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How to Reset Infant Optics Correctly

Sandra W Bullock

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There are various instances when it becomes necessary to reset your Infant Optics DXR 8 Baby Monitor. Whether you’ve encountered a technical issue, or if you simply want to erase the unit’s memory and start fresh, resetting the monitor is an easy process that just takes a few minutes.

If you have the older model of the Infant Optics DXR 8 Baby Monitor, or if you have the newer DXR 8 Pro model the process is relatively similar.

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What is an Infant Optics monitor reset?

Infant Optics monitor reset is the process of restoring the settings on your Infant Optics DXR 8 Baby Monitor to their original factory defaults. It is useful if you’ve encountered a technical issue and need to start from scratch to fix it, or if you want to clear out all information stored in the device’s memory.

A hard reset or factory reset will return the device to its factory settings, while a soft reset is simply restarting the monitor. Since the Infant Optics monitor is not connected to the internet, the settings can only be reset manually. In addition, the firmware that the gadget comes with when you purchase it cannot be rolled back once you’ve updated it.

There is a slight difference between factory reset and soft reset.

A factory reset completely wipes out all existing settings and data from the device, erasing all configurations that have been changed in favor of the original default settings provided by Infant Optics. The only thing that remains intact is the firmware version, which cannot be removed or rolled back once it has been updated. On the other hand, a soft reset simply restarts the device and does not delete any data or settings.

3 Steps to Reset Infant Optics DXR 8 Baby Monitor

The process of resetting your Infant Optics monitor is surprisingly straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by turning off the baby monitor unit by pressing the “Power” button on the back of the device.
  2. Once the device has been turned off, press and hold both the “Menu” and “Back/Home” buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. Similar to Babysense Monitor reset, 10 seconds is all you need to reconfigure it
  3. Release both buttons when you see a confirmation message appear on-screen that reads “Factory Reset”. This means that the device has been successfully reset to its original factory settings.

8 Issues that Infant Optics monitor reset will solve:

  1. When the monitor won’t turn on: In cases where the monitor won’t turn on, a reset can help bring it back to life by clearing out any temporary data that may be causing the issue.
  2. When the camera has become unresponsive: If your Infant Optics monitor is being unresponsive due to an operating system issue, a full reset will help restore the device’s performance.
  3. When there is no audio: If you are facing audio issues such as no sound coming from the unit, a reset can help clear out any temporary data that is causing the issue.
  4. When the night vision is blurred or dark: Sometimes the night vision can become blurred due to errors in the operating system. A reset can help restore the image quality back to normal. This suggested fix is one of our recommendations on how to fix Infant Optics’ night vision not working.
  5. connections: If your Infant Optics monitor is experiencing dropped connections or slow performance, a full reset may help solve the issue. You can also read our detailed guide on how to restore signal connection using these 9 ways to fix Infant optics signal issues.
  6. Pairing issues: If your device is having trouble pairing with the monitor unit, a reset can help troubleshoot the issue.
  7. Poor reception: If you are experiencing poor reception or garbled audio on your Infant Optics monitor, a reset can help clear out any temporary data that may be causing the problem.
  8. Battery won’t charge: If your Infant Optics monitor battery won’t charge and the LED indicator light on the back of the device is dark, a reset may be able to restore power.

If you reset this non-connected monitor and weren’t able to solve the issue you had such as signal loss, explore this guide on 10 ways to boost your monitor signal.

What this guide tells you about dealing with baby gadgets;

You should always try to reset the device first before escalating. Several factors can be fixed by a simple reset. The Infant Optics monitor is no exception! Resetting it will often solve most of the issues you may encounter with your device. And if that doesn’t work, contact their customer service team for further assistance. Good luck!

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