Boba vs Moby vs Solly Wraps – Comparisons

Ashley Davis

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If you are looking to get a wrap, you probably have heard about the famous Boba Wrap by Boba. It is one of the most sought-after babywearing options in the market for 2024. If you’re curious about its quality and want to compare it with other leading brands before making a decision, let’s see how it measures up.

Our review below is a side-by-side comparison of Boba wrap against other brands, and we hope it will help you make an informed choice.

Boba Wrap

The Boba Wrap has been America’s most favorite wrap over the years and is rated #1 on Amazon. It has a traditional wrap design, which is a long fabric with no buckles, straps, or buttons. You wrap the fabric around your body to create a carrier that enables you to hug your little one tightly and closely in an ergonomic position. It is made from The French terry cloth which consists of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The Spandex gives the material just the right amount of stretch to contour around you and your baby’s body while remaining snug, soft and comfortable.

Moby Wrap

The Moby wrap is another excellent option and a favorite for many. It is made from 100% cotton material and is extra-long, which enables you to configure it to many styles, once you get to learn how to tie it properly. It is recommended for newborns weighing 8 pounds up to 35 pounds.

Once you tie the Moby wrap, it distributes the baby’s weight across your shoulders, hips and back making it comfortable to wear for long periods.

Similarities between the Boba and Moby wrap

  • Both wraps are one long piece of fabric that is tied expertly into a baby carrier.
  • The fabric of both wraps is mainly cotton which feels soft, comfortable and thick. Since they are both long fabrics, you need to layer the material when wrapping, which traps body heat. So keep in mind that the Boba and Moby wraps are comfortable for use during fall, spring and winter months to avoid overheating.
  • Both wraps are long and stretchy, so they have a universal fit no matter your body shape or size. They can also be used by both women and men. Which also means you can just buy one for everyone within your household to share.
  • Both wraps have the same weight capacity from newborns to 35 pounds, although most parents like to use wraps until the baby is about 15 pounds. If you have a preemie, you can buy any of these wraps for you to try the newborn hold position. Preemies thrive on this position, enjoying the skin to skin closeness and warmth like the womb.
  • Both wraps can support babies weighing up to 35 pounds, although they work the best for newborns and babies under 15 pounds.
  • Both come in different colors and styles, so you can choose whichever you like.
  • Both wraps have Bamboo versions which are ideal for hot weather.
  • Both are within the same price range ($40). This is a super affordable and durable product; both provide great value for money.

Differences between the Boba and Moby wrap

  • The first difference you notice is the difference in material. The Boba wrap is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Moby, on the other hand, is pure 100% cotton. As mentioned earlier, the Spandex makes the Boba softer and stretchy so much so that you need to tie the wrap really tight to avoid sagging. Unfortunately, this causes the Boba wrap to sag with the weight of the baby over time. Also, even though it is shorter than the Moby, due to the stretching, after tying you end up with a ton of extra fabric dragging down unless you are really tall.
  • The other difference with the fabric is that the Boba stretches end to end and along the width, this makes it less supportive, needing you to tie it very tightly to make up for it. Conversely, the Moby wrap stretches only along the width of the wrap, giving you more support, and hence you tie when you feel the tightness is just right. The advantage the Boba has regarding its stretching ability is that putting the baby in and out is much easier.
  • Although both are great for newborn babies, the Boba has a lower age restriction of 5 lbs while the Moby wrap recommends bigger newborns at 8 lbs. Boba has a note on their newborn hold that says it can be used for babies 2-10 pounds. You might want to seek your pediatrician’s advice before attempting to use a wrap with an infant below 5 pounds.
  • The Boba wrap measures over 17ft and 1.5ft wide while the Moby wrap is over 18ft long and 2ft wide. So as you can see, the Moby is both longer and broader. This may be an issue for petite moms who may find the fabric a bit too cumbersome.

Boba Wrap vs Solly

Solly Wrap

The Solly wrap is an American-manufactured wrap from California. It is made using Lenzing modal fabric from Austrian Birchwood trees. Like the Boba wrap, it is a stretchable, one piece that requires skill to be tied into a carrier. It is a lightweight and breezy wrap which makes it a perfect choice for summer, spring, and fall babywearing. Also folds up nicely into a small portable package. Let’s see how it compares with the Boba wrap.

