Are Magnets Safe for Baby?

Guide to high-powered magnets as kids’ safety hazard

We have compiled a comprehensive list of hazards and safety risks to assist parents in gaining a better understanding and ensuring the protection of their children. Among these risks is the ingestion of magnets by children. In this article, you will find detailed information on magnet safety and its potential choking hazard. Stay informed and … Read more

What is Baby Safety?

What is baby safety? A guide about baby safety at home, when traveling and wheel sleeping

Babies are precious and delicate, which is why you need to prioritize their safety at all times. As a baby safety advocate with many years of experience, I have witnessed many accidents that could have been avoided if proper baby safety measures had been taken. In this article, I will discuss what baby safety entails … Read more

Baby Hazards and What to Do to Keep Baby Safe

Baby Safety Hazards and What to Do to Keep Baby Safe

Do you want to understand key baby hazards and what to do to keep your baby safe? As a safety-first blog with guides on baby safety products, I have put together this article for you to identify different baby hazards. Most of these identified baby safety hazards touching on various baby products have inspired different … Read more

12 Dangerous Baby Products to Avoid in 2024

Wondering which baby products are dangerous and considered totally unsafe for your baby? Read on as I have put together detailed information on 12 seriously unsafe products you should avoid at all cost to ensure your baby safety. The recent recall of Fisher-Price’s inclined sleepers and the passage of the Safe Sleep for Babies Act … Read more

History of Baby Cribs

History of Baby Cribs

In this post, I have shared my detailed research of the history of cribs including the evolution of cribs from ancient times to the 1600s, to the 20th century, and to the modern-day cribs. This is part of a series of articles on the history of baby gear which we have covered here at SaferForBaby. … Read more

Working From Home With Kids – 15 Mommy Bloggers Share Their Tips

Working From Home With Babies And Kids

Working from home with babies and kids during a pandemic is tough but parents are known for making the impossible possible. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in many countries, kindergartens are closed or are not safe for children to be there. Although there have been reports that kids are asymptomatic, infected kids are active carriers … Read more

History of Baby Showers & Pagan Origin

history of baby showers

This post is part of our educational series on the history of common baby gear and baby events including baby showers which have been around since Ancient Egypt. Baby Shower occasions have been celebrated since ancient Egyptian and Roman times, where guests gave newborns and new parents handmade gifts. While the activities involved in baby … Read more

What Are Orbeez: Invention and What It Is Made Of

What are Orbeez - 10BabyGear Guide

What are Orbeez?/Meaning Orbeez are super-absorbent polymers (SAP) made up of several molecules joint together and which grow to more than 100 times their size when immersed in water. And what are the Polymers that make up Orbeez? Synthetic polymers play important role in agricultural uses by creating a climate beneficial to plant growth through … Read more


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