity of 4500mAh. You can read more about the Vava baby monitor here.

    In 2021, VTech released VTech VM819 Video Baby Monitor with a battery that can last for 19 hours of video streaming and up to 29 hours when in power-saving mode. VTech’s advantage in this VM819 model is the small screen size of this model, just 2.8 inches in diagonal which made it possible to last long with 2600 mAh batteries. Read our review of VTech VM819 here