Similarities of Boba Wrap and Solly

  • Both are great for newborns from 5 pounds.
  • Both are a one size-fits-all
  • Both wraps recommend carrying the baby only from the front facing in position.
  • Both can be machine washed and dryer safe.
  • Both wraps come in different colors and styles.

Differences: Boba Wrap vs Solly

  • While Boba is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the Solly wrap is made using Lenzing Modal fabric (sourced from Austrian Beechwood trees). It is a semi-synthetic rayon fabric with excellent properties which makes the fabric to have some stretch, resists shrinking and pilling much better than cotton fabric.
  • The Solly fabric is lighter and breathable than the Boba’s cotton fabric, which makes the Solly ideal for hot weather like in summer and spring months. It also makes the Solly wrap foldable into a smaller package than the Boba wrap.
  • The Solly wrap is about a feet longer at 18 ft than the Boba wrap. However, since it is lighter, it is more manageable and easier to tie than the Boba wrap.
  • The Solly wrap has a pocket at one end of the wrap where you can keep a pacifier, napkin or a bottle while on the move. The Boba wrap does not have any pockets.
  • The Boba wrap allows longer carrying up to 35 pounds whereas the Solly wrap has a limit of 25 pounds.
  • The Solly wrap is a bit pricier than the Boba wrap by about $20 and is only sold from the company’s website. Boba is available in several major stores as well as their website.

Boba Wrap vs Ring sling

Boba Wrap vs Ring sling
Ring sling

A ring sling is a long fabric that comes with two rings. The fabric is configured across the torso and secured by the rings on one shoulder to create a pouch where the baby sits. It is also versatile and can be worn on the chest, hip and back to give your baby lots of fun carrying positions. While Boba wrap requires skill and practice to learn how to tie, a ring sling is easier to master. Let’s see how the Boba wrap compares to a ring sling.


  • Both carriers allow you to have skin-to-skin contact with your little one while allowing you to remain hands-free. However, a ring sling is not recommended for small babies who can’t support their heads. Boba wrap provides the neck and head support preemies and babies less than three months in need.
  • Both are long pieces of cotton fabric, but ring slings can also be from linen, silk, wool, and cashmere.


  • The Boba wrap is a bit more complicated to tie than a ring sling. It goes over both shoulders and around your waist, distributing the baby weight evenly. As a result, the Boba wrap is suitable for long baby wearing. With a ring sling, the weight is supported on one shoulder, which makes it only suitable for short periods of baby wearing. It is also not the best option for heavier toddlers because it doesn’t distribute the weight evenly so that it will be uncomfortable for you. In case you have a small baby or a big toddler, Boba wrap is the perfect choice for either case.
  • A ring sling is easier and faster to wear and get off than a wrap, making it suitable for moms who wish for a carrier they can wear multiple times a day. With Boba, it is tedious to keep tying, although it is easy to fit the baby inside compared to other wraps due to the stretching ability.
  • The ring sling allows more carrying positions like the front inward, kangaroo, and hip carry. The Boba wrap allows front inward and kangaroo style but not hip carry.

Boba Wrap vs Ergo Baby Carrier 

When it comes to baby wearing, two names are famous; the Boba and Ergo carriers. Both of them are different visually but designed for close, skin to skin bonding and convenience of being hands free.

While the Boba wrap is a long fabric to be wrapped around the body and tied at different positions to secure, the Ergo baby is a soft structured carrier with buckles in the waist, shoulders and back to secure the baby. Below is how they match up.

Ergobaby Ergonomic Multi-Position Original Baby Carrier
Ergobaby Ergonomic Multi-Position Original Baby Carrier


  • Both carriers can be used with newborns and toddlers, but the ergo requires an infant insert which is bought separately.
  • Both are made from cotton fabric, although the Boba has an addition of Spandex.
  • Both allow you to carry the baby close to your body in the front inward carry position.
  • With both carriers, weight is distributed evenly on the shoulders and around the waist hence more comfortable for extended wear.
  • Both allow ergonomic carrying position without putting pressure on the developing baby’s hips or spine.
  • Both can be bulky or cause overheating. The Boba can make you and your baby sweaty due to the extra layers that trap heat, and Ergo can cause overheating due to the padding.
  • Both are easy to clean with machine wash.
  • Both have different color options and can be used by both mom and dad.


