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Cubo AI Vs Nanit Vs Owlet – Which is the Winner?

Ashley Davis

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In this post, we have reviewed the old Cubo Ai and the new Cubo Ai Plus and provided a detailed comparison between Cubo Ai and Cubo Ai Plus vs Nanit Plus vs Nanit Pro Vs Owlet Vs Miku Pro Vs Lollipop.

The original Cubo AI baby monitor was available for purchase on Amazon from November 2019 and an upgraded version called Cubo Ai Plus was released in July 2020. The original Cubo Ai Plus has since been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

For about $200 (with wall mount) or $300 (with a multi-stand), you can get yourself this smart baby monitor that uses artificial intelligence to relay video, audio, and smart features such as cry detection, roll-over detection, face-covering detection, sleep data, among others.

During the test period, 86% of the trial users gave it an excellent 5-star rating and it got us interested to review it here at SaferForBaby.

About Cubo Company & Founders

Cubo Ai Plus has received numerous positive reviews and parents as the smartest baby monitor we have today. It is the latest and only model on sale by Cubo, a baby monitor company that was founded in 2017 by a partnership between Joanna (a mom ) and Dr. Kenneth Yeh (a pediatrician), aiming to provide a baby monitor that ensures safe sleep for the babies and peace of mind for parents.

Key Features of Cubo Ai Plus

Cubo Ai Plus features a glossy white, bird-shaped camera that looks like a decoration for the nursery. But despite its simple appearance, the camera uses 1080p HD resolution to give the best video quality of all baby monitors. The picture quality, even at night, is clear. Furthermore, the camera does not use the red light that some other monitors have, which is usually distracting when the baby is trying to fall asleep.

Cubo Ai Plus works with the Cubo Ai app on your Android or IOS device. It supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi networks to give you a better experience with improved speed and less interference.

Smart Features

This monitor uses artificial intelligence and other technologies to bring you the best set of baby monitoring capabilities to keep the baby safe and provide utmost peace to worried parents. While you are busy doing stuff around the house or sleeping at night, Cubo Ai Plus keeps its eyes on your baby and alerts you if they cry, if their face is covered, if they roll over, or leave the safe space you have marked on the crib like if they are trying to climb out.

The camera also tracks your baby’s sleep and makes reports and it also records 18-hour videos for replay or download. Additionally, the wonderful camera also takes pictures of your baby automatically and saves them on the Moment Wall on your app, so you wake up to cute pictures of your baby sleeping which is so cool!

Apart from the advanced features, Cubo Ai has all the other standard features like two-way talk, temperature and humidity, a handy night light, and lullabies and white noise. You can pair up to 5 cameras to one account to monitor multiple kids, pets, and everything else by switching the feed for different cameras. Or you can just say “Alexa show me baby X” to operate the camera using just your voice if using Amazon’s Alexa Echo Show and Google Home cameras.

The other thing we love about this monitor is that it comes with three stand options to enjoy a bird’s eye view, use a floor mount option that will come in handy when your baby is older, or a mobile stand that you can move it around easily. The three mounting kits come at no additional cost, which provides such great value for money.


Speaking of value, Cubo Ai Plus is going for about $300 (check current price here), which is reasonable considering it offers much more useful features than others in its price range. You also need to note that it has a premium plan that requires a subscription fee of either $4.99 or $7.99 per month after the first year.

More details on Cubo’s subscription are below.

However, we love that you get all the features for the first year, including 30 days of sleep data, access to view and download 18 hours of recorded video and notifications, and 30 days of Moments Wall pictures. Without a subscription after the first year, you can only get a sleep report for one day and view 18 hours of recorded video.

Cubo Ai Plus vs Cubo Ai

Since the new Cubo Ai Plus came about, the company has discontinued the original Cubo Ai baby monitor. They retained many of the features that the original Cubo had and made the following upgrades on the new model:

  • Better App: the new Cubo Ai app is much easier to set up and use and even gives you tips on the bottom of the screen. Furthermore, it provides a constant connection so long as it’s connected to wifi. In contrast, the app on the older Cubo frequently disconnected and froze, which was completely unreliable.
  • Live video added: the new Cubo Ai Plus lets you see a live video of your baby in the top corner as you scroll through pictures on the app’s home page.
  • Sleep Analytics added: Cubo Ai Plus now has sleep analytics which the original Cubo lacked. The Sleep analytics provides important details such as when your baby went to bed, longest sleep period, time to fall asleep, how many times a parent walked in to check on them, etc.
  • New temperature sensor design: The new Cubo Plus comes with a minimal temperature sensor dongle that plugs in the back of the camera. The older model had a long cord-like sensor that would attract kids’ attention.
  • Integration: Cubo Ai Plus now integrates with smart home ecosystems such as Alexa and Google Home.

