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Eufy E110 vs E210 Baby Monitors

Ashley Davis

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Eufy Spaceview has introduced multiple brands of baby monitors, starting with the E110 model, which received high ratings from prominent publications such as The Bump, Wired, and Wirecutter. Its entry into the non-connected monitors market disrupted the dominance of the Infant Optics DXR 8. The E110 model introduced a high-definition display, a rarity among non-wifi monitors in 2019, and the sleek, lightweight design of the Eufy E110 set it apart.

In this guide, I have detailed key differences between Eufy’s earliest version(E110) and its upgrade version (E210) to help you decide which one best suits your monitoring needs.

Eufy E110 vs E210:

The success of Eufy E110 set the tone for future models, and soon after came the E210. This E210 model was an upgrade from E110 in terms of features as it included an alarm clock and a larger-capacity battery for the display which can last up to 24 hours on eco-mode compared to E110’s maximum eco-mode monitoring lasting for 10 to 12 hours.

E210’s long battery life is attributed to the larger-capacity battery of 5200mAh which is almost double E110’s 2900 mAh battery capacity. If battery life is your key consideration, I’d pick E210.

I must recognize that the E110 gives you a wider vertical field of view with an included wide-angle lens that allows you to tilt up to 110 degrees compared to the E210’s 50-degree field of view(without the wide-angle lens). If you get the E210 model, you’ll have to purchase the wide-angle lens for about $10 on its website if you want a wider vertical field of view.

Both the original Eufy Spaceview Monitor (E110) and Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor Pro(E210) give you a pan of up to 330 degrees but you unfortunately have to manually pan it. Eufy monitors cannot be remotely controlled or adjusted like Infant Optics, Momcozy, or VAVA monitors. This is perhaps one of its key disadvantages. If the camera positioning isn’t right after initial installation, you can’t move the camera around without physically moving to the baby’s nursery and manually adjusting it. This might be inconvenient especially at night when you may end up disturbing the sleeping baby.

The E110 comes in 3 models which makes up Eufy’s 8300 series of baby monitors. The original model number is T8300 and has a variation with a wall mount(T8301) and another variation with two cameras(T8302).

On the other hand, E210 has just two variations. The original E210’s model number is T8312 and does not include a wide-angle lens, as mentioned earlier. An upgraded version of E210 (model number T8321) offers a slightly wider field of view at 80 degrees, compared to T8312’s 50 degrees.

T8321 has less pan capabilities than T8312, with a manual panning range of up to 300 degrees compared to T8312’s 330 degrees. Additionally, T8321 has a maximum tilt capability of 85 degrees, which is 25 degrees less than T8312’s 110-degree tilt capability.

If you are looking for a monitor with a better field of view, consider the E210 later variation with model number T8321 as it has an 80-degree field of view, 30 degrees bigger than all E110’s models and the T8312 model. Another monitor option to consider by Eufy with a much wider field of view of up to 120 degrees is the T8360 model which is app-based and relies on the internet.

If you prefer a monitor that can be wall-mounted or crib-mounted, the best choice is the E110’s T8301 model. However, note that T8301 has a significantly lower battery life compared to E210’s models (T8312 and T8321). On the plus side, T8301 does offer a wide-angle lens option, which is not available with the E210 models.

If you want an app-based monitor that connects to Wi-Fi and comes with both wall and crib mount options, consider the T8360 with a 2k resolution, a significant upgrade from E110’s 720p HD.

For a monitor with an alarm clock, choose any of E210’s models, as the E110 models do not have this feature. Both T8312 and T8321 include an alarm clock that can be set to play a lullaby or a pre-recorded voice message.

One unique feature on Eufy Spaceview baby monitors is their ability to remotely control the camera through the parent unit. This means you can pan, tilt and zoom without having to physically adjust the camera.

Both the E110 and E210 have zoom capabilities with fixed functions of 1.5x and 2x, which are significantly limited compared to Infant Optics, capable of zooming up to 6x.

The Eufy E220 is an upgrade of Eufy C120 and they are a line of Eufy’s indoor security cameras that are much clearer with up to 2k clarity, a big jump from E110 and E210’s 720p HD.

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