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Infant Optics Customer Service, Warranty, Out of Range & Sound Issues

Ashley Davis

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Looking to find Infant Optics warranty info and want to contact Infant Optics customer service to claim the warranty or to help you troubleshoot the functionality of your monitor? This guide has all the helpful info you need regarding the warranty for DXR 8 and DXR 8 Pro including tips on how to be successful when making your warranty claim. You’ll also find Infant Optics contact info and a link to their support page.

If you are having issues with any functionality of your Infant Optics DXR-8, you should contact their renowned Infant Optics Customer Care. The company provides excellent customer support with a well-staffed team based in California. Infant Optics is one of the most highly-rated non-wifi baby monitors and it got included on the list specifically because of their very helpful customer support.

You can reach them by phone or by email and can rest assured that they’ll go above and beyond to fix any problem you may have. This is part of the reason Infant Optics has remained the best-selling baby monitor for the third year, selling over 16,000 units monthly. The secret? Excellent customer support.

Infant optics customer care
Infant Optics replacement monitor (Link to Amazon)

Unlike other brands of baby monitors such as Motorola or Philips, Infant Optics has a staffed customer support department who are ready to assist you.

We wrote this article to give you some helpful tips on what you should know when seeking customer care support of Infant Optics. Though easy, this guide may save you time and resources.

Infant Optics Customer Service

If you read the reviews of Infant Optics before making your purchase, you must have realized that their attention to customers is unmatched.

I encourage parents to make sure they read a range of reviews, both good and bad to realize how responsive customer support is. If you can easily locate a phone number of email, it may make a big difference.

Some manufacturers of baby monitors have a history of giving poor customer support or not meeting their promises. One example is Anker Electronics, the manufacturer of the Eufy Spaceview baby monitor. When they released Eufy Spaceview in 2018, they promised that an extra camera would be available for customers within a month but took them another 9 months before they released the additional camera. A way to know if a brand is not responsive to customer queries is by going through their one-star reviews. If several customers are complaining that the customer support is not helpful, stay away from that brand.

Read our review of the older Infant Optics DXR 8 vs Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro here.

Infant Optics Customer Service Contact: 1(800)-291-0195 and

Infant Optics’ customer service support is excellent! No words to describe their attention to clients. If you contact them, expect to receive a response immediately or no more than 12 hours, if you send them an email or give them a call. Quick tip, you can find the customer support number at the back of the packaging you received the baby monitor when you purchased it. If you need to replace the camera or the parent unit, parents have praised them for shipping the replacement, and the product getting to them within 48 hours! One customer noted that ” This product (is)the BEST is the CUSTOMER SERVICE! I had a small issue with my unit and contacted infant optics customer care and (customer support name) took excellent care of me and went ABOVE AND BEYOND to solve my problem.

Infant Optics customer support would usually first respond to your email or give you a call with ideas of how to troubleshoot your issues – ranging from your infant optics losing range or temperature being wrong. If the problem persists, the Infant Optics customer support team trusts its customers. They would guide you on how to ship the product immediately and if it is within their 1-year warranty, they’ll replace the affected unit. Some customers have actually had their units replaced, even when some were out of the warranty period (cases of 18 months, 26 months have been reported). This is unheard of! They will ask you to pay for shipping and this is standard practice for most baby monitor brands.

Infant Optics’ shipping fee is $6. Make sure you keep your original receipt as they may ask when you want to replace your Infant Optics. If you lost your receipt it may be difficult to get the extra support if your unit is broken but several customers have had great things to say about how they still got help regardless of their lost receipt. Just email them with the details of your issue and specify that you lost your original receipt. Below is a snapshot of an email from a customer whose Infant Optics baby monitor was out of warranty. In the email, the customer support offers to assist the customer despite it being out of warranty:

Infant Optics Warranty Claim

Infant Optics Warranty Info

You can email the customer support of your baby monitor brand about pretty much anything. Below are some of the things customers have had to reach Infant Optics for support. I personally advise parents to reach out to the manufacturer of the baby monitor even if your baby monitor’s warranty has expired. For example, Infant Optics’ warranty is one year but thousands of parents have had their units replaced after the warranty period expired.

I reached out to Infant Optics about the manufacturer warranty and steps to follow to claim a warranty. I received an email shown in the snapshot below:

infant optics warranty and claim requirements

The image below shows where you can find the serial number of Infant Optics DXR 8

Infant Optics Replacement Monitor

In 2019, Infant Optics DXR 8 introduced a replacement or additional baby monitor that you can buy to replace your broken Infant Optics screen/monitor. Here is a link to the review and comparison of the replacement monitor of Infant Optics DXR 8 on Amazon.

