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6 Best Baby Gates for Uneven Walls 2024

Emily Larsen

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Evenflo makes a great baby gate that can be mounted on uneven walls. I was so impressed with it that I had to write about it! We have an angled wall in our house, and I was a little worried about how we would mount the baby gate. But Evenflo came to the rescue with this great gate! It’s very easy to install, and it has kept our little one safe and sound. I definitely recommend it!

Are there baby gates for uneven walls?

Great question! Here at We Like Baby, we’re always looking for innovative products that babies and parents can use. That’s why I was so impressed with the Evenflo baby gate that mounts on uneven walls.

Why get a baby gate for uneven walls?

When our son was a baby, we had an angled wall in our house. I was so worried about how to keep him safe while giving him the freedom to explore. And then Evenflo introduced this great gate! It’s easy to install and keeps our little one safe while letting him have his independence. Our son absolutely loves it!

How to pick the most ideal baby gate for uneven walls

1. Safety certification
Your child’s safety is paramount so make sure that you check the height, reliability of locks, and durability. If you find a baby gate that is certified by the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA), the better.
2. Your child’s height
Most baby gates stand 30 inches tall which is ideal for blocking most kiddos up to 24 months old from climbing. But since not all kids grow in a similar rate, be observant when shopping for a gate that is also easier for you to open if you are a tall parent.
3. Pick the right type
Baby gates come in a variety of kinds including hardware-mounted, pressure-mounted, and retractable baby gates. Each of these has an ideal installation area in your home. So, ensure that you pick the gate that fits your needs.
That being said, avoid accordion style gates as they do not have a top filler bar or those with a foot bar or apparel slats.
4. Measure your gap
From narrow to wider and extra-wide, baby gates are available in a range of widths depending on how long your uneven wall is. Take your opening measurements carefully before spending a dollar.
5. Portability
Look for a baby gate that has flexible installation so you can move it around easily depending on where you want to childproof. Pressure mounted baby gates are ideal for this, but you can also buy one that comes with additional mounts.

Comparison table for top brands of baby gates for uneven molding

Reviews of the best baby gates for Walls that don’t line up

1. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate

At the top of our best baby gates for uneven walls is this Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate from Regalo

This versatile baby gate is designed to fit super-wide openings that measure up to 192 inches wide and stand 28 inches tall. We liked the panels that can be shaped to fit any shape and angle plus the 4-in-1 design that also allows your kids to use it as a play yard. Installation is easy using two attachments that screw into the wall even if it is uneven. This hardware mounting provides extra safety and protection.

It is backed by a manufacturer’s limited 90-day warranty and features a steel frame plus a walk-thru door for convenience with a locking feature. Parents love the easy-open latch for toddlers.

2. Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate

This Stairway Special Safety Gate from Cardinal Gates is our second-best on the list today that you can install at different angles on the wall or banister. If you are looking for a top stairs baby gate for uneven walls and installs at angles of up to 30-degrees. It is designed to fit openings that are between 27 and 42.5 inches wide and has a height of 29.5 inches which is good for most kids below 24 months old.

Designed for optimal child safety and proofing, this baby gate has a one-hand operation that is good for you to pass through with your baby. Many parents recommend that you adjust the metal eye hooks for proper installation on your uneven walls. If you are worried about your toddler accessing it, the latch system confuses them which is good for safety on stairs.

Even better, this baby gate is ideal for stairs is that it comes with an optional stop bracket. This one prevents the door from swinging over the stairway.

3. Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1 Arched Décor Metal Superyard

Toddleroo by North States has made its name in the baby products realm since its debut more than 60 years ago. Although it may not be in the lightweight category at 34 lbs., this baby gate is a superb choice as it matches easily with most home décor. It is JPMA certified.

This 3-in-1 baby gate is designed to fit long and extra-wide openings that measure 144 inches wide by connecting 6 panels. We admired the arched metal design of this Superyard baby gate that makes it versatile and reliable. It stands 30 inches tall and is configurable for a variety of spaces. In addition, there is a walk-thru door panel with a child-proof dual-locking system that is easy to access for you but hard for your little ones. It is among the best easy to open baby gates.

The mounting hardware of this baby gate allows it to be installed on angled walls easily for stability. If you are looking for a perfect baby gate for blocking off fireplaces or displays among other spaces, Toddleroo by North States got your needs covered!

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4. Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1 Stained Wood Superyard Baby Gate

This 3-in-1 Superyard baby gate from Toddleroo by North States is another great child safety gates for uneven walls option. Like its cousin above, this baby is configurable to fit in a variety of spaces in your home. The mounting hardware is designed to mount the baby gate easily on angled walls. The gate is JPMA certified.

Unlike the Arched Décor Metal Superyard above, this Stained Wood Superyard baby gate is designed to fit openings that are 151 wide.  It stands 30 inches and has a swinging walk-thru door panel with a childproof double-locking mechanism for secure, easy access. The hardware mounting technique is ideal even for uneven walls.

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5. KidCo Safeway Hardware Mounted Baby Gate

KidCo is among the top names that come to mind when parents think about baby gates. It is known to be the first company to introduce safety gates that are made of metal. This baby gate is designed to fit narrow to wide openings that measure 24.75 to 42.5 inches wide. The Safeway hardware-mounted baby gate stands 28.75 inches tall. It has been ranked as the Best Overall Safety Gate by Good Housekeeping.

According to consumer reports, this baby gate is designed to install well even on uneven walls. Buyers, however, say that the case is different for the hinge side. If both your walls, therefore, are uneven you will need to be very creative as it does not go by the template. This baby gate has no bottom threshold which makes it an excellent choice for use on top of stairs. We like that it is JPMA certified which guarantees child safety. It also features an action locking mechanism that is easy for you to lock and unlock but not your little one.

6. Dreambaby Newport Adapta Baby Gate

The Newport Adapta Baby gate is a great baby gate option that is designed for use on straight, angled or irregular-shaped openings. It is the epitome of safety and convenience and provides you with a tailored solution for almost every situation. This baby gate fits openings that are between 33.5 and 79 inches wide and stands 29 inches high.

We admired the adaptable design that makes this baby gate ideal for stairs with uneven walls with hardware mounting for stability. A parent said that it worked great for their awkward staircase where only an L-shaped gate would have been useful. Others have also praised this baby gate for fitting easily on irregularly shaped areas. It also comes in a trio-paneled design that makes it easy to arrange and install depending on your needs and preferences. The Newport Adapta-Gate from Dreambaby swings opens in both directions for convenience. However, you can configure it to open in a single direction for safety when used on top of the stairs.

The installation has never been easy since this baby gate comes with an EZY-Check indicator that indicates when the gate is closed correctly and securely. The auto-close feature also comes in handy.