Below is a link to Cubo Ai Plus baby monitor on Amazon:

Features of Cubo Ai Plus

1080pHD camera: captures crisp, clear videos day and night.

True Cry Detection: Unlike other smart monitors that can only alert you if they detect noise in the baby’s room Cubo Ai Plus uses artificial intelligence to differentiate between real crying and other noises that the baby makes. Plus, you can also adjust the sensitivity level from the app to avoid being disturbed by alerts unnecessarily.

Covered face alerts: using smart computer vision, Cubo Ai Plus can recognize and alert you if your baby’s face is covered by blankets or toys, etc; which is very dangerous because it can cause newborns to suffocate.

Temperature and humidity: the Cubo plus camera has a tiny dongle that plugs on the back to measure temperature and humidity and alerts you if they fall outside the preset range.

Danger zone alerts: the app allows you to set a “virtual fence” so you can be notified if your baby moves out of their safe zone. Like moving to certain zones of the crib where she can be entrapped, or if they climb out of the crib, or move towards the stairs or kitchen. You will be notified if your baby moves past their safe, designated area.

Roll Over Alerts: The camera alerts you if the baby rolls on their stomach, which puts them in an unsafe position that prevents breathing.

Sleep analytics: Cubo Plus app gives you reports of your baby’s sleep with details such as when they fell asleep, how long they slept, how often they woke up during the night, etc.

Two-way talk: you can talk or calm your baby down with your voice from your phone, and when they get older you can always talk to them to let them know you are almost home or to go to sleep.

Lullabies and White noise: Cubo Plus camera has built-in tracks and nature sounds that you can activate from the app to send your baby to dreamland.

Multiple stand options: Cubo Ai plus comes with three stand options, floor stand, crib, and multi stand.

Multiple camera and users support: you can add up to 5 cameras to monitor from one account and share with up to 7 users.

Automatic photo capture and event replay: the camera uses motion detection to capture pictures of your baby moving during sleep and stores up to 18 hours of video playback footage.

Pros – is Cubo Ai Plus worth it?

Yes, Cubo Ai Plus is worth buying because of the following:

  • Provides the best set of useful features

Cubo Ai Plus is an outstanding baby monitor with a collection of smart features that you won’t find in ordinary monitors. From cry alert, covered face and rollover alert, safe/danger zones, and temperature and humidity monitoring, this baby monitor has the best capabilities to keep your baby safe.

  • Awesome picture quality day and night

Cubo Ai Plus is one of the baby monitors with the best image quality. With a bird’s eye view and 1080p HD camera resolution, you can clearly see what your baby is doing. Night vision is also in high definition, so it is very clear as well. You can zoom in up to 4X for an up-close view or manually adjust the camera and with a 130-degree field of view, you can see everything around your baby.

  • Minimal Lag 

Compared to others in its class, Cubo Ai Plus has a minimal lag that is barely noticeable. Also, it filters out background noise, so it is also barely audible.

  • It shows you if someone is viewing

This is the only baby monitor that lets you know when someone else is viewing your baby’s feed. There is a button on the side that turns blue when someone is viewing.

  • Reasonably priced

While Cubo Ai Plus is one of the expensive baby monitors, it is reasonable enough considering the advanced technologies that have been used, its features, and its reliability. Plus, it does not require additional cloud storage fees or accessories to get full benefits like some of its competitors.

  • Multiple stands at no addition

Cubo Ai Plus comes with three stand options; crib, wall, and floor, which will work as your baby transitions from a baby to a toddler. Some of its competitors sell stands separately for over $100, so Cubo Ai Plus provides great value for money.

