Best Cribs For Short Moms

Sandra W Bullock

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If you’re a mom who’s below 5 feet in height, it’s important to consider a crib designed for shorter moms to ensure the safety of your little one. Being just 4 inches shorter than the average American mom, who stands at 5 ft and 4 inches, I understand the need for a suitable crib.

When I was initially searching for a crib, the thought of using a step stool to reach it didn’t even cross my mind. In fact, I was taken aback when my husband suggested it. My first concern was the safety aspect, as I believed that introducing a stool could potentially lead to accidents where it might tip over and harm the baby.

My overall choice for the best cribs for short moms in this review is the Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib. When fully assembled, this crib stands 34.5 inches in height which makes it hassle-free and comfy for short moms to put your little angel in bed without stretching. Even better, this fixed side crib can be converted into a toddler bed or daybed. And did I mention that the crib is Greenguard Gold Certified? Babyletto Modo is also among the best cribs for small spaces and comes with 4 different adjustable mattress heights.

One of the major problems for short moms who cannot reach over the crib railing normally is that they can easily wake up their sleeping child. Baby cribs under 35 inches tall are ideal for short or petite moms as they can reach over the railing easily to put the baby to sleep discreetly. If you are a short mom, you should consider getting a short crib with a height of fewer than 35 inches that will not go above your waistline. It can be a real struggle to get your baby to the crib if you end up with a tall crib. So, what is the best mini crib to get? Read on for this and more but before that…

For the average mom in America, of 64 inches (according to CDC), a regular crib with or above 35 inches may be Okay. However, for shorter mothers with 55 inches or less in height, a short crib of fewer than 35 inches is the most ideal. The transition from baby lounger or bassinet to a crib is a good indicator that your baby is developing well and as a parent, finding a short crib is key so you can continue to access your baby easily.

Comparison of Best Cribs for Short Moms:

Below are the best cribs ideal for shorter moms:

Baby CribCrib Height (inches)Mattress Height Adjustable to:Price
#1. Babyletto Modo 3-in-134.5 4 positions Check price here
#2. Delta Children Bentley S Series34 3 positions Check price here
#3. Storkcraft Hillcrest Fixed Side Crib33.43 3 positions Check price here
#4. Union 2-in-133.5 3 positions Check price here
#5. DaVinci Kalani 4-in-135 3 positions Check price here
#6. Babyletto Hudson34.875 4 positions Check price here
#7. Dream on Me Aden Mini Crib36 3 positions Check price here
#8. Babyletto Origami Mini Crib35 4 positions Check price here
#9. DaVinci Union 4-in-1 Convertible Crib33.5 4 positions Check price here
#10. Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Crib353 positions Check price here

Reviews of the Best Cribs for Short Moms in 2024

1. Babyletto Modo 3-in-1: 34.5 Inches

Babyletto is our overall best crib you can get if you are a short mom. It is a 3-in-1 crib as it can be used as a crib, toddler bed, or as a daybed and you can rely on it as your baby’s durable crib as your baby grows from infancy to toddlerhood.

I ranked this crib first as it meets our minimum requirement of being below 35 ft in height. When you assemble it, it is 34.5 inches in height making it easy for you to place your baby to bed.

In addition to that, it comes with 4 mattress height adjustable positions allowing you to easily adjust and raise the mattress height to fit your height. I like this Babyletto Modo not just because of its low height, I also really like this Babyletto because it is one of the most durable convertible cribs for short moms as it is made of solid sturdy wood.

Another reason I like this small-mom crib is that it is safe for the baby as the slates spacing is 2.375 inches.

Below is a review of Bayletto Modo, 3-in-1:

2. Delta Children Bentley S Series 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib

If you want a crib that will grow with your baby with 4 convertible options and has a low profile, then the Delta Children S 4-in-1 crib is your best choice. Unlike the Bayletto Modo brand above with 3 convertible modes, this Delta Children can be used in 4 modes;  as a crib to a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed

This 34-inch Bentley S Series brand of convertible baby crib by Delta Children is the second-best crib for short moms. For any petite mom, this second crib on this list is also convertible and unlike the Bayletto brand above, it has 3 adjustable mattress positions.

If the 34-inch height is not short enough, you can also choose from the three positions. In addition, it is made of strong, solid wood that is JPMA-certified for safety.

3. Storkcraft Hillcrest Fixed Side Convertible Crib

If you appreciate safety and are looking for a short-profile crib with adjustable mattress positions and fixed sides, then this 3rd brand by Storkcraft is your best choice.

Storkcraft Hillcrest is our third on this list and it has one of the lowest heights of 34 inches. Similar to the reviewed cribs above, Storkcraft is convertible and has adjustable mattress positions. You can get this crib for less than $150.

#4. DaVinci Kalani 4-In-1 

For those looking for an excellent full-size crib suitable for short moms, this Davinci Kalani brand is my top recommendation. Aside from having a low profile and being reachable for short moms without needing a step stool, this brand also features toxic-free wood materials and is GreenGuard Gold Certified meaning that it has been tested for over 10,000 chemicals.

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib is our 4th best crib for any short mom. It is a Greenguard Gold Certified crib that is suitable as a toddler bed and a full-size bed. The assembled dimensions of the crib are 54’’ L *37” W*42” H and interior crib measurements of 52” L*28” and front rail measurements of 35.”

The crib weighs 60 lbs. and supports up to 50 lbs., and the toddler bed /full-sized bed weighs 500 lbs.

The crib is made with 100% sustainable New Zealand pine wood and is available in seven colors, which are Espresso, Cherry, Chestnut, Ebony, Grey, Honey Oak, and White.

The crib is functional because it grows with your baby (It converts to a toddler bed, daybed, and a full-sized bed). Also, the crib has four adjustable mattress positions that allow you to suit your baby’s safety needs as he or she grows.

