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iBaby M6S Vs M6T Vs M7 Vs M6 Vs M7 Lite: Which One is Best

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iBaby M6S
iBaby M6s

iBaby Labs has released a total of 6 video baby monitors and one audio baby monitor.

iBaby M7 Lite

We have reviewed the iBaby Care M7 separately and listed it as one of the best wifi baby monitors in the market today. The image on the right is that of M7 Lite and on the left is that of M6S.

The M7 Lite made it to the list as it distinguishes itself with the following key features:

  • Superior-augmented-speakers that deliver powerful studio performance and help comfort and unwind your baby (with over 1,000 songs, lullabies, bedtime stories, white noises ).
  • A highly-rated mobile app that has been rated 4.6/5 by over 12,300 parents using iOS. The 1080p Full HD resolution displays excellent images and videos on iPhone’s retina-display screen.
  • It’s unmatched pan of 360 degrees and 110 degrees tilt.
iBaby M6S
iBaby Graphics from Manufacturer’s Site
iBaby M6S Vs others
iBaby M6S

Below is a picture of iBaby M6S 1080p HD camera and the App appearing on an iPhone screen.

iBaby M6S is a 1080p HD baby monitor that is a predecessor to the latest released iBaby Care M7 but costs about $100 more than iBaby M6S. The differences and the similarities below will inform you whether iBaby M6S is better despite costing almost $100 less.

In this review, we also compare how iBaby M6 does when compared side to side with other iBaby Care labs baby monitors such as iBaby M6T, iBaby M7 Lite, and iBaby M6.

iBaby M6 Series and M7 Series Security

iBaby M6 and M7 Series use AES-128 bit encryption standard which is not the highest or more secure and which is the main reason Nait Plus outranked it on our list of best wifi monitors. Other baby monitors such as Nanit Plus, Miku baby monitor, Motorola Halo Plus, Arlo baby monitor, and Safety 1st HD Wifi baby monitors use the most advanced encryption standard (AES) 256-bit encryption. You can see the full comparison with other wifi baby monitors here.

While iBaby M6S and M7 series may not be the most secure, there haven’t been any reported cases of hacking.

iBaby M6S vs M7

The iBaby M6S was released back in 2016 while M7 was released in 2017 and M7 has more sensors of volatile organic contents (VOC). Infant, they call the Ibaby M7 and M7 Lite’s sensor capabilities as providing Total Volatile Organic Content detections (TVOC) as opposed to M6’s VOC.

The video below details some of the key differences and similarities between iBaby M6S vs M7.

The table below highlights further differences and similarities between iBaby M6S and iBaby M7:

iBaby M6S iBaby M7
1080p HD resolution with night vision1080p HD resolution
No moonlight projectionsMoonlight projections
No smell sensorsSmell sensors
Air quality sensorsAir quality sensors
Pan and tiltPan and tilt
Check PriceCheck Price

iBaby M6S Vs M6T

iBaby M6S iBaby M6T
Uses 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, dual-band Wifi baby monitor Uses 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, dual-band Wifi baby monitor
No parent unit and therefore relies on the smartphone App on iOS or Android devices No parent unit and therefore relies on the smartphone App on iOS or Android devices
1080p HD video resolution720p video resolution
Camera field of view: 360-degree Horizontal, 110 degree Vertical Camera field of view: 360 degree Horizontal, 110 degree Vertical
humidity and temperature sensor humidity and temperature sensor
Free iOS and Android Apps Free iOS and Android Apps
IR night visionIR night vision
2-way communication 2-way communication
Cost $102 but can check price on Amazon today here Cost $63 but can check price on Amazon today here

iBaby M6S vs M7 Lite

iBaby M6S iBaby M7 Lite
10800p High Definition 10800p High Definition
Air quality sensor No air quality sensor
Dual-band wifi baby monitor operating in 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Dual-band wifi baby monitor operating in 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz
No Spa sounds or speakersHas spa sounds and speaker
Pan and tilt: 360º H, 110º V Pan and tilt: 360º H, 110º V
Sound and motion alertsSound and motion alerts
Play lullabies and record videos Play lullabies and record videos
Check Price Check Price

iBaby monitor m6s vs infant optics dxr-8

iBaby monitor m6s Infant optics DXR-8
Uses WIfi in 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequency bandsUses FHSS in 2.4 GHz frequency
Streams to smartphone AppsStreams to a dedicated 3.5-inch parent unit
Unlimited range LImited range of 700 ft.
No interchangeable lensHas interchangeable lens
Can potentially get hackedCannot be hacked
1080p HD videos Non-HD videos
Check PriceCheck Price

iBaby M6S Vs Arlo Baby Vs Nest

iBaby M6SArlo Baby Monitor Nest Cam Indoor
Uses Wifi to transmit signals Uses Wifi to transmit signals Uses Wifi to transmit signals
Has lullabies Has lullabies No lullabies
1080p HD videos 1080p HD videos 1080p HD videos
360 degrees pan 130 degrees pan 130 degrees pan
Designed as a baby monitor Designed as a baby monitor Designed as a security camera
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

4 Pros of iBaby M6S

We analyzed over reviews of verified customers and we realized that most positive reviews were from 2018 and earlier. The most recent reviews of iBaby M6S have not been great especially with its number #1 con listed in the next section.

Without further delay, here are what customers have had to say in praise of iBaby M6S:

  • Comes with temperature sensors and humidity sensor
  • Has quality 1080p HD resolution camera that gives crisp images of the baby.
  • The current iBaby M6S iOS app is very fast and uses a unique MFI connection to enhance connection and file transfer. You can use the latest iOS 12 on iBaby M6S.

4 Cons of iBaby M6S

Users of iBaby M6S have reported issues with the device and is currently rated 4.2/5 on Amazon by 570 users who’ve left reviews.

  1. The biggest concern and which may dampen the excited of obtaining this baby monitor is that it does not work with the latest version of Android which was released in August 2019. This essentially makes iBaby M6S an iPhone-only baby monitor as the App is currently not compatible with Android OS.
  2. Some users have also found several connections issues to wifi, phone, and the camera.
  3. Subscription-based data access on the cloud with no local storage: iBaby M6S also allows video and general data access through subscription which is not as free as other video baby monitors such as Miku baby monitor.
  4. Poor sound quality
  5. It does not come with the iBaby M6S wall mount. Essentially, the manufacturer decided to sell as an additional accessory.

iBaby M6S Red Light, Green Light

The following red and green flashing light on iBaby M6S mean the following:

  • Intermitting red and green lights flashing:The monitor is starting up or rebooting
  • Solid red light:startup successful, but the monitor is not connected to Wi-Fi
  • Solid green light:startup successful and the monitor is now connected to Wi-Fi

How To Reset iBaby M6S

Follow the following steps to reset iBaby M6S:

  • Move the iBaby M6S closer to the router and reboot the router by unplugging the power adapter from the wall outlet for 10 seconds
  • Quit the app and relaunch it again on your phone
  • Re-install your iBaby monitor and make sure that the USB cable is securely attached to your iBaby monitor and your mobile device during setup. If this does not help, you can reach out to iBaby Care Support. The video below shows how you can install iBaby Care M6S:


While iBaby M6S is cheaper than iBaby M7 by more than $50, iBaby M7 has improved features on a newly launched app that is currently rated 4.6/5. You should check out our full review of iBaby Care M7 and why we highly recommend it.

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