  • Free premium plan benefits for the first year

Cubo Ai Plus lets you enjoy 30 days of sleep analytical reports, 30 day of picture storage wall, and 18 hours of playback recording for the first year, which is the duration that most parents need these features the most.

Cubo Ai Plus Cons

  • The stand

The Cubo Ai Plus floor stand feels quite flimsy like it would easily be pushed over.

  • Not easy to go back to a certain event from the video playback

Although it’s nice that the monitor stores 18 hours of video footage, you can’t just scrub through it fast while trying to locate a certain event. You just have to navigate to it, which takes time and is rather frustrating.

  • Bright night light 

The camera has a nightlight that can be used at night to check on your baby without turning on room lights, but some find it too bright and disturbing.

Cubo Ai Plus Vs Nanit Pro

While both Cubo Ai Plus and Nanit Pro use advanced Ai technology to capture vital signs as well as video and audio, Cubo Ai gives you more proactive monitoring with cry detection and roll-over alert features that Nanit Pro lacks.

Cubo Ai Plus wasn’t designed as a breathing monitor, the way Nanit Pro was designed and you’ll notice how their focus on alerting you is on giving your warning that precludes situations where your baby ceases breathing.

For example, it notifies you of face covering or baby rollover, situations that can increase the risk of suffocation. On the other hand, Nanit Pro’s design is to track breathing and alert you once your baby has actually stopped sending breathing signals for 20 consecutive seconds.

This latest upgrade of Cubo Ai, however, has developed a sleep sensor pad to catch up with Nanit’s Breathing Band and Swaddle. With the Sensor Pad, Cubo Ai gets closer to improving its breath tracking as Nanit Pro.

I should, however, note that both Nanit Pro and Cubo Ai give a high percentage of false alerts and I attribute this to the relatively new computer vision technology that these monitors use. If you want to base your decision on either Nanit’s Breathing Wear accessory or Cubo Ai’s Sensor Pad, then Nanit Breathing Wear is almost 4 times cheaper than Cubo Ai’s Sensor Pad.

If you want a monitor that has cheaper on-going cost in terms of subscription fees, then you should go for Cubo Ai Plus as it provides the free premium features for the first year while Nanit requires you to subscribe to a plan starting from $50/year. For the first year, you get up to 30 days of sleep analytics with Cubo Ai but will have to subscribe to a $100/year plan to get similar 30-day sleep analytics info with Nanit.

Another significant difference between Cubo Ai Plus and Nanit Pro lies in Cubo’s superior features that go beyond sleep tracking and video monitoring. Cubo Ai has an algorithm that detects baby crying almost 90% of the time and can also give you cough detection alerts so you can be updated on your baby’s wellbeing. Nanit lacks these two features.

While Nanit has movement detection alerts, it doesn’t allow you to customize danger zones so you can get better, actionable data when your baby goes out of the delineated ‘safe zones’. On the other hand, Nanit’s movement monitor doesn’t give you options to customize movement types so you to respond accordingly.

Rollover alerts in Cubo also come in handy with guiding you to go and position your baby to sleep on the back as AAP recommends and face covering alerts will get you rushing to eliminate any clothing in the crib as they are significant SIDs contributors. Nanit doesn’t have rollover alerts, danger zone alerts, face covering alerts, cry detection of cough detection alerts.

If you’re looking for a monitor that will give you more accurate and specific actionable data to keep your baby safer, go with Cubo Ai.

While both Nanit Pro and Cubo Ai provide you with sleep analytics and insights, Nanit Pro insights are much more detailed.