Above all, the crib has been tested for over 10 000 chemicals to ensure that it is safe for your baby’s health.

The crib is convertible into a toddler bed, day bed, and full-sized bed
The crib has four adjustable mattress positions that allow you to adjust the crib’s length as your baby grows
The crib is built with 100% solid sustainable New Zealand pine wood that ensures its sturdiness for your baby’s safety.
The crib is the Greenguard Gold Certified, meaning it passes the most stringent emission standards.
The crib is available in seven different colors to suit the different decor needs.

#5. Babyletto Hudson

If you prefer the most modern design to fit with your home furniture, our next pick by Babyletto is your best choice.

The Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible crib is a favorite to parents because of its versatile modern design with stylish rounded spindles, a sturdy frame, and turned out feet. Also, the crib is functional because it is convertible into a toddler bed and a day bed with four adjustable mattress positions that suitable for your baby’s needs as it grows.

The crib is GREENGUARD Gold Certification because it meets or exceeds safety guidelines.

Below are features of the Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib.

Versatile Modern Design: the crib is suitable for the modern nursery owing to its turned-out study feet, rounded spindle design, and open silhouette.
GreenGuard Gold Certified: the crib is non-toxic for babies because it has been tested and passed over 10, 000 chemical emission standards.
3-IN-I Convertibility and Adjustable Height: The feature allows you to convert the crib into a toddler bed and daybed and suits your baby’s growth, respectively.
Baby Safe: the crib has a non-toxic multi-step painting and staining process that is lead and phthalate-free, exceeding the ASTM International and U.S. CPSC safety standards.
Sustainable Design: the crib is made with solid New Zealand pine wood that gives it a sleek design. Also, the crib has hidden hardware, enhancing its clean look.

You can check it on Amazon here.

#6. Dream on Me Aden Mini Crib 

Dream On Me, Aden 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib is a baby bed that is designed beautifully to enhance functionality and longevity. The crib sits low on the floor to ease your reach on the baby. Also, the crib has a solid frame with a non-drop side rail design that ensures your baby’s safety.

The crib also grows with your baby because it has a 3-position adjustable mattress support system: it converts into a toddler daybed and twin-size bed. Finally, the crib is available in a variety of stylish color finishes of black, cherry, espresso, French White, Grey, Natural, and White.

4-in-1 Convertibility Options-the crib has a 3-position mattress support system that allows you to convert the crib into a mini daybed and a twin size bed. As such, your child can use the crib from infancy to adulthood.
Longevity-the Aden 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib is durable and stylish because it is made of New Zealand pinewood
Compact yet spacious dimensions- the crib occupies a small footprint but very spacious internally, which is ideal for small nurseries, co-sharing, or multiple children to attend to.y.

You can check this crib on Amazon here.

#7. Babyletto Origami Mini Crib 

Babyletto Origami Mini Crib emerged 8th on this list but is still a favorite for short moms in the market for a perfect portable crib. This brand is manufactured by Babyletto, an award-winning designer of baby products, and has manufactured great products such as Babyletto Mercer 3-In-1 Convertible Crib that came top in our list of best cribs with drawers.

The Babyletto Origami Mini Crib is a portable mini crib that is most fitting with modern families. The mini crib is excellent for urban living or secondary living spaces because its petite footprint and rolling feet facilitate easy movement at home. Also, the mini crib has a foldable design, is durable, and lightweight.

Adjustable Mattress Height- crib has a low-profile design that allows you to put a baby to rest easily. Also, the crib has two adjustable mattress positions that facilitate the baby’s growth.
Urban Style and Size-the crib have a foldable frame and removable locking caster wheels that enhance easy storage and transport.
Sustainable Design- the crib is made with solid New Zealand pine wood that enhances its sturdiness for the baby’s safety.
Safe for Baby- the crib has a non-toxic multi-step painting and staining procedure that is lead and phthalate safe.y.

You can check this product on Amazon here.

#8. Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Crib & Changer

This review would be incomplete without one of the best convertible cribs for short moms in the market today, the Graco Remi Crib. What makes it a deluxe product is that it comes with a drawer for keeping your child’s essentials as well as a changer with a water-resistant vinyl top. For durability, this Graco crib is made using pine wood with espresso, grey, and white/pebble gray color options.

I love this Graco Reni Crib as it meets all CPSC and ATSM safety standards and it is also JPMA certified for your child’s safety against toxic chemicals. It offers 3 conversion options into a crib, toddler bed, and daybed, and can also be converted into a full-size bed with a kit that is sold separately. The crib also comes with mattress support that is adjustable to three different heights to accommodate your growing baby and prevent climbing or falling out.

Changing table with 3 drawers
2 shelves for kid’s essentials storage
Water-resistant changing pad
3 conversion options: standard crib, toddler bed & daybed.

How to Pick the Best Crib for Petite Moms

From safety standards to height and sturdy construction, here are the factors to consider when buying the most ideal crib for a short mom:

Safety Certification
Make sure that the crib meets the ATSM and SPSC certification on consumer and baby products safety to be rest assured that your little one is on the safe side. Also check for Greenguard Gold certification to ensure the crib is tested and verified for extremely low or no toxic chemicals.
Go for a crib with fixed side rail so it can be easy for you to put down or pick up your baby on the bed easily. Check that it has an adjustable mattress height to prevent your little one from falling out or climbing.
Pick a crib that is made with strong material that supports your weight as you bend to pick up your baby.
Slats and Corner Posts
Ensure that the crib has a distance of less than 6 cm between slats to prevent your baby’s hands or feet from getting stuck. In addition, keep off from models that feature a headboard as your child’s head can get stuck between the crib’s corner post and its top.