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5 Best Echo Show Baby Monitors(Alexa Compatible)

Ashley Davis

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To come up with our list and to truly determine which monitors are great when used with Amazon’s Echo Show display, we first researched the Skills that each monitor brand has. Skills are commands that Amazon’s voice/virtual assistant understands and baby monitor manufacturers can develop their Skills/commands.

We picked those brands with the highest number of Alexa Skills as these monitors allow for a wide variety of functionalities other than just streaming live footage on the Echo Show display.

With Amazon’s Alexa, you can control your smart home devices including your smart baby monitor. Echo, the smart speakers were introduced before the latest addition, the Amazon Echo Show and can use the Alexa Skill to control the speaker as well.

The only difference that the Amazon Echo Show has compared to other Echo devices (such as Dot or Spot) is that Echo Show comes with a tablet in addition to the smart speaker. In other words, you can instruct Amazon Echo Show to stream videos from Echo-enabled devices such as your baby monitor or your security camera mounted in the baby’s nursery.

List of Echo Show Baby Monitors

  1. Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor – Overall Best Echo Show Baby Monitor
  2. Arenti Baby Monitor – Best Echo Show Monitor with Alexa Compatibility & Local Storage
  3. Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor – Best Echo Show Monitor with Echo Dot Compatibility
  4. Arlo Baby Monitor – Echo Show Monitor Partially Operated by Batteries
  5. Blink Mini Echo Show Baby Monitor – Best Echo Show Security Cam as Baby Monitor

Best Echo Show Baby Monitors in 2024 – Reviews

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor:

Our overall best Echo Show Baby Monitor that excelled in utilizing Alexa Skills to enhance monitoring safely is the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor. With Alexa integration, this monitor becomes a powerhouse that will simplify your monitoring at a higher level. You can use the Nanit Show Skill to get Alexa to relay video footage to your Echo Show or Spot. Alternatively, you can use the Nanit Skill to inquire about your baby’s sleep statistics and activate the nightlight.

I found the functionality of Echo Show to be comparable to that of the Google Home Hub. However, what truly impressed me about this monitor’s Alexa Skill is its seamless integration with Nanit’s database, providing valuable insights on sleep.

Nanit Skill also enables you to control the monitor features such as turning on or off the night light, increasing the volume of the baby unit’s speaker, and turning on lullabies, among others.

Although Nanit’s integration with Alexa was delayed compared to other monitors like Project Nursery, its unique feature lies in Alexa’s capability to provide analyzed data from Nanit’s extensive sleep insight database. This sets it apart and makes it stand out and as we updated our 2024 list, we had to have Nanit on top.

Below are some examples of commands you can feed Alexa;

  • ”Alexa, open Nanit.”
  • ”Alexa, ask Nanit how Lilly’s night was?”
  • ”Alexa, ask Nanit to turn on Lilly’s nightlight”

When it comes to safety, I carefully reviewed Nanit’s SAR Report submitted to the FCC and was impressed by its emission rate data. The range of 12 to 18 dbm, which converts to 0.02 to 0.06W/kg, is significantly lower than FCC’s set limit of 4W/kg.

The low EMF level was not my only safety checklist. It just gets getting better.

This monitor also has a wall mount option which I highly encourage and have it as one of the checklist items when picking a monitor.

Wall-mounted cameras ensure that the camera is securely positioned away from the baby and their crib, offering peace of mind by eliminating access to cords or the camera itself. This provides reassurance, knowing that the baby’s safety is maintained without any potential strangulation hazards.

Nanit excelled in its implementation of contactless tracking technologies, surpassing Arenti in this aspect. Nanit Pro uses computer vision, an artificial intelligence-powered monitoring technology, to monitor the baby’s sleep patterns and movements. Unlike other contactless technologies like Arenti’s infrared motion detection, Nanit Pro can also track breathing rates and sleep quality.

To add to its safety features, Nanit uses the most advanced encryption standard(AES) 256-bit encryption, the same protocol used for electronic banking transactions and military operations. This provides a secure connection between the camera and your smartphone, ensuring that no unauthorized access can occur.


  • Low EMF emission rate, significantly below FCC’s limit
  • Wall mount option for secure positioning away from the baby
  • Contactless tracking technology using computer vision for sleep monitoring
  • Advanced encryption standard for secure connection between camera and smartphone


  • Each time you close or open the app, you have to enable background audio
  • Requires subscription to access Nanit sleep insights

Arenti Baby Monitor:

If you want a baby monitor that seamlessly integrates with the Echo Show, is Alexa Skills compatible, offers local storage, and eliminates subscription fees, look no further than the Arenti Baby Monitor. It not only fulfills these requirements but also provides an optimal choice in terms of affordability and functionality.

