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Best Baby Monitor Apps of 2024(SAFE)

Ashley Davis

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Looking for the best baby monitor app that is safe? You’ve come to the right page with the best reliable information on what free and paid baby monitor apps are truly safe and which one you can rely on without compromising your baby and family’s safety.

As a blog focused on safety, we prioritize the well-being of baby monitor transmission technologies. In a recent feature, we highlighted 4 baby monitor apps that may pose safety concerns, based on the 2023 Research published in the Journal of Cybersecurity and Privacy. The study, titled “Assessing the Security and Privacy of Baby Monitor Apps” was conducted by Lukas Schmidt and his team who found serious security vulnerabilities in highly recommended baby monitor apps.

For instance, Dormi and Babycam were ranked as the 2nd and 4th best baby monitor apps by What To Expect, a highly reputable publication. These apps are highly recommended!

It’s not just What to Expect that got it wrong listing unsafe baby monitor apps on its website. Even Baby Gear Essentials included the vulnerable Baby Monitor Saby (rating it 8.5/10) and unsafe Babycam(rating it 8.2/10). They essentially scored A rating which is very unfortunate for regular readers who may rely on these publications entirely without scrutinizing them further.

While Baby Gear Essentials isn’t as widely known as What to Expect, it still has a significant readership. Surprisingly, their ratings don’t consider the safety framework or security protocols of these monitors.

Why don’t they consider the safety of these apps you may ask?

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the various technologies employed by baby monitor apps, including encryption of data, usage of secure non-cryptographic protocols, implementation of multi-factor authentication, and avoidance of raw SQL data manipulation, can be quite challenging. I don’t entirely blame these organizations. In my opinion, they just used the user reviews of these apps on the Google Play Store or on App Store without further basic checks of data security protocols in transit and when stored.

BabyCam was found not to encrypt its data yet it claims to encrypt and Babyphone Mobile app was stores users’ IP addresses while permanently storing unique identifiers. Those are some of the shortcomings of the apps.

Ensuring the safety of baby monitors, including the accompanying apps, is a crucial aspect of our recommended checklist. Our recent feature on the 4 unsafe baby monitor apps reflects our ongoing commitment to raising awareness about the risks posed by widely endorsed apps, even by major publications. We strive to highlight the potential dangers associated with these apps that are recommended without proper scrutiny.

Best Baby Monitor App Reviews:

Below are the best baby monitor apps that are truly safe;

Cloud Baby Monitor

Our overall best baby monitor app that we recommend for its safety is Cloud Baby Monitor which is available for both iOS and Android devices. This app met our first safety checklist of encryption of data using industry-standard end-to-end encryption. It also guarantees no interference and you can opt for local transmission where you use your home Wi-Fi and stream straight to your device without sending your data to the cloud.

One crucial factor that contributed to our top rating of the app is its exceptional optimization. This ensures a seamless user experience even when utilizing LTE or mobile data, without the risk of dropped connections or exorbitant data bills.

I’ve had fun using this app to turn my old iPod Touch that had been lying for years in some old storage box. It just happened that we were cleaning up the attic and found the iPod and were surprised at how easy it was to turn it into a reliable baby monitor. Easy! It only cost me a one-time payment of $5.99(iOS) which is worth it considering that Wi-Fi monitors cost upwards of $300. Android users pay $4.99. About 17,000 iOS users have rated it 4.8/5 while very few users – less than 200 Anrdoir users have rated it 3.5/5. It appears that this app was initially optimized entirely for iOS.

cloud baby monitor app - overall best baby monitor app

This app is perfect if you’re seeking a paid iOS-compatible app that excels in playing white noises and lullabies. It also offers a talkback feature. A bonus is the ability to adjust the night light brightness, ensuring it won’t disrupt your baby’s peaceful sleep.

App Name Cloud Baby Monitor App: Overall best baby monitor app for iPhone
iOS users and rating4.8, 15.3K Ratings
Cost $4.99
developer and sellerDeveloped and sold by VIGI Limited
Features Great videos, 2-way talkback, up to 4 cameras, track baby's sleep pattern
SaferForBaby Rating8.9/10
Compatibility Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple TV.
Last Updated May 11, 2021
Appstore linkSee on Appstore

Cloud Baby Monitor App lets you transform your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch into a reliable, secure, and user-friendly Video Baby Monitor with Cloud Baby Monitor. Keep one device close to your baby and effortlessly stream crystal-clear video with pristine audio to your other devices. Stay informed about your baby’s every move with instant noise and motion alerts.

While I didn’t get to use its multi-child and multi-parent feature where you can set up several devices as cameras and streams to one or more Cloud monitor apps, its such a cool feature. I didn’t have two kids then but can totally see how useful and convenient it would have been

You’ll love the compatibility with Apple Watch! Apart from the vibrating monitors for deaf parents, this monitor is the real deal when it comes to using your watch as a monitor. It goes above and beyond with its nightlight feature and totally wowed me with the two-way talk. Of course, you’ll need to configure it to get it up and running, but trust me, it’s worth it!

This page with data security information eased my mind and gave me relief that it is truly safe.