  • The Ergo being a structured carrier, is more supportive, allowing more weight capacity than the Boba wrap. Ergo has a limit of 45 pounds while Boba has 35 pounds. If you want a carrier to grow with your baby, the Ergo carrier is the better option.
  • Due to the Spandex, the Boba wrap stretches according to the wearer’s body, giving it a universal fit. The Ergo has a waistband designed to fit a wide variety of people but may not give a proper fit for petite and plus size parents. If you want a carrier which offers you a personalized fit, the Boba carrier should be your choice.
  • With Boba, you might need to keep adjusting the hold after extended periods of use due to movement and lack of support which changes the position of the baby. Ergo does not expand so once you get the right fit, the baby will stay in that position. If you don’t want the trouble of feeling the baby shifting lower and keeping adjusting the tie, go with the Ergo carrier.
  • Ergo is easier and faster to put on because of the buckles, the Boba has so much fabric that you layer and then tie tight, which usually requires practice to get it right.
  • Ergo gives you more carrying positions from the front facing in, hip and back. Boba wrap only allows front facing in and Kangaroo (very beneficial for preemies and newborns).
  • The Ergo carrier has a zippered pocket for your essentials like keys, phone, and wallet. The Boba wrap does not have any pockets.
  • Their pricing has a big difference. The Boba comes at the range of $40 while Ergo is at $100.
  • You can be able to nurse in the Boba wrap, but the Ergo baby is a bit trickier because you can’t carry the baby in the cradle position.
  • You can wear the baby in the Boba wrap all by yourself, but with the Ergo carrier, it is a bit tricky to wear or remove because the buckle clips are at the back unless you are carrying in the back position.

Boba Wrap vs Baby K’tan 

Baby K'tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier
Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier

Although the Boba and Baby K’tan are all classified as wraps, the K’tan is not your traditional wrap design. It is designed to offer the comfort and closeness of a wrap without the complicated tying, rings, buttons, or buckles. You just wear it and adjust from only one strap to your comfort. This is how it compares with the Boba wrap they compare:


  • Both are made from cotton and use other fabrics for their more breathable models for hot weather. The Boba has a bamboo variation while Baby K’tan has a polyester mesh version.
  • Both have different color options and can be used by both women and men.
  • Both carriers allow you to nurse the baby on the move.
  • Both come at the same price range ($40)


  • Boba wrap is a large one-size fits all design which eliminates the hassle of determining the right size for you. Because it fits all body types and you can share with everyone in your family, so you don’t need to buy multiple pieces. Conversely, Baby’ Ktan comes in different sizes from XXS to XL. For the correct fit, you use your dress size for ladies, and jacket size for men. This can be a hard task, especially if you are buying while still expectant, considering all the changes your body might go through. You may also need to buy a second or third piece for your partner and other family members if they are a different body size. You can get more information on getting the right fit from Baby K’tan’s website or a chart on Amazon.
  • Unlike the Boba wrap, which requires skill to wrap and tie properly, the Baby K’tan is extremely easy to wear. It has a double loop design that eliminates the hassle of wrapping. You simply wear it like a scarf and put your arms through the loops like a T-shirt.
  • The Baby K’tan does not come with the excess fabric like the Boba, which makes it less bulky and ideal for petite parents. It is also not time consuming to wear like the Boba.
  • The Baby K’tan offers up to five carrying positions including facing in, facing out and hip carry, while the Boba wrap only allows front facing in.

Boba Wrap vs Cuddlebug 

CuddleBug Baby Wrap Sling
CuddleBug Baby Wrap Sling

The Cuddlebug wrap is another close competitor of the Boba wrap. It has the same great soft and stretchy texture like the Boba wrap and about the same length. As a result, the Cuddlebug wrap offers a one-size fit all. However, it is tied a bit differently to Boba and other wraps and can offer more styles. Find out below how it compares with the Boba wrap.