Surpassing Nanit’s 1080p HD camera, the Arenti Baby Monitor boasts a remarkable 2K HD camera that effortlessly streams live footage to your smartphone or Echo Show. With this advanced monitoring system, you can enjoy unparalleled clarity and convenience while keeping an eye on your little one.

I must admit, however, that I found Arenti’s Alexa Skills to be limited with no deep integration as Nanit Skill to really get you actionable insights from its database. Check out Arenti Skill here.

Being a European brand, I wasn’t worried about radiation emission levels but I still checked. The SAR Report indicates that in all testing controls, Arenti’s EMF levels were all below zero or negligible which was a big plus for me in my checklist of safe monitors to pick.

While Arenti uses shorter-key encryption of 128-bit, it still uses the Advanced Encryption Standard and is no less safe compared to Nanit’s long-key encryption of 256-bit.

What I also like about Arenti is that they give you the option to store your video footage on local storage avoiding the need to subscribe or access historical videos from its cloud. Nanit doesn’t offer this option despite its advanced capabilities.

Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor

If you prefer an Echo Show Baby Monitor with excellent compatibility with Echo Dot Speaker and the widest selection of lullabies, Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor is your best pick. From 2019 to 2023, this brand was our overall best Echo Show monitor pick but our evaluation in 2024 saw it drop coming behind Arenti and Nanit Pro Smart monitors.

Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor works seamlessly with the smart speaker, making it incredibly convenient for me as a busy parent. When I’m holding my baby or breastfeeding, it’s difficult to reach for my phone, but with Amazon’s Alexa assistant, I can simply give voice commands to set timers, play lullabies, and activate white noise.

Project Nursery Smart Monitor which was introduced back in 2018 was the first brand to integrate with Echo Show and I must admit that its lacking some features and its commands are just not as efficient compared to Nanit’s and Arent’s above.

While not as fancy, I found the motion recording feature which can be activated with an smart command to be super handy in enhancing baby safety. Despite using an older phone, I find the picture quality to be excellent.

The concerns I have regarding this monitor align with those expressed in most reviews of this brand. Common complaints revolve around its lack of responsiveness to voice prompts, and some users have reported success in resolving this issue by adjusting their pitch. Not mine. I still find it hard to trigger commands successfully.

Similar to Arenti, this monitor allows you to record your footage locally and does not require a subscription. Also, unlike Nanit which does not support the relay of videos to Kindle Fire, Project Nursery works perfectly with Kindle Fire.

Since the release of Echo Show in 2017, a few baby monitors work with Echo Show to leverage Amazon’s virtual assistant. Aside from being compatible with Echo Show, Smart Baby Monitor by Project Nursery is also compatible with Google Home hub and it made it to the list of best Google Home baby monitors. The monitor by Project Nursery was released to the market in February 2018 and since then, Project Nursery has introduced more devices such as a smart speaker for your smart baby nursery.

Smart Baby Monitor is ahead of Arlo baby, another Echo Show baby monitor in our list because it has other devices such as Dot speakers that can be integrated to enhance the baby monitoring experience.

Below are some of the features of Smart Baby Monitor:

  • Enables you to utilize smart assistant to play unlimited lullabies to your baby by tapping into Echo Show lullaby station, Echo Show lullaby playlist, Echo Show Skills lullabies, and Echo sleep music & lullabies.
  • Remote viewing of your baby using iOS or Android devices
  • Enables you to instruct Alexa to record videos and store them on microSD
  • Enables you to ask Alexa the temperature readings in the baby’s room.
  • You can ask Alexa to move the camera remotely – pan, tilt, and zoom using voice commands.
  • Infrared night vision
  • Two-way talk
  • Motion and temperature sensors
  • Supports up to 4 cameras.
  • No cloud or storage fees for stored videos
  • Does not use batteries
  • 270 degrees pan and 120 degrees tilt.
1. The Project Nursery monitor monitor offers push notifications for sounds, movements, and temperature changes.
2. Your baby can enjoy lullabies and white noise to help soothe your infant to sleep.
3.Project Nursery has a handheld receiver
4. it is easy to install and comes with smart Echo Speaker
5. It can be integrated with Alexa virtual assistant similar to Google Assistant.
6. You can remotely pan and tilt the camera
7. Speakers have on and off feature which allows you to turn them off or on when you like to
1. Sometimes, it can be hard to get the camera to connect to the handheld unit/receiver
2. When the monitor and camera loses connection, it beeps loudly which can interrupt the sleep of your baby.
3. The connection can sometimes freeze or crash, which can be inconvenient for parents.
4. Its motion detection feature has several negative identifications resulting in several false alarms

Arlo Baby Monitor

If you want a brand that can be powered entirely by batteries for up to 6 hours and is compatible with Echo Show, Arlo Baby Monitor(ABC1000) is your best choice. With the Arlo Skill, you have the convenience of accessing the live feed from your Arlo Baby Camera through your Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, or Fire tablets. Simply ask Alexa, and you’ll be able to view the stream effortlessly. Check out Alexa Skills here.