Cubo Ai PlusNanit Pro
1080p HD video resolution 1080p HD video resolution
Uses both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifiUses both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi
Integrates with Alexa Home and Google HomeIntegrates with Alexa Home and Google Home
Detects when baby’s face is covered and notifies you No notification when baby covers face
Has rollover alerts, notifying you when your baby rolls over and assisting you in reducing the chances of SIDsYou can give access to 2 accounts via phone or tablet with their $50/year subscription plan.
Does not have a rollover notificationDoes not have rollover notification
It provides sleep analytics to enable you to check your baby’s sleep with helpful stats. You can play back up to 18 hours with tags guiding you through every event.Does not have a cry or cough detection features
It comes with multiple stands for flexible setupIf you do not purchase the Nanit Pro Complete setup, you’ll have to pay extra for the wall mount and extra for Nanit Multi-stand
It provides sleep analytics to enable you to check your baby’s sleep with helpful stats. You can playback up to 18 hours with tags guiding you through every event.You’ll need to subscribe to a $100/year subscription plan of Nanit Insights to get continuous 2-days playback of recording
For the first year, you get a free subscription to Cubo Premium features which include; 30-Day Sleep Analytics Report, a 30-Day Moments Wall Photo Storage, an 18-Hour Playback Recording, and a Notification Event Downloading. After the first year and are interested in the above premium features, you can pay $4.99 or $7.99 for a Cubo Ai Plus subscription. See more details below.
For the first year, you get a free subscription to Cubo Premium features which include; a 30-Day Sleep Analytics Report, a 30-Day Moments Wall Photo Storage, an 18-Hour Playback Recording, and a Notification Event Downloading. After the first year and are interested in the above premium features, you can pay $4.99 or $7.99 for a Cubo Ai Plus subscription. See more details below.
Check PriceCheck Price

Cubo Ai Plus has quite a lot of similarities with the Nanit Pro. Both monitors have a 1080 video resolution with a bird’s eye view, two-way talk, lullabies and white noise, a night light, motion detection, and sleep tracking capabilities.

Both monitors work with 2.4 and 5GHz dual bands to deliver reliable live feed to your iPhone or Android via an app. They are also smart homes integrated and compatible with Alexa. But Cubo Ai also works with Google Assistant-enabled devices.


  • Besides providing a live view of your baby sleeping, only Cubo Ai Plus will alert you if their face is covered, or if they have rolled to their stomach, or are in a danger/safe zone. But on the other hand, Nanit Pro monitors your baby’s breathing if the baby is wearing Nanit’s breathing outfits.
  • Cubo Ai Plus comes with three types of stands: a crib stand, a floor stand, and a regular tabletop stand for total flexibility. With Nanit Pro, you order the camera and the type of stand you want from the beginning or buy floor or wall-mount stands separately.
  • Though both monitors have sleep analytics, Nanit Pro provides the most detailed reports and gives you personalized tips on how you can improve your baby’s sleep.
  • Cubo Ai Plus comes with a free 1 year Cubo Premium subscription which includes 30-day sleep analytics, 30-day Moment wall pictures, and the ability to view and download 18 hours of recorded event video and notifications. Nanit Pro requires you to buy a Nanit Insights subscription starting at $50/year which allows you to share the footage with 2 family members and gives you 2 days of sleep analytics, personalized sleep tips, and breath monitoring.

Cubo ai vs Nanit Plus

Both Cubo AI and Nanit Plus use artificial intelligence to get data of your baby and your baby’s environment without coming in contact (non-wearable tech). The table below shows the differences between Cubo and Nanit Plus.

Cubo AiNanit Plus
1080p resolution camera 960p resolution camera
Cry detectionNo cry detection
It comes with three different “mounting” options (floor stand, crib mount, mobile stand) at no additional cost. In addition, you are able to move Cubo around after as it is quite versatileWhen you purchase the full unit, Nanit Plus comes with a stand but you can also purchase the independent Nanit stand at an additional cost. You can check today’s price of Nanit multi-stand on Amazon here. Once you mount your Nanit camera, you are unable to move it around – not very versatile.
It does not have sleep insightsIt has sleep insights that summarize how your baby slept and gives you tips to enable you to improve your baby’s sleep pattern
Barely any lag – less than 2 seconds but it takes longer to open its mobile app. Nanit indicates that its videos have a lag of 2 – 3 seconds but users have seen it lag for up to 10 seconds. However, Nanit’s app opens faster
Non-wearable vital-signs detection (does not give you breathing rate per minute) Non-wearable vital-signs detection but Nanit breathing Wear can enhance the accuracy of the readings. Nanit gives you a breathing rate per minute
Advanced safety for your baby with rollover alertsNo security or safety alerts when the child rolls over.
4x digital zoomNo zoom capability but allows you to remotely move the camera around.