Picture of Infant Optics Replacement Monitor

Key Issues Customer Service Will Troubleshoot

  • Infant Optics AC plug/adapter not working or the infant optics battery won’t charge – Parents who have experienced this problem have contacted the support team and received a battery replacement if the unit was within the warranty period. If it is out of warranty, the customer care representative of infant optics may advise you to replace the entire unit and in this case, you’d need to ship the entire Infant Optics DXR 8 to their location in California. It will cost you $6 which is quite reasonable.
  • Infant Optics power button not working – After some period of use, the power button and the buttons for adjusting volume or brightness can become unresponsive. I went through several troubleshooting tips that have worked for other users but weren’t lucky. Several users who’ve had this problem finally had to contact Infant Optics customer support and those with valid warranty were able to get replacements of the screen. When you first contact customer care, they may try to guide you on how to ‘fix it’ but will ultimately tell you how you can claim a warranty to fix the buttons that are not working. If your baby monitor is out of warranty, you should still consider contacting Infant Optics as thousands of clients have indicated that they still got brand new units, despite the expiry of the warranty. Don’t quote me on this though.
  • Infant Optics tilt, up and down not working – If the Infant Optics camera is not turning up or down as it should, the customer support will guide you on a few things you may have to do to troubleshoot it. Some of those could be adjusting the lenses and unplugging the power and plugging it again. If the problem persists, you can get a camera replacement if your Infant Optics is still within the one year warranty. You can however still get a replacement if the warranty has expired. The customer service will guide you on how to claim the warranty.
  • Infant optics camera not working in the dark or no sound – In case any of the units including the microphone, the speaker, battery, or camera are defective or not functioning properly either because of negligent damage or other causes, you should contact the infant optics support.
  • Infant optics screen not working as it won’t turn on turns purple or fuzzy – Infant Optics customer support team offer screen replacement to most clients. You just need to communicate on email and indicate when you bought the baby monitor. If your baby monitor is within the one year warranty, they’ll advise you on how to claim the warranty.

Infant Optics Customer Service FAQs

Does Infant Optics have a split-screen?

Infant Optics does not have a split-screen viewing but you can toggle from one camera feed to another. Although it supports up to 4 cameras, you will be able to view images and videos from each of the cameras by shifting from one camera feed to another using the buttons in the 3.5′ display unit.

How long is Infant Optics Warranty

Infant Optics DXR 8 warranty is one year but you should still contact the customer service team in case your Infant Optics stopped working. Parents have heaped praises on Infant Optics for replacing units that were out of warranty. The customer service team will guide you on how to claim the warranty.
The new Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro has 12 months warranty but when you register the warranty, you can an additional 24 months. In summary, there are 36 months. You can read our review of Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro here.

What is Infant Optics Customer Service Contact

It is 1(800)-291-0195 and the email is This phone number is toll-free.

How can I replace the Infant Optics screen or monitor?

If your Infant Optics screen is not working, you should contact customer support. Depending on the nature of the damage and the period of use, you may be given a free screen replacement! Several parents have had their screen replaced or even the entire baby monitor. If you need just the monitor, you can mention that to customer support. You can also purchase one using the link above.

Infant Optics DXR 8 got wet, can I replace it?

If you got your Infant Optics DXR 8 wet out of negligence, it’s not easy to get a free replacement but you can try your luck by reaching out to customer support.

What is the Infant Optics green light

The Infant optics green light is the power-LED. It shows you that the baby monitor is powered and working.

Can Infant Optics be hacked

It is not impossible to hack Infant Optics as it is a wireless device but it uses a Frequency Hoping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), a technology that is very hard for hackers to get access to the data signals.

Can I get a free Infant Optics battery

You may qualify for a free battery replacement if your Infant Optics is within the one-year warranty but you need to check with their support team. If they are unable to give you the free battery, you can make the purchase on Amazon for just $6. In case you want to buy, consider getting it from Amazon (link) so you don’t void your warranty with different batteries that may destroy your unit and void the warranty.

What is Infant Optics battery life and can it be extended?

The Infant optics claims that its the battery can last up to 10 hours. Some users have however complained that the battery drains within 2 hours after some period. Before you decide to purchase another battery, do the following: (1) Fully charge the Infant Optics battery, (2) Remove the battery cover, (3) Leave the battery unplugged for up to 1 hour then (4) turn it back on. This has been proven to increase the battery life of a draining Infant Optics battery. It must be something with the firmware that drains the battery.

Is there an Infant Optics App and can it connect to the phone

Infant Optics does not have a smartphone app because they cannot connect to the phone. Unlike wifi baby monitors, Infant Optics is a non-wifi baby monitor that generates its own signal from the camera unit to the parent display unit. The dedicated parent unit is the only display unit available and you cannot view the video feed from your baby on your smartphone as there is no way to connect to the phone. Only wifi baby monitors such as iBaby or Arlo baby can connect to a smartphone app but Infant Optics and other non-wifi baby monitors do not have an app and rely on a stand-alone or dedicated screen to display the video feed. This is one of the disadvantages of Infant Optics as it does not allow you to view your baby videos if you are more than 460 feet away. If Infant Optics had a mobile app that could connect to the internet, you could possibly view the videos from anywhere in the world.

The advantage of Infant Optics not having an app is that it loads faster on the display unit. Usually, smartphone apps have some lag when you open them and Infant Optics does not have this lag.

