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Lollipop Vs Cubo Ai – Updated 2024

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The renewed Lollipop baby monitor was released to the market on January 7, 2019, and parents haven’t stopped saying great things about this baby cam. The 2019 release was an update to the earlier Lollipop that was initially released in 2016.

In this article, we’ll cover what this new one has to offer.

The new Lollipop is the first baby monitor with a reliable cry detection feature and has minimal false alerts compared to the previous model. Along with the cry detection feature, Lollipop also offers 24/7 on-cloud recording that used to be free but would now cost you $10 per month.

The Lollipop Baby Monitor by Lollipop is one of the best-rated WiFi baby monitors on the market, and it’s easy to see why. This smart monitor has a lot to offer, from its high video quality to its wifi capabilities. But what really sets this device apart are the features that make it easier for you as parents.

Lollipop is the ultimate WiFi baby monitor that allows you to watch your baby on your smartphone, tablet or PC. It relies on 2.4 GHz wifi to transmit signals from the camera to your smartphone app.

Lollipop connects to your phone (iOS and Android) and in addition to cry-detection and cloud recording features, Lollipop also has superior sensors that will instantly alert you. The sensor can do detect the following

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Air quality
  • Crossing
  • Noise
Lollipop baby monitor picture with design award tag.

In 2020, Lollipop rolled out a Lollipop camera that not only detects cry but also breath and sleep. Like other baby monitors that connect to your phone, Lollipop is a wifi-enabled baby monitor.

Lollipop also won the 2016 design awards. In this review, you’ll also get to read of its comparisons with Nanit, Nest, Arlo, and iBaby.

Lollipop is a baby monitor that connects to your phone and is one of our best wifi baby monitors in the market.

Lollipop Video Baby Monitor Review

Below is a video review of the Lollipop baby monitor.

When you purchase Lollipop baby monitor, you’ll get a package weighing 1,157 grams and has the following inside:

  • 1 baby monitor unit
  • 1 power adapter
  • 2 extension modules to ensure the cord is not in your baby’s reach.

You should note that Lollipop is currently available on Amazon but is not prime eligible which means you cannot get it shipped within a day.

Pros of Lollipop Baby Monitor

Wondering whether to get the Lollipop baby monitor and not sure whether it’s better than some others in the market such as Nanit Plus, Miku, or Arlo? Here are the key features that have made parents go for this baby cam:

1. Reliable cry detection feature:

Unlike several devices in the market that have an unreliable cry detection feature, Lollipop baby monitor claims to be 94% accurate. That’s only 6% false alarms and that should tell you how much of a relief you’ll get with this baby monitor. You won’t have to rush to your baby nursery thinking that your baby is crying when the baby is deep asleep. With no false alarms and anxiety, you and your baby can now get better sleep.

A satisfied customer shared their experience with the crying detection feature, affirming its accuracy in identifying their son’s cries specifically. Any other sound is correctly categorized as “noise detection,” based on the decibel threshold set.

Other great baby monitors with cry detection features include Invidyo and Cubo Ai Plus. Check out this other list with top baby monitor brands with cry detection feature.

2. Split-Screen Viewing of multiple cameras:

Another feature that differentiates the Lollipop baby camera from others is that supports several cameras. If you have twins, this is the first wifi baby monitor that allows you to monitor twins in separate rooms or in separate cribs and allows you to view them on the same screen using its split-screen feature. However, it is important to note that while you can view multiple cameras on Lollipop, LiveView is only possible with two cameras. To view more video feeds from more cameras, you’ll need to swipe across the screen.

3. Pair Lollipop Cam With More Than One Device (Phone or tablet)

You can also pair your Lollipop camera with more than 1 phone. It is possible to pair Lollipop with the phone of your spouse, your nanny, or even your other friends and family. You should note that you can switch from video viewing to audio-only streaming mode. You’ll still hear the baby even when your Lollipop app is not open on your phone or tablet.

A satisfied customer praised Lollipop’s capability to connect with multiple devices noting how he appreciates being able to access the camera from anywhere on my phone with the simple ‘share camera’ feature, especially when monitoring his son.

Cons: Why We Don’t Like It Very Much

We wanted to be very thorough in our review of Lollipop as most reviews available online do not touch on ALL aspects you’d expect from a baby monitor. We dug through 627 customer reviews and over 300 Lollipop app reviews on Appstore and on Playstore and below are some of the negative things about Lollipop that we didn’t like:

  1. Lollipop App keeps crashing or losing connection
  2. The Lollipop app is difficult to navigate: Te App does not allow you to stream audio-only directly from the video screen as you have to exit the video screen and navigate to find the audio icon.
  3. It does not come with inbuilt temperature, humidity and air quality sensors like most baby monitors. You can, however, buy the Lollipop Environment Sensor on Amazon here. For some period, it was not available on Amazon but as of Oct. 2023, it has restocked. Use the link to check if it is still available.