While it does not work with 5 GHz frequency as Nanit above, you can rely on this monitor to give you smart-home integration features even when you have power outages at home.

Arlo also requires a subscription, with no option of local storage as Arenti and Project Nursery brands above

Arlo Baby Monitor - Echo Show Baby Monitor 2019
Arlo Baby Monitor (Link to Amazon)

Arlo Baby Monitor is a product of Netgear, a publicly traded company that has several arrays of security cameras, indoor and outdoor. Arlo baby monitor emerged top of SFB’s list of Google Home compatible baby monitors and the features will inform you why we like the Arlo Baby Monitor:

Below are the features of Arlo Baby Monitor in brief:

  • It is a wifi baby monitor released in 2017
  • Has night vision with a range of up to 15ft.
  • 1080p HD videos
  • 2-way talk
  • Has motion and sound detection
  • Smart nursery features such as night light
  • Has storage fees or subscription fees
1.Great picture quality, 1080p HD and great video feed
2. Great sensors – temperature and low-light (night vision)
4. Environment sensors
5. Built-in white noise and night light
6. Excellent 2-way communication
1. Has a latency of up to 5 seconds
2.Too many notificaitons – including false alarms
3. Short batter-life
1. It is the most expensive sophisticated camera in the market, at times selling for as loss as $30 or less.
2. Small, flexible form factor
3. Shart 1080p HD videos
4. Free cloud storage and available local storage
5. Time-lapse recording and motion tracking.
1. It doesn’t integrate directly with other smart home devices or support IFTTT.

For an Echo Baby Monitor that doubles as a security camera with motion detection features, look no further than the Blink Mini. Unlike other monitors on this list, this security camera offers on-demand live streaming, which comes with its own set of advantages. While it only relay video footages to your Echo Show display unit when motion is detected, you can adjust its settings so you can view your baby’s live footage continuously.

Although initially designed as a surveillance camera, this versatile device can also serve as an exceptional baby monitor. With its discreet invisible infrared LED lights, it ensures a peaceful sleep for your little one, without causing any disturbance or hindrance.

355°pan and 60°tilt has the widest coverage of your baby’s nursery space.

Blink recently released a low-cost security and surveillance camera, Blink Mini that costs less than half of the previous models (XT and XT2). Blink has been known for high-quality security cameras with free cloud storage (the XT and XT2) but this inexpensive brand, the Mini, does not have free cloud storage. However, it supports all smart speakers and displays but does not support Google Assistant, Siri or Apple’s Homekit.

We also picked and included Blink Mini on this list as it has the most extensive library of Skill commands that Alexa will find them handy to work with. So, if you want your Alexa Baby Monitor to do more than just displaying footage, the Blink Mini is a great option. Check out all Blink Mini Skill commands here.

Some of the commands you can set on this camera include;

  • “Alexa, show me [camera name].”
  • “Alexa, show me the last activity from the [camera name].”

One advantage that I love with Blink Mini is that you don’t have to subscribe to their plans unless you want access to 60 days of cloud storage or a person detection feature. Read more about Blink Cloud subscription plans here.

I also love that this Echo Show monitor gives you the ability to personalize the zone settings, ensuring that you receive notifications whenever your baby ventures beyond the confines of their crib or engages in significant body movements, such as kicking.

The Blink Mini has a drawback in its limited 110-degree field of view, which cannot be adjusted, much like the Nanit Pro. If you want an Echo Show monitor with the widest field of view, go with Arenti. The Arenti Baby Monitor offers the widest coverage for your baby’s nursery space, with up to 355° pan and 60° tilt.


  1. It is very inexpensive going for almost a quarter of Nanit Pro’s price
  2. 1080p HD camera
  3. Uses AC power, plug-in
  4. It has motion detection and two way audio that lets you monitor the inside of your home day and night.
  5. Blink Mini includes a free trial of the Blink cloud storage subscription through December 31, 2020.
  6. Sets up in minutes – just plug in the camera, connect it to wifi, and add it to your Blink app.
  7. Up to 30 frames per second
  8. It has a field of view of 110 degrees diagonal

Read our full review with pros and cons here.