Cubo Ai Plus vs Lollipop

Cubo Ai Plus is a high-end wifi baby monitor that uses advanced technologies to become perhaps the smartest baby monitor in the market today. On the other hand, Lollipop is a budget-friendly smart baby monitor with standard features that most families look for in a good monitor. However, smart baby monitors have a few things in common. Both have unique looks, with Cubo Plus taking the form of a bird and Lollipop a lollipop with a long tail. Secondly, they are the only monitors with true cry detection capability and geofencing to monitor movement in the crib. Also, both have multiple mounting options and are also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

They also have massive differences, so you can easily decide which one would work best for you.

Cubo Ai Plus has 1080p HD camera resolution with exceptionally crisp pictures, while Lollipop delivers in 720P HD.

Cubo Ai Plus has roll-over alerts, covered face alerts, and danger zone detection, whereas Lollipop doesn’t have other stand-out features besides cry detection and crossing detection, which tracks movement in the crib, which Cubo Ai Plus also has.

Cubo Ai Plus supports 2.4 and 5GHz dual bands while Lollipop works only on the 2.4GHz network, which normally has a lot of signal interference.

Cubo Ai Plus has a wide 135 degrees field of view while Lollipop has 128 degrees.

While both track temperature and humidity, Cubo Ai Plus comes with the sensor, but Lollipop requires you to buy the sensors for an extra $55. It also monitors air quality and allows you to record the data.

Although both support multiple cameras, Cubo Ai Plus has a limit of five, while Lollipop allows you to pair unlimited cameras.

Cubo Ai Plus records the past 18 hours daily, which is free for the first year and allows you to view and download the video footage. After that, you pay $80 per year to download, get 30 days of sleep data, and 30 days of Moment Wall images. Lollipop also offers event recording but only offers seven days free. To get full Lollipop features, you pay $119.9/ year for the Elite plan, including sleep log, 30-day video playback to view and download, intelligent alerts, and taking pictures.

Check Price of Cubo Ai here.

Cubo Ai Plus Vs Miku (Miku Pro)

Cubo Ai Plus and Miku are top-end monitors with sleep tracking, two-way talk, night vision, and lullabies as common features.

Both have clear pictures day and night, but the Cubo monitor delivers exceptionally crisp images thanks to its 1080p HD camera, while Miku imaging is standard at 720p HD.

The smart Cubo Ai uses artificial intelligence and motion sensors to track if the baby’s face is covered if she has rolled over in an unsafe position, if she has left safe zones in the crib, or if she is really crying or making other noises. In addition, it tracks temperature and humidity and sleeps. On the other hand, Miku uses Sensor fusion technology to track the baby’s breathing pattern and movements without any contact and sound, log sleep patterns, activity, and room temperature.

As with other wifi monitors, both Cubo Ai Plus and Miku have a bird’s eye view, although the Cubo camera also has two other mounting options: floor stand and multi stand, which are included. Miku Floor stand is sold separately.

Miku is known for having top-level security features to keep your child’s signal private and secure using 256-bit encryption and a physical tamper-proof chip whereas Cubo Ai Plus uses lower AES-128 encryption.

Cubo Ai vs Owlet (Cubo Ai Plus vs Owlet)

Cubo AI uses non-wearable technology to track your baby’s vitals while Owlet uses a wearable smart sock to track your baby’s heartbeat and oxygen levels.

Cubo Ai Plus uses motion sensors to tell if your baby’s face is covered or if they have rolled over to their stomach or gone out of areas marked as a safe zone, whereas Owlet is a wearable smart sock that tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.

Cubo Ai Plus monitors your baby at a distance while Owlet smart sock wraps around their foot.

Cubo Ai Plus comes with a camera and transmits to your smartphone, whereas Owlet normally does not come with a camera and relays your baby’s stats to a base station and your smartphone. However, you can buy the complete Owlet system with a camera at an additional cost.

The table below explores more differences between the two smart baby monitors available in the market today.

Cubo AI`Owlet
Uses AI to track vitalsUses pulse-oximetry tech to track the vitals
Comes with a camera and relays alerts to a phone It does not come with a camera but a complete unit with a camera is available at an additional cost. It relays alerts to a base station and to a smartphone
It has a cry detection feature similar to Lollipop It does not have a cry detection feature
Non-wearableA wearable sock that needs to be replaced after some time.
Check PriceCheck Price

We categorize Cubo AI among other wifi baby monitors and classified among smart baby monitors that use computer vision and sensor fusion such as Miku baby monitor and Nanit Plus.