  • Both are made from the French terry fabric, which is a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex which gives the fabric a bit of stretch.
  • The fabric of both wraps is thick, which makes it suitable for colder months.
  • Both wraps state that newborns and toddlers can use them from 2 pounds to 35 pounds. But we cannot advise you to use a wrap for carrying an infant below 5 pounds without your doctor’s consent.
  • Both are easy to clean, machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Both come at the same price range at about $ 40


  • Although they share the same material, the Cuddlebug wrap is shorter and broader than the Boba wrap. It measures about 14.7ft long and 1.6ft wide, which is almost 3 feet shy of the Boba wrap. This could be a pro if you are slim or petite since you can wrap it around your body comfortably and be able to tie in the different configurations and styles it offers. Some customers, probably those on the plus size, find it too short when trying some styles.
  • Cuddlebug wrap offers up to 9-in-1 carrying positions compared to Boba which has only one. You can carry your little one in the newborn hold, breastfeed sling, front carry, side carry, cross carry, hip carry, kangaroo carry, and side sling. The Boba only allows front facing in carry.

Boba Wrap vs Chekoh Wrap

Chekoh wrap is one of the most famous brands in the Australian market and is manufactured by Chekoh. It can only be compared more closely to the bamboo variation of the Boba wrap than the original version. Other than the material, everything else is similar to all traditional wraps. Check out below how it compares to the Boba wrap.


  • Both are long, stretchy fabrics which are a one-size-fits-all.
  • Both have Spandex all though the Chekoh wrap has a higher percentage which makes it also very soft and a bit stretchier than the Boba wrap.
  • Both wraps allow easy cleaning by machine and can tumble dry on low heat.
  • Both wraps allow only front inward carrying position.


  • The original Boba wrap material consists of cotton and Spandex while the Chekoh wrap has Bamboo and Spandex. 
  • Chekoh wrap is designed for hot weather baby wearing. But if you prefer a wrap from the Boba brand for hot weather, they have the Boba Serenity wrap version. The Serenity wrap is made from Bamboo, Cotton and Spandex, so as you can see, it is lighter and more breathable than the original Boba version.
  • Both wraps are great for newborns, but the Boba wrap has a higher weight capacity than the Chekoh wrap. The limit for Boba is 35 pounds, while that of Chekoh is 22 pounds. This might not be a huge factor since most parents only use their wraps until their kid is about 20 pounds.
  • The Chekoh wrap is quite pricey ($99) compared to Boba, which comes at about half its price.

A Comparison Table of Boba Wrap vs Moby Wrap vs Solly vs Ring Sling vs Others

BrandMaterialSizeAge/Weight LimitCarrying modesPricing
Boba Wrap95% cotton5% Spandex
Bamboo version
One-size-fits-allNewborn up to 35 poundsFront-facing inCheck Price
Moby Wrap100% cotton
Bamboo version
One-size-fits-allNewborn up to 35 poundsFront-facing inHip carryand moreCheck Price
SollyLenzing Modal fabric from Austrian Birchwood treesOne-size-fits-allNewborn up to 25 poundsFront-facing in$65.00, check price
Ring SlingCotton, silk, linen, wool, cashmere, etcOne-size-fits allMostly newborn up to 35 poundsFront-facing in Hip carryCheck Price
Ergo Baby Carrier100% cotton
Mesh version
Waist belt from 26 inches -52Newborn with an insert up to 45 poundsFront-facing in Hip carryBack carryCheck Price
Baby K’tanCotton
Polyester mesh version
From XXS to XLNewborn up to 35 pounds 5-in-1 including:Front facing inFront facing outHip carryCheck Price
Cuddlebug95% cotton5% spandexOne-size-fits allNewborn up to 35 pounds9-in-1 including:Newborn holdBreastfeed slingFront carrySide carryCross carryHip carryKangaroo carrySide sling
Check Price
Chekoh WrapBamboo 7% SpandexOne-size-fits-allNewborns up to 22 poundsFront facing inCheck Price


We love all these wraps, but the Boba wrap is our most favorite. Though it has a bit of a learning curve (like all traditional wraps), once you get down to it, you will never look back. The material is soft, thick with a bit of stretch, which will make it easy for you to fit the baby in and out. You can start using it as soon as your baby arrives, yes, even if it’s a preemie up to 35 pounds. Most often you will find you can only use it until your baby is a year old or about 15 pounds. And the material is premium quality and durable so you can even use it with another sibling. 

We love that it is a one-size-fits-all so anyone, even other family members, can help with wearing your baby without extra costs. You might not get many carrying positions, but at least with the front inward position, it is all you need to create a special bond with your baby. It might also not have pockets, but that is really a minor factor, after all, how much can a wrap carry? That’s why your hands are free. So generally, for the affordable price of about $40, the Boba wrap offers you value for money.