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How to Reset Owlet Dreamsock, Sock 3 & Cam 2

Sarah Davis

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Resetting Owlet Dreamsock, Sock 2, Sock 3, and even Owlet Cam 2 is one of the main troubleshooting fixes for many of Owlet’s issues such as Wi-Fi connection problems, wrong readings and even pairing issues with the app and base station.

I recently wrote about how to troubleshoot Owlet’s Wi-Fi connection issues.

In this guide, I have outlined practical simple steps that you can follow to correctly reset your Owlet device – both soft reset and factory reset to give you full functionality when it is needed most.

What is Owlet DreamSock/Cam Reset?

Resetting Owlet devices simply means clearing the current settings and restart the device, returning it to its original state. By restoring factory settings, you can fix most of the problems that occur due to incorrect settings, connectivity issues, and other technical Owlet errors. As you’ll see, resetting your Owlet device is a simple process and does not require any technical knowledge.

Performing a reset on your Owlet can be highly advantageous in cases where it becomes unresponsive or fails to follow commands. By conducting a factory reset, you effectively erase any stored memory or pairing information, restoring the unit to its original “fresh from the factory” state.

Soft reset vs Factory reset

Before we dive into the steps for resetting your Owlet device, it’s important to understand the difference between soft reset and factory reset. A soft reset is a basic restart of your device, similar to turning it off and on again. It is also called power cycling. This can help resolve minor issues without affecting any saved data or settings.

On the other hand, a factory reset will erase all data and settings on your Owlet device, returning it to its original state as if it were new. It’s important to note that a factory reset should only be done as a last resort if all other troubleshooting methods fail.

Steps for Soft Reset of Owlet Dream Sock, Sock 2, and Sock 3

  1. Unplug the base station from power and remove it from its charging cradle.
  2. Remove the sock from your baby’s foot.
  3. Turn off your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection.
  4. Wait for 10 seconds.
  5. Plug the base station back into power and place it in its charging cradle.
  6. Turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection.
  7. Put the sock back on your baby’s foot and wait for it to connect to your smartphone.

Steps for Factory Reset of Owlet Dream Sock, Sock 2, and Sock 3:

Step 1: Unplug and Remove Sock:

Unplug the base station from power and remove it from its charging cradle. Remove the sock from your baby’s foot. When unplugged and not powered, the base station should show any lights such as white(charging), green(monitoring), blue(disconnected from sock), or yellow(bad sock placement). When any of the lights are showing, it means that the base station is being powered.

Step 2: Press and Hold Reset Button:

After approximately 3 minutes, reconnect the base station to the power source and proceed to press and hold the reset button located at the back. Continue pressing the button until you hear the Dream Sock base station emit 4 chirps. At this point, the light ring will transition to a blinking orange color. When you see the orange color, stop pressing the button.

Owlet’s reset button on the base station is at least 5mm in diameter and has thin ring-shaped lines protruding outward so you can feel it. The button is located close to the charging port and has a small circle icon next to it as shown in the image below;

Image showing owlet base station reset button at the bottom next to charging cable connector

Step 3: Press Dome of Base Station:

To clear the WiFi properly, swiftly press the base station button three times. The base station will respond with three chirps. It is crucial to click the button while the ring is blinking orange.

Step 4: Check Wi-Fi Light:

To avoid receiving notification that your base station isn’t paired(blue alert) or the sock is placed incorrectly(yellow alert), you need to press and hold the base station after you see the Wi-Fi light on the base station’s bottom. Read more about fixing Owlet’s pairing issues.

Here is a short(19-second) video from Owlet’s website showing how to reset Owlet Base for Wi-Fi issues.

How to Reset Owlet Sock 2 Sensor:

To ensure optimal performance of your Owlet sock sensor, there are two options available: turning it off or resetting it. The turn-off function is useful when you’re traveling or storing the sock for an extended period. On the other hand, the reset function can be utilized if you encounter issues like the dome light cycling through lights or the sock experiencing lag. By utilizing these functions appropriately, you can maintain the functionality of your Owlet sock sensor.

The base station of the Smart Sock 2 has a magnet that, when the sock passes over it, sends a shutdown signal to the sensor. The sensor can be turned off without the need to power on the base station. To turn off the sensor, simply drag the dome end across the center of the base station with the dome facing up. The light on the sensor will immediately turn off.

To reset the Smart Sock 2, follow these steps:

  1. First, turn off the sock.
  2. Next, wait for 60 seconds before powering the sock back on by plugging it into the base.
  3. You should notice that the lights return to their normal state.

If your Owlet base is not responding to commands and is just cycling through different colors, there are two options suggested by Owlet on its support page. You have the option of doing a factory reset or a hard reset if that doesn’t work. This will clear the base station’s memory and pairing info. Note how Owlet at times refers to the base station as the medallion.