Security Cameras Compatible With Echo Show

The following security cameras are also compatible with Echo Show and can be used as baby monitors:

  1. YI 4pc Home Camera
  2. Arlo Pro
  3. Zmodo Sight 180
  4. Nooie Baby Monitor – Recently released – also compatible with Google Home and costs less than $40!
  5. Mibao Baby Monitor
  6. Laxihub Baby Camera
  7. APEMAN Baby Monitor

Guide to Pick the Perfect Echo Show 15 Baby Monitors

What is Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot?

Amazon Echo Show is a smart compact display unit of Amazon’s Echo. The latest 5th generation Echo Show was released in May 2019. With the Echo Show, you can stream and watch videos from the baby cam mounted in the nursery on Echo Show’s 5.5-inch display. Echo Show can stream each of the named cameras in any of your smart homes by saying a command like this:

“Alexa, show me the baby monitor”

Echo Show will stream any of the registered cameras and baby monitors already paired and registered on the with a cloud/data storage account.

The latest is Amazon Echo Show 8 (Click image to see availability and price on Amazon)

echo show 8
Echo Show 8

Below is a picture of Amazon’s Echo Show 5th generation (Click image for price and availability on Amazon – Currently selling for 33% off – April 2020).

Echo Show 5 As a baby monitor
Echo Show 5

Below is a table showing the differences between Echo Show 8 and Echo show 5:

Echo Show 8Echo Show 5
Dimensions: 7.9″ x 5.4″ x 3.9 “. I has 8-inch screen with a 1280 x 800 resolutionDimensions: 5.8″ x 3.4″ x 2.9″. The screen measures 5.5 inches with a 960 x 480 resolution
Weighs 36.6 oz Weighs 14.5 oz
8.0″ with 1280 x 800 resolution 5.5″ with 960 x 480 resolution
Camera: 1MP, the 1-megapixel camera is similar to that of the Echo Show 5. Camera: 1MP
It has 2-inch speakers @ 10W per channel It has one 1.7-inch speaker @ 4W channel
Has a slanted designHas a slanted design
Two color options available: Sandstone and charcoalTwo color options available: Sandstone and charcoal

Below is another image of Echo Show 5 on a table.

Below are the features of Echo Show’s display:

  • 5.5-inch display unit
  • Controls smart home features and devices such as TVs, Movies, news, podcasts. You can also choose to instruct it to play lullabies to your baby.
  • Has to-do list simplified
  • Easy to turn privacy on and off

How to use Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot As Baby Monitor

To use Amazon Echo Show as a baby monitor, you need to set up an intercom that will allow you to call and drop in on Amazon Echo-enabled camera in the baby’s room and stream videos. Unlike Google Home, Amazon’s Echo Show requires you to set to initiate a call from your Echo Show to the camera and the camera is actually not supposed to pick the call but it should just stream videos on receiving the call.

Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Download the Alexa App on your phone. Make sure you’re downloading ‘Amazon Alexa’ on Google Playstore.
  2. Select the speech or conversation icon
  3. Enter your name if you are not already registered with Amazon Alexa
  4. Tap on all the devices you want to allow drop-in on (basically, choose the baby cam that your family can call in and steam videos of your baby)
  5. On the drop-in page, select the settings to ‘on’ to allow all drop-ins – It allows you to choose ‘in my household’ which basically allows drop-ins from devices in your home.
  6. Allow the contacts that can drop in (Contacts are in the conversation icon). By default, the drop-in is disabled for all contacts on your phone and you need to choose the individuals who can drop in. You need to add your baby’s nursery as a contact for Alexa to take commands and drop in on your baby. Your contact, in this case, the baby has to allow you to drop in and you can set it up by creating an Alexa account for your baby. Once the Alexa account of your baby is set up, you need to allow yourself as one of the contacts who can drop in.

Brief History:

Amazon Echo was introduced in 2015 but the video feature (Echo Show) of Alexa’s virtual Assistant was introduced by Amazon in July 2017.

In May 2019, less than a year after Amazon released the first generation of Echo Show, Google approved over 20 security cameras and baby monitors that can integrate with its Google Home hub ecosystem.

What does this mean?

Both Google’s Gooogle Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa can now take voice commands and stream video feeds from security cameras or baby monitors that are compatible with your smart home ecosystem.

If you mount your compatible Google or Echo camera or baby monitor in your baby’s nursery, you can leverage the respective virtual assistants to monitor your baby. Both Google Assistant and Alexa take voice commands and all you need to do is instruct it to stream videos from your baby’s nursery.

What is Amazon Echo Show?

Amazon Echo show is a smart speaker that takes voice instructions and can cast videos on its 7-inch video screens/tablets. In other words, you can ask Amazon’s Alexa to cast videos of your baby on the Amazon Echo Show tablet.

Can you use echo show as a baby monitor

You can use Echo Show as a baby monitor by following the stpes highlighted in the post above.