Cubo Ai Subscription

For the first year, Cubo gives you $80-worth of Cubo Premium features for free. After the first year, you can opt to keep paying for the premium features and can choose between two subscription plans of $4.99 or $7.99 shown in the image below.

The premium features include;

  • 30-Day Sleep Analytics Report,
  • 30-Day Moments Wall Photo Storage,
  • 18-Hour Playback Recording,
  • Notification Event Downloading.
Cubo Ai subscription details -

Cubo Ai Plus Crib Attachment/Mount

Cubo Ai Crib mount is designed to attach to the slats of your baby’s crib. The space between the slats should be 2.7inches/ 7cm at the widest. The stand should be used with the U-shaped camera holder, L-shaped stand element, stand elements & connectors. When assembled the stand height is approximately 4 ft5 inches / 135cm and the Cubo camera is about 4.3 inches / 11cm. You can adjust the camera’s height by changing the position of the bed clamp.

Cubo Ai plus – floor stand kit

The floor stand usually does not need to be attached, so you just assemble and set it beside the crib. It comes with the following:

  • Floor stand pieces 
  • Velcro to tie to crib slats
  • Water bag for weighing down the flood stand base to make it sturdy

How to reset Cubo Ai plus

To reset, you will need to use the reset pin that came with the accessories box or a straightened paper clip, then follow the steps below.

  1. Ensure the camera is connected to power
  2. Wait till the status light no longer shows blue light, then turn on the back of the camera and insert the reset pin into the fourth hole from the left side of the middle row.
  1. You will feel a click as you push the reset button. Continue pressing and hold for 10 seconds.
  1. Once completed, you will hear the sound of birds chirping, and the status light will turn from blue to green after about two minutes.
  2. When the status light is showing green, you can proceed to set up again.

More on Cubo Ai

Several media outlets such as Engadget, Digital Trends, Tom’s Guide, and Yahoo Finance have done a feature on Cubo Ai camera and we thought we could combine all info available and give you all you need to know about this AI camera.


Parents and baby monitor experts have termed Cubo AI as the most intelligent camera that offers protection for your baby. The Cubo camera is developed and distributed by a Taiwanese-incorporated company called Yun Yun AI Baby Camera Ltd. The company was founded by Joanna Lin, a mother of a 3-year-old son, and Dr. Kenneth Yeh, an experienced pediatrician who has supported care for over 10,000 newborns in a span of over 15 years.

The camera and app were available for sale in markets such as Australia and the US since January 2019. The product has gone through testing and is now available for shipping at $199 on the Indiegogo website. Once the Cubo AI camera sells out its entire 68 units remaining, the price will shoot up to $299, a $100 extra. You should note that shipping orders for July will be shipped by September so you should plan around when you plan to get it.

When you purchase a Cubo AI Camera, you get a 30-month guarantee, a free cancellation before shipment, and guaranteed shipping within a month.

The Cubo camera was designed by AI and medical experts including Dr. Yeh Cheng-Hsiung, a renowned pediatrician whose Cubo AI has been regarded as the smartest camera because of it the following features that you wouldn’t find in any traditional baby monitor. Below are the unique features of this AI camera:

  • Covered face alert basically lets you know when your child is at risk of not getting enough air to breathe because of bedding or clothes covering the face.
  • Cry detection alert to get your attention when your baby is crying or needs to be feed or have the diapers changed. Read reviews of all these top-rated baby monitors with cry detection.
  • Danger zone alert
  • Auto photo capture

The photo below has all the specifications of the Cubo AI camera:

Cubo Ai specs

You can also check out its manual here.

Below is a picture of the Cubo AI camera, the world’s smartest camera:

Snapshot showing Cubo AI Camera

Video Intro of Cubo AI

Below is a very short clip introducing Cubo AI baby monitor:

The Cubo AI camera and App was released in Q2 of 2019 but you can still qualify for an early-bird purchase discount of up to 66% and join over 2,000 parents that have got their hands on the Cubo AI camera.

Where to get it – Australia, US, UK, Europe, and the Entire World

You can get Cubo AI in Australia, the US, the UK, and in the US. Unfortunately, Cubo AI is currently not available on Amazon and can only be obtained from the Indiegogo website.

