Graco Duoglider Review vs Graco Ready2grow

Ashley Davis

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 Graco Duoglider Review by Ashley Davis, editor of
Graco Duoglider

About Graco Brands and The Release Of Graco Duoglider 

Graco Duoglider is a great quality double stroller with tandem seating. It is an excellent option for moms with twins or small kids in a close age gap. It accepts two Graco car seats so that you can use them right from birth up to 40 pounds.

This stroller is uniquely designed with a rear seat that raises the child at the back to get a better view, unlike other strollers where the child in the front seat obscures their view. The rear seat also fully reclines for a comfortable spot to nap.

You will also love the convenient features of a one-handed standing fold and huge basket for all your baby’s essentials, child and parent trays, and canopies. And with front locking swivel wheels, the stroller is easy to push and maneuver. 

Graco is one of the most trusted brands over the decades when it comes to baby products. They have a huge collection of high-quality car seats, strollers, high chairs, playards, swings, and more.


  • Dimensions: 36 L x 20.5 W x 41 H inches
  • Folded dimensions: 42 L x 20.5 W x 29.5 H inches
  • Weight: 29.5 pounds 
  • Weight limit: 40 pounds per seat
  • Lockable front swivel wheels
  • Two-position reclining seat, upright and flat
  • 3 or 5 point harness
  • One hand self-standing fold
  • Stadium seating
  • Compatible with two Graco Click Connect infant car seats
  • Child trays for each seat with cup holders and footrests
  • Parent trays with deep cup holders
  • Extra-large storage basket
  • Seat canopies with visor


  • Works for newborns and toddlers
  • Unique stadium seating arrangement boosts the child in the back to have a better view
  • Full reclining rear seat for napping
  • Rear seat has a peek-a-boo window for visibility to your kids
  • Both canopies have visors for better sun protection
  • Plenty of storage area for all your gear


  • Limited access to the storage basket when the back seat is fully reclined, even with the flip-down feature
  • Reviewers don’t like that the weight limit is only 40 pounds

How To Assemble/How To Install – Instructions And Manual

First, open the stroller by unlatching the hook on the side of the stroller. Push the footrest down into a vertical position

Flip the stroller upside down to install the wheels and basket

To install the wheels start by aligning the front wheels with the front feet of the stroller. Push the wheel firmly in and then pull on it to ensure it’s well secured. Do the same for the rest of the wheels. The smaller wheels go to the front while the larger wheels are for the back.

To install the basket, align it with the two basket bars and firmly push the basket onto the back of the stroller. Snap the straps over the bar and onto both sides of the basket to secure it in place.

Next is to connect the wheels and the brakes. To do that, you need to recline the rear seat, pull up on the recline lever, and pull back. Then, insert the brake bar on the back two feet of the stroller (the brake levers should face away from the stroller). Put in wheels onto the brake bar. Secure the wheel in place using a hammer with the axle cap.

Next, flip back up in the normal position, ready for use. You may snap the snack tray in the front or rear seat if desired.

To learn more about the Graco Duoglider, you can download the manual here.

How To Open/Unfold Is Graco Duoglider

To open the stroller, simply place the stroller on a flat surface with the handles facing upwards and the wheels pointing downwards.

  • Locate the latch on the left side of the stroller
  • Push the latch down and flip the stroller forward
  • It will open up and click in place
  • The stroller should unfold as you pull
  • Continue pulling until you hear the mechanism click sound

How To Close/Fold Graco Duoglider

Before you fold, there are a few things to do. Remove the car seat if it was installed, adjust the seat back to recline position, ensure the brakes are locked, and fold down the canopies.

Once that is settled, all you need to do is twist the secure lock on the handlebar, and the stroller will collapse into a more compact self-standing fold.

How To Clean Graco Duoglider

The manufacturer recommends washing the removable seat cushion in cold water by machine and then hanging it to dry. As for the stroller frame, warm soapy water should do.

How To Recline Graco Duoglider

  • Place the stroller upright, and ensure the brake is on as you attempt to recline the stroller.
  • Locate the buttons at each side of the stroller near where your child’s elbow would rest.
  • Press both buttons to activate the recline function
  • Raise or lower the back of the seat to the desired position
  • Take your hand off the buttons and ensure the seat is steady in place by pressing firmly on the seat.

Graco Duoglider With Car Seat- Which Car Seats Are Compatible With Graco Duoglider 

The Duoglider accepts two Graco classic connect infant car seats

How To Attach Car Seat To Graco Duoglider stroller

Duo glider works only with ClickConnect infant car seats. Connecting the car seat is pretty simple and involves only a few steps.

  • Remove the cup holder from the stroller’s armbar
  • Place the car seat into the armbar with the seat facing the handlebars
  • Push down on the seat lightly until you hear a click. This ensures the seat is installed securely.

Graco Duoglider Vs Graco Ready2grow

Graco Duoglider and Ready2 grow are both great choices for families looking for strollers to transport their children with ease. 


  • Duo glider is designed for twins or babies close in age gap whereas Ready2grow is designed for the infant until youth/older kids.
  • Both strollers use the material and have similar quality. But, the Ready2Grow is bulkier and heavier, which is expected considering it has a higher weight limit.
  • Duoglider takes up a maximum of 40 pounds per seat, while the Ready2grow accommodates 50 pounds on the front seat and 40 pounds on the rear seat.
  • DuoGlider comes with two toddler seats with a tandem seating where one child sits behind the other, while Ready2Grow comes with a toddler seat and a bench seat for the older kid at the back and allows up to 12 riding configurations.
  • Both stroller models have a reclining seat function but it’s only the Duoglider that offers a full recline on the rear seat to allow napping.
  • While both strollers have a decent-sized canopy for each seat, the Duoglider has a peek-a-boo window on the rear seat, but the Ready2grow doesn’t, because its rear seat faces backwards. So, you would have to stop strolling to check on your baby or arrange the front seat facing backward.


  • Both strollers can be used with infants from day one as they accept two Graco Click Connect infant car seats. Also, they make it easy to transfer the baby from car seat to stroller.
  • Both have a tandem seating configuration where kids sit one behind the other. In Duo glider each toddler seat can carry kids up to 40 pounds, and the rear seat allows a good view for the child in the back. As for Ready2grow, there is a toddler seat at the front and a bench seat or platform where the older kid can sit or stand.
  • Both strollers have convertible safety straps where the kids use a 5 point harness and later change to a 3-point strap when they are bigger.
  • Both strollers come with huge baskets to carry all your essential gear and shopping bags. They also have a wide opening, allowing easy access from the back.
  • Both strollers come conveniently with child and parent trays for refreshments. The only difference is that in DuoGlider, each toddler seat has its own tray even for the parent, but in Ready2Grow, the rear seat tray becomes one with the parent tray.
  • Both strollers can conveniently fold on one hand into a self-standing fold.


Can You Use Graco Duoglider Safe For Baby To Sleep On?

Yes, the rear seat reclines flat like a bassinet for your baby to nap in.

Graco Duoglider Front Canopy Replacement – Can It Be Replaced – Where To Get Replacement

Yes, you can contact Graco for assistance.