Factory Reset Steps for Owlet Base Station:

  1. Adjust the room lighting to the lowest possible level to ensure visibility of the base station lights.
  2. Place the base station on the charger, which will illuminate with a faint white light.
  3. Quickly press the button on the charger’s bottom six times within a 10-second window, while the base station remains on the charger.
  4. Allow a minute or two for the base station lights to flash a subdued purple, then turn off briefly before returning to a dim white. This signifies the base station’s reset and reboot process.
  5. If the purple light doesn’t appear, repeat the process as the factory reset might not have been successful.
  6. Confirm that Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular service are enabled. Verify your internet connection by loading a webpage in your browser.
  7. Launch the app and retry the setup steps, ensuring that your base station is close to your phone.

If the factory reset doesn’t resolve the issue, perform a hard reset. This will restart the processor and help your base station effectively capture data from sensors and provide accurate alerts.

Hard Reset steps for Owlet Base Station:

  1. Dim the lights in your room to ensure optimal visibility of the base station lights.
  2. Place the base on the charger, and observe as it emits a soft white glow.
  3. Power off your phone.
  4. Press and hold the button located at the bottom of the charger, with the base still on it, for at least 12 seconds.
  5. Release the button and wait for the base to illuminate with white lights, indicating that it is charging.
  6. Power on your phone.
  7. Ensure that Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular service are enabled. Confirm your internet connectivity by loading a webpage in your browser.
  8. Open the app and retry the setup steps, making sure to keep your base station near your phone.

If your base station is still unresponsive, it is likely due to a firmware update. To initiate the update, navigate to the Home tab of the app and click on the Update button. If you cannot locate the Medallion/Base Station on the Home tab, it may be necessary to request a replacement base station. To determine whether you are still within the one-year warranty period, we recommend reaching out to Owlet through their Contact Us page.

Snapshot with Owlet contact details
Snapshot with Owlet contact details

How to Reset Owlet Cam 2:

To factory reset your Cam, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the button on the back of your Cam for 15+ seconds until the status light turns off and you hear the response, “Resetting, please wait.” The reset button is located at the back of Owlet Cam 2 just below the AC plug.
  2. Release the button once you hear the spoken confirmation. Your Cam will enter pairing mode, indicated by alternating red and blue lights.
Image showing Owlet Cam 2 reset button
Image showing Owlet Cam 2 Reset button at the back

Please note that if the 15-second button hold does not initiate the factory reset process, you can try holding down the button for up to 60 seconds.

If the Cam does not initiate a factory reset with a long button hold, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect your Cam from the power supply for 30 seconds.
  2. Reconnect your Cam to the power supply. If you see a red light, it indicates the Cam is powering up and will be followed by alternating red and blue lights, indicating that your Cam is now in pairing mode.

Read more on Owlet’s website here.

Things that Owlet Cam 2 Reset will Fix:

Resetting your Owlet Cam 2 can help with the following issues:

  • Camera not connecting to WiFi
  • Issues with video or audio streaming
  • Sensor data not displaying correctly in the app
  • Troubleshooting other technical problems

By performing a factory reset, you are essentially starting fresh with your Cam and clearing any potential glitches or errors that may have occurred. This can be especially helpful if you are experiencing connectivity issues with your Cam or if the sensor data is not displaying accurately.

Other Troubleshooting Tips:

If a factory reset does not resolve your issue, there are a few other steps you can take to troubleshoot your Owlet Cam 2:

  • Make sure the power supply and cord are securely connected to both the Cam and the outlet.
  • Check your WiFi connection and make sure it is strong and stable.
  • Close and reopen the Owlet app to ensure it is up to date and running correctly.

Things that Owlet DreamSock and Sock 3 Reset will Fix:

Resetting your Owlet DreamSock or Sock 3 can help with the following issues:

  • Connection issues between the sock and base station
  • Inaccurate sensor readings
  • Bluetooth connectivity problems
  • Wi-Fi connectivity problems
  • Wrong color alerts/indicators
  • Unresponsive Owlet/no readings
  • Owlet not charging
  • Owlet not registering
  • Troubleshooting other technical issues

Other troubleshooting tips:

If a factory reset does not resolve your issue, there are a few other steps you can take to troubleshoot your Owlet DreamSock or Sock 3:

  • Make sure the base station is securely plugged in and turned on.
  • Check the battery level of the sock and make sure it is charged.
  • Verify that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both enabled on your mobile device.
  • Close and reopen the Owlet app to ensure it is up-to-date and running correctly.


Resetting your Owlet DreamSock or Sock 3 can help resolve many common technical issues and improve overall performance. However, if the issue persists after a reset, there may be a deeper underlying problem such as outdated firmware that you may need to update on the app.

Some issues may also require further troubleshooting by Owlet customer support. Remember to always ensure all connections are secure and your mobile device is connected to strong Wi-Fi for optimal use. The connectivity problems of Owlet are among the factors I emphasized that make it an unsuitable candidate for Google’s approval of Owlet to integrate with Google Home Hub.

Read the differences between Owlet Dreamsock and Owlet Sock 3 here.