  • Paid app with great features
  • White noise and lullabies for peaceful sleep
  • Talkback feature for communication
  • Adjustable night light brightness
  • Compatible with multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch)
  • Reliable and secure video streaming with crystal-clear video and pristine audio
  • Instant noise and motion alerts keep you informed about your baby’s every move
  • Multi-child and multi-parent feature for convenient monitoring of multiple children
  • Compatibility with Apple Watch allows for use as a vibrating monitor for deaf parents
  • Nightlight feature adds a calming touch to the baby’s room
  • Two-way talk enables communication between parent and child


  • It is not free
  • Does not have free trial
  • Most suitable for use with iOS devices

Baby Monitor 3G:

Our next pick is another paid app that has a trial version, unlike Cloud Monitor App above which doesn’t offer a trial version. We also checked this app to confirm that it encrypts data using the most recent SSL security protocols and similar to Cloud above, you can opt not to send your data to the cloud when using local Wi-Fi.

The Cloud app and this 3G app share some similarities, like night light, 2-way talk, multi-platform support, and livestream. However, what sets this 3G app apart is its exceptional sleep tracking feature, which keeps an activity log of your baby’s sleep. Additionally, it offers lullabies and a vibration alert, making it particularly suitable for individuals with hearing impairments.

App Name Baby Monitor 3G App
iOS users and rating2,200+ users rating it 4.7/5
Android users and rating5,000+ users rated it 4.5/5
Cost A free app is available but a one-time fee is required to use all the features of the app.
You'll need to pay $5.99 for full features
Features Great videos, 2-way talkback, up to 4 cameras, track baby's sleep pattern
SaferForBaby Rating8.9/10
AppstoreSee on Appstore
Google PlaySee on Google Play

This 3G app lacks white noise and would recommend Cloud App above if you want a soothing device.

Go for this app if you want an app that can allow you to sleep train your baby by keeping track of awake periods, sleep patterns and more. Note that Baby Monitor 3G costs $6.99 on App Store and $6 on Play Store, about a dollar more than Cloud Baby Monitor above. You can read more about this app on its website here.

You can download on it from the Google Play Store here or on App Store here.


  • Has a free trial
  • Offers sleep tracking feature
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices


  • It is a paid app
  • Doesn’t have white noise feature

Baby Monitor Annie

The Baby Monitor Annie is the ultimate app for keeping an eye on 2 babies! It’s been rated very highly and meets all our security requirements by encrypting data signals. You can rest easy knowing your little ones are safe and sound!

While it is possible to add more than 2 cameras to the app, it starts becoming cumbersome and gets a lag reducing its performance. I recommend pairing/adding a maximum of 2 devices for optimal performance. I also like that it doesn’t have many complicated device requirements. It can work with any operating system with iOS (14 or later) and Android (8 or later).

App Name Baby Monitor Annie: Nanny Cam
iOS users and rating664 users rating it 3.8/5
Android users and rating685 users rated it 3.5/5
Cost A free app is available but a one-time fee is required to use all the features of the app.
Features Great videos, 2-way talkback, up to 4 cameras, track baby's sleep pattern
10BabyGear Rating9/10

This App is lacking compared to Cloud Monitor in that it doesn’t allow you to pair with your watch and get the same functionality as a phone or tablet. It, however, allows you to add IP cameras, not just phones or tablets.

If you are worried about battery use as some Android users complained about Cloud Monitor above draining battery, this Annie monitor is super efficient. It estimates that it drains only 4% of the battery every hour with active monitoring making it very suitable for use when traveling and don’t have constant AC power to charge your devices.

Similar to 3G App above, this unit also offers lullabies but goes further to offer lullabies which can make a big difference as you can add your own personal touch to the music selection and collection.

With its sleep tracking feature, it helps in monitoring your baby’s sleeping habits. You can easily track how long they slept and at what time they woke up, giving you valuable insights into their sleep patterns. This can be especially helpful for new parents who are trying to establish a routine for their baby.

Read more about Baby Monitor Annie App on its website here.

Here is Annie’s download link on Play Store and on App Store here


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems
  • Option to pair with IP cameras, not just phones or tablets
  • Energy efficient, only drains 4% of battery per hour during active monitoring
  • Offers personalized lullabies for soothing your baby
  • Sleep tracking feature helps monitor your baby’s sleeping habits


  • Some features may require in-app purchases
  • May experience connectivity issues with IP cameras
  • Limited use for monitoring older children as it is primarily designed for babies

How to spot a safe baby monitor app:

A safe baby monitor app should answer questions about its data safety and below is a comprehensive list of things a safe monitoring app should readily provide:

  1. Provide app developer information including their website, location, app publishing date, and contact details.
  2. It should share data it is collecting on its app
  3. What types of data are they storing?
  4. How do they store the data? Is it encrypted?
  5. How do they utilize the collected data?
  6. Can I choose not to send my data to their cloud?
  7. Is it possible to remove my phone number after registering?
  8. What information do they require to start using the app?
  9. What can I opt out of, and how complex is the opt-out process?


For safety reasons, we have not included free baby monitor apps on this list as we could not ascertain their data safety protocols including their encryption levels (if they truly encrypt at all). We recommend using a paid app with clear data safety policies to ensure the protection of your child’s information. Ultimately, the decision is yours, but we urge you to prioritize the safety and security of your family when choosing a baby monitor app.

Remember to always do thorough research and read reviews before downloading any monitoring app.
App that come with a baby monitor are also safer compared to free apps provide by small obscure brands with very limited ratings. You can opt for Wi-Fi monitors that are entirely app-based or can opt for baby monitors with both screen and app.