Cubo AI App

Cubo AI, the camera we’ve all been waiting for since the Indiegogo fundraiser was launched is now available for free on Android and iOS devices.

How Cubo AI shows up on smartphone app
App Compatibility Android and iOS
Android App Rating 4.5/5
iOS App Rating

Cubo AI Indiegogo

Cubo AI got its funding by crowdsourcing from the Indiegogo website. They managed to raise $472,934 from over 2,500 backers as of July 24, 2019. This is over 900% of what they initially planned to raise. You can read more of their Indiegogo fundraiser here.

How Cubo AI Is Different:

See the comparison of old Cubo AI with other wearable baby monitors, smart baby monitors, and traditional baby monitors:

table Comparison of Cubo AI smart baby monitor with other monitors

Original Cubo AI Pros and Cons

1. Barely any lag in the transmission of camera feed to your smartphone
2. You get notified when your baby cries, rolls over or has the face covered.
3. Its design is great for the nursery – it has the shape of a bird.
4. The 1080p HD video quality is great in day and night vision modes. It is so clear in the night vision that you can see your son breathing when you view the feed.
5. Cubo tells you who is viewing the feed – There is a round button on the side of the camera that will light up around the edges with different colors to easily tell what is happening. A dark blue light lets you know if someone is viewing the feed. No other camera does this.
6. It does not have monthly storage fees – Cubo gives you access to the past 18 hours of videos and saves video clips
7. It comes with three different mounting options: floor stand, crib mount, and mobile stand. The mobile stand allows you to move it around the house.
8. It provides temperature and humidity sensors to assist me to know if I need to adjust my A/C.
1. It is relatively expensive, costing more than $200
2. It does not monitor breath and does not give you your baby’s breathing rate per minute
3. The build quality of the camera itself isn’t the best. I guess not all companies can reach the “Apple-standard” in the product design and make. The software of Cubo is a great though and that makes up for this downside.
4. Some users have reported the connection to the camera to be a bit unstable. I’ve listed the troubleshooting steps that the companies provided in this FAQ section below (

Cubo Ai Plus Connection to wifi

To connect Cubo Ai Plus to your home wifi for the first time, simply do the following:

  1. Connect your phone to your home wifi
  2. Open the Cubo Ai App
  3. Follow the prompts on the app, and enter your wifi name and password to generate a QR code
  4. Hold your phone about 8 inches in front of the camera lens to scan the QR code
  5. Follow the camera instruction to complete pairing.
  6. If this fails to connect, recheck your wifi name and password, and relaunch the Cubo Ai app and try again. (You may also need to allow location access for the Cubo Ai app to retrieve the wifi that your phone is connected to.)

Cubo AI FAQs

How much is Cubo AI Plus?

Cubo AI Plus costs $299 but you can check its current price here. The original Cubo Ai was also selling for $299 but is no longer available for sale following its discontinuation.

Cubo ai not connecting to wifi

Follow the steps on Cubo’s website to troubleshoot connection to wifi

Cubo AI Not Connecting to Wifi

Below are the steps you can follow to troubleshoot if your Cubo AI baby monitor is not connecting to wifi.
1. Are you using the original plug that came with Cubo?
2. What is the status light on Cubo when you were unable to connect? (
3. Please double-check if Cubo has been properly connected to the stand. There should be no gap between Cubo and the stand (example: If you are unsure, please take a photo from the side and we’ll be happy to double-check for you.
4. Has the WiFi environment changed recently? (i.e. Cubo was moved and connected to a different network)
5. If you’re using the same WiFi network on your phone, please run a quick test next to Cubo using and share a screenshot for reference.
6. Please help provide your Cubo account email.

Can Cubo AI be hacked?

Cubo Ai uses either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wifi frequency and is prone to their signals being hijacked by hackers, unlike non-wifi monitors with hackproof FHSS technology. However, Cubo Ai is among the most secure wifi monitors with AES-256 bit symmetric key encryption which is military-grade in that only authenticated devices will get the signal. You can read more about securing your baby monitor from hackers here. Similar to Nanit or Miku, there haven’t been any reported cases of Cubo Ai monitor getting hacked.