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Ho to Fix Anmeate Connection/Pairing Issues

Sandra W Bullock

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If you are having difficulties pairing Anmeate Video Baby Monitor’s parent unit with the camera or with a second camera, this guide is for you. Using this monitor and getting those alerts saying waiting for a connection can be frustrating. You will not be able to view the live feed or receive alerts if your monitor and camera are not paired. In this guide, we will help you troubleshoot any issues you may face while pairing your Anmeate Video Baby Monitor.

What is Anmeate Baby Monitor Pairing?

Anmeate Baby Monitor pairing is the process of connecting the parent unit with the camera(s) to establish a secure and reliable connection for monitoring your baby. This enables you to view live video feed, listen to audio, and receive alerts from the camera’s sensor functions such as motion detection or temperature monitoring.

Pairing is an essential step in setting up your Anmeate Video Baby Monitor and ensuring its proper functioning. If your monitor and camera(s) are not paired correctly, you will experience connection issues and may not be able to use the monitor’s features effectively.

Anmeate utilizes secure FHSS transmission in the 2.4GHz frequency. Anmeate’s camera captures and transmits audio and visual signals to the display unit. The camera must connect to the parent unit for proper monitoring. A successful pairing process enables the monitor to display real-time audio and video of your baby’s activities.

In our review of Anmeate SM24, we noted that its range indoors does not exceed 65 ft or 4 walls but some users have found that it barely performs in multi-level houses.

Before Pairing Anmeate:

Before connecting the camera and display unit of Anmeate, please make sure there are no large metal objects such as refrigerators, mirrors, filing cabinets, metallic doors, or reinforced concrete obstructing the radio signal between the baby and parent unit. These objects have the potential to block the radio signal.

Interference can also be caused by other wireless devices operating on the 2.4GHz frequency, such as Wi-Fi routers or cordless phones. It is recommended to keep these devices at least 6 ft away from the Anmeate monitor to ensure a strong and clear signal.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pair Anmeate Video Baby Monitor

Step 1:

To start off the pairing process, make sure the camera unit is plugged in to AC with the 100-240VAC 50 / 60Hz adapter that this monitor comes with. Don’t use another adapter.

Here is a step-by-step guide to power the camera:

  1. Plug the cable into the back of the camera.
  2. Next, plug the other end of the cable into an AC adapter power source
  3. Once plugged in, press and hold the power button on the side of the camera until you see a green light appear on top.

Step 2

In order to ensure your camera above connects to the parent unit, ensure the display unit batteries are charged or plugged into AC power. Below are the steps;

  1. Check that Anmeate’s 950mAh battery is positioned well
  2. Make sure the rechargeable Li-ion battery (3.7V 950mAh) is charged. Charge for at least 10 hours prior to using it for the first time.
  3. Plug the cable into the back of the display unit.
  4. Next, plug the other end of the cable into an AC adapter power source
  5. To turn on, press and hold the power button until you see a green light appear on top.

Step 3

Once both units are powered on, you now need to add the camera to Anmeate’s parent unit.

  1. To display the menu, press the MENU key.
  2. Highlight the camera icon using the ◀ or ▶ key, then select your desired camera using the ▲ or ▼ key.
  3. Press OK to enter the sub-menu.
  4. Select ADD CAM by using the ▲ or ▼ key, then press OK.

Step 4

To initiate the pairing process for Anmeate, locate the PAIR button positioned at the back of the camera. It stands out more prominently compared to the reset key. Press and hold the button until you hear a beep, enabling the automatic pairing of the devices.

Here are the 6 steps to pair Anmeate;

  1. Press the Menu/Exit key to display the menu.
  2. Use the LEFT or RIGHT key to highlight the camera icon, and then use the UP or DOWN key to select the desired camera for pairing.
  3. Press the OK key to initiate the pairing process.
  4. While the LED is flashing, press the PAIR button located at the back of the camera.
  5. Once the pairing is successful, the screen will show the image from the camera.
  6. If the pairing is unsuccessful, please repeat the steps mentioned above.

Prepare the Camera and Parent Unit

Before starting the pairing process, make sure both the camera and parent unit are turned on and fully charged or connected to a power source. Keep the two devices close to each other but at least three feet away from any electronic devices that may interfere with the connection.

The camera unit should be plugged into AC power with the 100-240VAC 50 / 60Hz adapter that this monitor comes with. Don’t use another adapter.