Lollipop Subscription Fees

Lollipop offers subscription services on their Lollipop Care plans to get extra monitoring features as follows:

What you get with the Lollipop subscription 

You get the following features depending on the plan you choose

  • Event video recording featuring 30-second clips for the past 7 days up to 30 days for a recap
  • Continuous video recording for you to scroll to any timeline you want to replay
  • Intelligent alerts
  • Snapshot 
  • Custom Activity Zones
  • Sleep log/ your baby’s sleep diary- yet to come

Lollipop Baby Monitor vs Nanit

Lollipop and Nanit are wifi baby monitors that utilize the 2.4 GHz frequency band to transmit audio and video signals from the camera to your smartphone app. The main advantage that Nanit and Nanit Plus have over Lollipop is that Nanit brands use both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands – making it easy to switch from one to when one band is experiencing interference. Lollipop only relies on 2.4GHz frequency that regularly experiences interference.

While Lollipop is known for its unique and accurate cry detection feature, Nanit and Nanit Pro are known for their array of sleep-tracking algorithms and insights.

The biggest difference between Nanit and Lollipop is that Lollipop has a multi-streaming feature where you can connect as many cameras as you want and stream them to your smartphone app making it ideal for monitoring twins or multiple kids. On the other hand, Nanit is not expandable and can stream from just one camera. Lollipop also misses the 2-way talk feature that Nanit has.

The table below has more comparative features.

Known for having cry detection feature that is very reliable with limited false alarmsKnown for having a patented sleep algorithm that will provide valuable insights to enable your baby to have better sleep.
105 degrees field of view <90 degrees field of view
Uses 2.4 GHz frequency banduses both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequency bands
It is expandable and can pair several cameras and stream them to your smartphone screen – on split-screen mode, you can see several video footage from several cameras at onceExpandable, can pair 2 cameras and view on split-screen
Lollipop uses a lower encryption standard, AES-128 encryption bit but there haven’t been cases of Lollipop getting hacked. Learn how to secure your wifi monitor here. It uses a more advanced encryption standard, AES-256-bit encryption, and is considered more secure
720p HD video quality 960p HD video quality
8 LED infrared lights 10 LED infrared lights
Does not support 2-way audio but you can Press the ‘Push To Talk” button and can talk to your baby. 2-way talk
Not HSA/FSA eligible HSA/FSA eligible
It is compatible with Alexa home and uses Lollipop Alexa Skill which you can install on your phone here. It is compatible with Alexa home and uses Nanit Alexa Skill which you can install on your phone. Nanit Pro also integrates with Alexa and Google Home Hub.
Initially, Lollipop offered free monthly cloud storage but now charges $10/month It has cloud storage fees. The storage fees and insights are free in the first year and thereafter, it will cost you $50/year for a 7-day story history, $100/year for 10 days of cloud storage, and $300/year for unlimited storage history.
Has temperature sensors but you can purchase an additional sensor. Has temperature sensors
Check PriceCheck Price

Lollipop vs Cubo Ai:

Design and Aesthetics

  • Lollipop Camera: Known for its unique, flexible tail design, the Lollipop Camera can be easily attached to various surfaces and positioned at optimal angles for monitoring your baby. Its playful, lollipop-shaped design comes in multiple colors, blending well with nursery decor.
  • Cubo Ai Plus: Cubo Ai Plus features a more traditional baby monitor look with a sleek, modern design. It comes with a stand and can be placed on a shelf or mounted on the wall. Its minimalist design is attractive, though less distinctive than the Lollipop.

Camera Features and Quality

  • Lollipop Camera: Offers high-quality video streaming with night vision capabilities. The camera provides a clear image and has a wide-angle lens, allowing parents to see more of the nursery.
  • Cubo Ai Plus: Boasts a slightly higher resolution camera compared to the Lollipop, with excellent night vision and a wide-angle lens. Additionally, Cubo Ai Plus offers covered face and rollover alerts through its camera technology.

Smart Features and AI Capabilities

  • Lollipop Camera: Provides smart noise detection, distinguishing between a baby’s cries and other background noises. It lacks some of the more advanced AI features found in the Cubo Ai Plus but offers a reliable, straightforward monitoring experience.
  • Cubo Ai Plus: Stands out with its advanced AI features, including cry detection, danger zone alerts, and covered face/rollover alerts. These features are designed to provide an extra layer of safety by alerting parents to potential risks.

App Usability and Notifications

  • Lollipop Camera: The app is user-friendly, offering intuitive navigation and customizable alerts. Users can set specific noise or crying thresholds for notifications.
  • Cubo Ai Plus: The Cubo Ai app is highly praised for its ease of use and informative notifications. It provides detailed insights into your baby’s sleep patterns and sends alerts for the AI-detected events.

Overall Value for the Price

  • Lollipop Camera: Generally considered to offer good value for its price, especially for parents who prioritize design and basic monitoring features over advanced AI capabilities.
  • Cubo Ai Plus: While more expensive, the additional cost is justified for many by its advanced AI safety features and higher camera quality. It’s a good investment for parents seeking peace of mind through more sophisticated monitoring technology. Check the Price of Cubo Ai on Amazon here.


