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Febfoxs Baby Monitor Security Camera Review

Sandra W Bullock

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The Febfoxs Baby Monitor Security Camera is currently one of the hottest search topics among parents in the US and for good reason! It’s not only the most affordable baby monitor with amazing features, but it also doubles as a security camera. Believe it or not, it’s priced just like those cheap VTech audio monitors. Isn’t that awesome?

Originally featured as a highlight of Walmart’s holiday kickoff sale, CBS reported in October that “Walmart is practically giving away this baby monitor.” And guess what? The incredible offer is still available! Febfoxs’ baby cam, which doubles as a security camera, can now be yours for the incredible price of just $21.99. On its Walmart page, the saving indicated is $48 which means that it was originally priced at $69.99.

But can a security camera be used as a baby monitor? Read our guide on baby monitors vs security cameras.

About Febfoxs Baby Monitor Security Camera:

Below is a snapshot of the current price on Walmart;

Febfoxs baby monitor security camera price and saving on walmart

Is the low price the sole craze surrounding this monitor?

Let’s look at it further:

Here is a photo of the baby camera along with a snapshot of the app.

On Febfoxs’ website, this monitor camera sells for $49 but has very limited details.

On its ‘About Us‘ page, it only indicates that Febfoxs was founded in 2017 and focuses on home projectors. It also sells nasal aspirators and robot vacuums. Quite a mix. See the snapshot below;

Febfoxs Company website

Febfoxs Baby Monitor Security Camera App:

The Febfoxs Camera is a Wi-Fi-enabled, app-based monitor that transmits camera footage directly to the designated app. However, it’s worth noting that the Febfoxs Camera app does not bear the same name on Google Playstore. The Febfoxs Baby Monitor and Security Camera uses two apps, one is called Trelis Home and another is called icsee.

There are two Febfoxs Baby Camera Security Camera Apps, one called Trilis Home and another called icsee app which are available for download on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Trilis Home is available for download on Play Store alone but icsee is on both the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store

It appears that Febfoxs relies on third-party app providers – the Trelis Home and icee apps and does not have an in-house built app like other baby monitor and security camera manufacturers. Trelis Home is a monitoring security software that seamlessly integrates with various front-end devices such as robots, bullet cameras, as well as intelligent devices like doorbells and door locks.

Once you purchase Febfoxs, you’ll find a QR code on the package but can also download the app on Google Play store here. The only app Febfoxs app for iPhone is icsee which you can download here.

This video on the Walmart website will take you through set up process.

I have gone through hundreds of its reviews on Walmart. As of this posting, it has over 2,600 reviews and has an average of 4.2/5 rating which is pretty decent.

What customers love about Febfoxs Baby Monitor Security Camera:


One of the most significant factors that make this camera a must-have for parents is its price. At just $21.99, it’s more affordable than most traditional audio-only baby monitors on the market.

If you already have a baby monitor, you can even use it as a pet camera. Many users – even those that rated it less than 3/5 have noted how the budget-friendly price made it worth it to get this baby cam.

During the 2023 Black Friday, it was actually selling for $18.99.

Local storage:

With Febfoxs Baby Monitor, you have the choice of cloud and local storage options. This camera supports local storage of up to 128GB with an SD card (SD card not included), as well as secure cloud storage.

On its marketing materials, Febfoxs indicates that your data is transmitted through a secure channel using HTTPS technology, ensuring that no data will be shared publicly over the Internet, and no unauthorized devices can access your camera.

This camera has a hidden space right under the cam eye where you can insert an SD TF card. This means you don’t have to rely on their cloud storage that costs money every month. Personally, I find using local storage with an SD card much cheaper than Febfoxs’ cloud storage subscription of $59.99. But hey, sometimes they have promotions, so you might be lucky and get a lower plan for just $39.99. Keep an eye out for those if you end up getting this camera and want a cheaper plan. We also have top subscription-free baby monitors here.

Check out baby monitors with local storage recordings here.

Great as a baby monitor:

Among the key baby monitor features that make a monitor attractive is its ability to relay audio and visual signals over the app seamlessly. This app does that.

One user review called Katelyn captioned his review “pleasantly surprised” and puts it best below;

“Honestly for as cheap as this camera was i was not expecting much. Imagine my suprise when not only was it easy to set up but the quality is astounding!!! I bought this as a baby monitor, the 2 way microphone works great! The video quality is way better than i anticipated even in the dark! I can control the view from my phone and move it around. If youre on the fence just get it!” – Katelyn –Walmart review page.

Very easy to set up:

The ease of use is always a crucial factor when it comes to purchasing any device. The Febfox PTZ camera excels in this aspect with its simple setup process. You can easily connect the camera to your home wifi network using the dedicated app, no technical knowledge is required.

Moreover, the camera’s user-friendly interface allows you to access all its features and controls easily. This makes it a great option for new parents who may not be tech-savvy.


Many users have raved about how they’re using Febfoxs as an outdoor camera, pet camera, and even for monitoring elderly family members. This shows the versatility of this camera, making it a great investment for various uses.

The camera’s pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) function allows you to control its movement remotely, giving you a 360-degree view of your surroundings. This feature is particularly useful if you want to use the camera as an outdoor security camera or for monitoring large areas.

Another verified user named Mia went on about how much she loved this brands;

“i loveeeee this camera!! you can rotate the camera lens via. your phone!! it sends notifications EVERY-TIME a human is detected.. (kids or adults) any action is clipped and you can rewatch the video time and time again!! its amazing!! best purchase ever!! not to mention you can talk on it!! loveeee it this is a real review btw! Mia/Walmart Review

Excellent video and audio quality:

One of the standout features of the Febfox PTZ camera is its high-quality video and audio. As mentioned in Katelyn’s review, the camera’s video quality is surprisingly good for its price. It can capture clear footage even in low-light conditions, thanks to its infrared night vision feature.