What causes Anmeate to lose connection: 5 Causes:

  1. Range: If the parent unit is too far away from the camera, the connection may weaken or drop.
  2. Interference: Other electronic devices such as routers or baby monitors operating in the same frequency range can interfere with Anmeate’s transmission. Check out ways to stop baby monitor interference with WiFi
  3. Low battery: When either the camera or parent unit has a low battery, it may affect the connection.
  4. Technical issues: Sometimes, technical issues such as faulty hardware or software updates can cause Anmeate to lose connection.
  5. Obstructions: Physical obstacles such as walls, furniture, or other objects can weaken or block the signal between the camera and the parent unit.

How to troubleshoot Anmeate pairing issues:

  1. Check the range: Make sure that the parent unit is within range of the camera. Move closer if needed.
  2. Switch off other electronic devices: Turn off any nearby electronic devices that may be causing interference.
  3. Check battery levels: Ensure that both the camera and parent unit have enough battery power to maintain a strong connection.
  4. Restart the devices: Try turning off both the camera and parent unit, wait for a few seconds, and then turn them back on.
  5. Remove obstructions: If there are any physical obstructions, try moving the camera and parent unit to a more open space.
  6. Reset the devices: As a last resort, you can reset both the camera and parent unit to their factory settings and then repeat the pairing process.

Tips for maintaining a strong Anmeate connection:

  1. Keep the parent unit and camera close to each other: The closer the devices are, the stronger the connection will be.
  2. Minimize interference: Keep other electronic devices away from Anmeate or switch them off when not in use.
  3. Regularly check battery levels: Make sure to charge both the camera and parent unit regularly to ensure they have enough power for a stable connection.
  4. Position the camera strategically: Place the camera in a position where it has a clear line of sight to the baby and is not obstructed by furniture or walls.

How to reset Anmeate Baby Monitor:

If you are experiencing persistent connection issues or want to start fresh with your Anmeate Baby Monitor, you can reset the device by following these steps:

  1. Turn off both the camera and the parent unit.
  2. Locate the “Reset” button on the back of the camera and use a small object (such as a paperclip) to press and hold it for 10 seconds.
  3. The camera will reset to its factory settings


Is Anmeate baby monitor temperature accurate?

Unfortunately, the temperature sensor for Anmeate does not always give you accurate readings. If you position the temperature sensor too close to the camera body, it can warm up and affect the accuracy of temperature readings. To address this issue, extend the sensor away from the camera body as much as possible. Additionally, place the camera in an area with good air circulation, avoiding closed corners where temperatures tend to be higher. These measures will help ensure accurate temperature readings and optimal camera performance.

What is Anmeate baby monitor battery life?

Anmeate SM24 baby monitor has a battery life of up to 14 hours on eco-mode but can last between 6 to 8 hours on continuous streaming mode. This is better than the company’s marketed 12 hours on eco-mode. The 3.5-inch model’s battery life is about 5 hours and this is explained by the many features it has including remote pan and tilt and clear night vision mode.

Can Anmeate connect to the phone?

No, Anmeate baby monitors are not designed to be connected to a phone. They are standalone devices that work through their own dedicated parent unit and utilized localized closed-circuit system. Since it does not rely on the internet, it does not have a smartphone app and does not transmit its signals to the cloud.

Anmeate baby monitor not working

If your Anmeate baby monitor is not working, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Check that both the camera and monitor units are properly charged.
  • Make sure the camera unit is within range of the monitor unit (usually within 65 feet indoor).
  • Try resetting the devices by turning them off and on again.
  • Check that the camera’s adapter isn’t damaged
  • Check for interference with other devices that use 2.4GHz frequency
  • If none of these steps work, contact Anmeate’s customer service for further assistance

What is Anmeate baby monitor warranty

Anmeate offers a one-year warranty for their baby monitors. This means that if your monitor malfunctions or has any defects within the first year of purchase, Anmeate will repair or replace it free of charge. It is important to keep your receipt and register your product on Anmeate’s website to be eligible for the warranty. The warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse or accidents.

Anmeate baby monitor won't charge

If your Anmeate baby monitor won’t charge, there are a few things you can check:

  • Make sure the charging cable is securely plugged in to both the camera and monitor units.
  • Check that the charging port on the device isn’t damaged or blocked.
  • Try using a different charging cable or adapter.
  • If none of these steps work, contact Anmeate’s customer service for further assistance.

Is there Anmeate baby monitor app?

No, there is no smartphone app for Anmeate monitor as it does not use Wi-Fi and cannot relay audio and visual signals to phones that are connected to the internet. It can only connect to its dedicated handheld display unit.

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