How to fix Infant Optics signal going in and out

If you get the signal going in and out continuously, there is a device that is interfering with Infant Optics signal. Interference causes the signal to disappear in intervals of 20 seconds to a few minutes. Any device that uses 2.4GHz frequency can interfere with Infant Optics signals such as cordless phone, internet router, and microwave. If you the signal is going in and out and you are within 10 to 20 ft. away, then it must be interference. Make sure the device that could potentially interfere is at a distance from either the baby unit or the display unit of Infant Optics.

How can I fix Infant Optics Screen that’s Purple or Pink

There are several reasons why the screen of Infant Optics could become purple but a quick fix that has worked for several users is unplugging the cable and making sure it is plugged in securely. A loose connection can cause this problem. Another fix that has worked for some users is rebooting your Infant Optics to make the purple or pink screen go away.

Has there been an Infant Optics Recall

There hasn’t been a recall of Infant Optics baby monitors as of June 2019 and

Is infant Optics better than Eufy Spaceview

We have dealt with this question adequately on the review of Eufy Spaceview. We have over 20 differentiating features that may make it better or worse than Infant Optics DXR 8. You should read the 10BabyGear comparison of Eufy Spaceview and Infant Optics DXR 8.

Infant Optics night vision not working

Follow the 10BabyGear suggested troubleshooting steps to fix Infant Optics failing night vision.

Can Infant Optics DXR 8 stream audio only without video?

Yes. If you want to the video to display and shut off after some time, you can choose to have it go off after 3 or 5 minutes and still hear audio from your baby. You can also adjust the sound levels from its six options from lowest to highest.

Can you turn off the low-battery warning sign?

Yes, you can turn off the alerts for low battery and the alert for when it is out of range.

How do I fix my Infant optics microphone not working

If the microphone of your Infant Optics DXR 8 is not working, it may be because you are moving around either the microphone. The microphone and the speaker will not work if you are moving. If you stop moving, the microphone should start working fine. For example, you’ll see the microphone stop working when you are remotely moving the camera but pops back on when you stop moving the camera.

Infant optics sound stopped working

If the sound of your Infant Optics stopped working, navigate the settings and select volume. Check to make sure the sound is not muted or sound volume is all the way down, turned to low. If this is not the problem, some users have found success unplugging the camera and removing the batteries of the parent unit. Do this and wait for at least 90 seconds. If these two suggestions do not work, you may want to contact Infant Optics support.
In their manual, they have indicated that volume setting is the main cause of sound not being audible from the monitor of Infant Optics DXR 8. You should adjust the volume setting as it may be too low. sound stopped working resolved on infant optics

Infant Optics picture is black and white

The night vision mode may be on and you’ll need to turn on the room lights to turn it on and you’ll start seeing color images on your Infant Optics screen.

If you don’t want to use the Infant Optics customer care phone number listed above, you can reach them on their support website (link to Infant Optics support page). They’ve promised on the page that they’ll respond within 24 hours.

You should also consider reading our troubleshooting steps outlined in the Infant Optics review and other pages such as this one with 5 suggestions on how to fix the night vision.

Is your DXR 8 or DXR 8 Pro constantly out of range? Here are 9 steps to troubleshoot Infant Optics signal out of range issues.

To change the Infant Optics temperature from Celcius to Fahrenheit, read this

Infant Optics Out of Signal Coverage (5 Options to try)

We reached out to Infant Optics to inquire how to fix the monitor signal going out of range and disconnecting every time and below are some helpful solutions you can try to fix the signal coverage issue;

  • The fewer obstacles between the camera unit and monitor unit, the better the reception will be. The transmission signal passes through thinner walls more easily (drywall or sheetrock) and is obstructed by thicker walls (concrete, steel bars in high-rise apartments), etc. The same goes for floor/ceiling materials. Reception is best in open areas where there are no obstacles present. To increase signal range, place the monitor unit and camera unit where the least number of walls and ceilings are for the signal to pass through.
  • Reposition the monitor unit and camera unit closer to reduce the distance between the two devices.
  • Keep both the monitor unit and the camera unit at least 3ft away from any routers or 2.4ghz WIFI devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Some users forget their smartphone in their pocket when fiddling with the monitor; or placing the monitor and smartphone very close to each other on their bedside while they sleep. The further away the WIFI devices are from the monitor, the less interference there is.
  • Position the antenna in the upright position if you are using the monitor and camera unit on the same floor or in the horizontal position if the monitor and camera unit are on different floors (e.g., in a two-story house).
  • If the issue is interference with your WIFI network (e.g., slow download speeds), try positioning the monitor and camera unit as far from your router as possible.

If you keep getting the out of signal coverage warning on your Infant Optics screen, consider following these manufacturer-provided troubleshooting options:

While the distance between the Camera and Infant Optics’s screen is a factor in the signal coverage being lost, parents have reported losing signals even when it is within the acceptable transmission range.

Out of range issues resolved

The new Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro(link below) has improved connectivity issues by 50% according to their marketing materials.

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