The two-way audio feature also allows you to communicate with anyone in the camera’s vicinity. This is particularly useful if you’re using the camera as a baby monitor or for keeping an eye on your pets.

Check out the review here.

Great as a pet cam:

This camera’s app needs to be opened throughout to receive notifications with sound.

Since pets only need to be monitored when there is a motion to check if they are going to where the baby is, it makes it a great pet cam. Below is Garry’s review liking the monitor as a puppy cam;

Not only that, but

I ordered this to monitor our Golden puppy. Some of the reviews were very negative and I figured this would be a return item for sure. I was quite surprised. The app was downloaded and I registered it easily after setting up user name and Password. Remember when you’re setting up the device it can only be on 2.4ghz. The 5ghz mode is not compatible.


The camera’s motion-detection feature is another aspect that makes it a great pet cam. It can detect even the slightest movement and send notifications to your phone, allowing you to keep an eye on your furry friends while you’re away.

It can also be set to record when motion is detected. Check out our best home security camera recommendations here.

Pan and Tilt:

You can remotely control the camera’s pan and tilt functions via the app, giving you a 355-degree view of your baby’s nursery or pet’s surroundings. It can also tilt up to 90 degrees. This is especially helpful when you have a mischievous pet that loves to explore and get into things they shouldn’t.

2-way talk:

The 2-way talk feature also comes in handy when using the camera as a baby cam. You can communicate with your baby and calm them down if they are feeling anxious or scared while you’re away. This is also helpful in training your pets to not do certain behaviors, as you can give them verbal commands through the camera.

What we don’t love about Febfoxs Baby Monitor Security Cam:

Security concerns:

While the Febfoxs camera is a great addition to any home security system, it’s important to note that there have been some security concerns raised with this type of device. One specific concern that I found credible is where the data meta including your IP address location is stored. For example, there is no clarity of where data servers for Febfoxs’ company are located and whether it truly encrypts the data to ensure its safety. For a secure monitor, consider brands that use local area network and not WI-Fi. If you pick a Wi-Fi monitor, make sure it meets our safety checklist. You should also follow these safety measures to secure any Wi-Fi monitor.

If you feel uncomfortable about the possibility of monitors being used by unknown parties to access your home, it’s probably best to avoid this particular monitor. However, if you’re considering using it in low-security areas, it could be an option. Just keep in mind that I wouldn’t recommend using it to monitor your baby.

Just like Wyze Cam, which had security issues that prompted us to withdraw our recommendation, we have also ceased recommending Wyze Cam as a baby monitor.

App needs to be open all the time:

Another drawback of the Febfoxs camera is that the app needs to be open at all times for it to work properly. This means that you need to have your phone on and the app running to receive notifications or use any features of the camera. This can drain your phone’s battery quickly, especially if you’re away from home and need to keep an eye on your pet.

Additionally, if you’re using the camera to monitor your baby, it can be inconvenient to constantly have your phone’s screen on and the app open during nap time or bedtime. This may also prevent you from being able to use your phone for other tasks while monitoring your baby.

This feature requiring the app to be open all the time is among the reasons we don’t recommend using Nest Cam as a baby monitor. It’s just not ideal for the camera notifications to stop when it is not open as it doesn’t run in the background.

Limited field of view:

The Febfoxs camera has a limited field of view, making it difficult to monitor large areas. This can be a concern if you’re mounting the camera in the crib or close to the baby as it will capture very limited view. You’ll need to mount it across the room or on the wall to capture a larger space.

Relies only on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi:

One of the main connectivity options for the Febfoxs camera is through Wi-Fi, however, it only supports 2.4 GHz networks. This can be a problem if you have a dual-band router that also supports 5 GHz networks. You may experience connectivity issues or interference with other devices on your network operating at the same frequency. Additionally, this limits the camera’s usage in areas with poor Wi-Fi coverage for the 2.4 GHz band.

Here are monitors that connect to 5GHz Wifi.

New brand/limited company info:

Another drawback of the Febfoxs camera is that it is from a relatively new brand and there is limited information available about the company. This can be concerning for some users who prefer to purchase products from well-established and reputable brands.

Limited Febfoxs company information may also hinder customer support or warranty services in case any issues arise with the camera. Febfoxs’ website has very limited information and can barely find Febfoxs Manual. I could find any helpful info on Febfoxs such as EMF emission test results to ascertain that it meets FCC requirements.

Lack of temperature sensor:

Most baby monitors available in the market today have thermistor or thermocouple sensors that enable it to detect the baby’s room temperature and alert you if the temperature is out of the safe range of 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Febfoxs Baby Monitor doesn’t have the sensor that would make it detect room temperature. This is among the key reasons we do not recommend it as a baby monitor. If you want a baby monitor with accurate readings, consider LeapFrog or Sense-U which give very accurate temperature readings.


Where is Febfoxs Baby Monitor Security Camera reset button?

The reset button for the Febfoxs Baby Monitor Security Camera is located just below the camera lens in the corner of the rectangular opening. It is on the left side of the rectangular slot just below the camera lens. To reset Febfoxs Camera, press the reset button for 5 seconds.

What is Febfoxs Baby Camera App?

The Febfoxs Baby Camera App is called Trilis Home or icsee app which are available for download on Google Play Store and on Apple’s App Store. Trilis Home is available for download on Play Store alone but icsee is on both the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store