The choice between the Lollipop Camera and Cubo Ai Plus largely depends on what parents value most in a baby monitor. The Lollipop Camera is a great choice for those who appreciate design flexibility and a straightforward monitoring experience. On the other hand, the Cubo Ai Plus is ideal for parents who prioritize advanced monitoring/AI features and higher camera quality to ensure their baby’s safety. Both offer distinct advantages, making them well-suited to different needs and preferences.

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Lollipop Baby Monitor vs Arlo

We have done some rigorous analysis comparing Lollipop baby monitor and Arlo cameras including and specifically Arlo baby monitor. While Lollipop is known for its great cry detection feature which Arlo cameras do not have, Lollipop also has minimal video delays.

The table below shows many features that we found out as we researched Lollipop baby monitor vs Arlo:

Lollipop Baby Monitor Arlo Baby Monitor
Has cry detection featureNo cry detection feature
With the additional purchase of a special sensor, Lollipop can detect temperature, air quality and humidity. You can check the price and availability of the sensor here. It comes with inbuilt sensors that detect the following: temperature, humidity, and air quality (VOCs level).
Initially, Lollipop offered free monthly cloud storage but now charges $10/monthNo monthly cloud storage fees
Manufactured by Lollipop Manufactured by Netgear
2-way talk2-way talk
Made in Taiwan by an outsourced partnerMade in Taiwan by an outsourced partner, Foxconn
105 degrees field of view 110 to 130 degrees field of view
Works with Alexa but does not work with Google Home or with Apple’s HomekitWorks with Alexa, Google Home Hub, and Homekit
No nightlightHas nightlight
720p HD video quality 1080p HD video quality
Has a room temperature sensor sold separatelyComes with an inbuilt room temperature sensor.
Check PriceCheck Price

Lollipop Baby Monitor vs iBaby M7

Lollipop baby monitor’s features are close to those of iBaby Care M7 and we did some in-depth comparison to see which was is better between Lollipop and iBaby M7. Both are wifi-enabled baby monitors that stream videos to your phone through smartphone apps. Another similarity between the two is that Lollipop retails at a price close to that of iBaby M7.

If you are looking for a camera that has a very wide field of view, iBaby M7 is probably your best choice as it has 360 degrees field of view covering your entire nursery. The table below shows more details of the Lollipop baby monitor vs iBaby M7.

LollipopiBaby M7
Has a cry detection featureDoes not have a cry detection feature
Uses only 2.4GHz frequency bandUses either 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz frequency, bands
720p HD video quality 1080p HD video quality
Does not have a pan and tiltHas pan and tilt
105 degrees field of view 360 degrees field of view
Streams to iOS or Android devices. iOS users have rated it 1.9/5 and Android users have rated it 3.7/5 Streams to iOS or Android devices. iOS users have rated it 4.5/5 and Android users have rated it 3.2/5
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Lollipop Baby Monitor

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Lollipop Baby Monitor vs Nest

Nest and Lollipop are both Wifi baby monitors that stream from the camera directly to your smartphone app. Similar to Nest, Lollipop also allows you to set up motion detection features which is not very common in baby monitors. Both Lollipop and Nest have won the Design Awards in different years. Lollipop won the ward in 2016 and Nest IQ won it in 2018.

While Nest is designed as a security camera and has features suited for a surveillance camera, it can be turned into a baby monitor just like Lollipop. It, however, lacks some features you’d find in Lollipop such as nightlight features, lullabies, and cry detection. The table below explores more features that differentiate the Lollipop baby monitor from Nest.

Lollipop baby monitorNest
Has nightlight and lullabiesNo nightlight and no lullabies
720p HD video quality1080p HD video quality
Compatible with Google Home Hub and Alexa Home. Compatible with Google Home Hub
Has a motion detection feature Has a motion detection feature
105 degrees field of view 130 degrees field of view
Initially, Lollipop offered free monthly cloud storage but now charges $10/month Has subscription fees
Streams to iOS or Android devices. iOS users have rated it 1.9/5 and Android users have rated it 3.7/5 Streams to iOS or Android devices. iOS users have rated it 1.7/5 and Android users have rated it 3.3/5
You do not need to keep the app open to hear audio only You need to keep the app open to keep hearing audio only

Lollipop Baby Monitor Security & Hacking

Lollipop uses AES-128 bit encryption which means it is secure if you follow all the necessary security procedures to set it up. Unlike Nanit Plus or Miku baby monitors that have AES-256 bit encryption, Lollipop uses a lower-security encryption standard but as of this publication, there haven’t been any reported cases of Lollipop hacking. You can read more about baby monitors that have been hacked.

If you are worried about the security of getting your Lollipop baby monitor getting hacked, you can choose the lollipop baby monitor privacy mode. Lollipop baby monitor privacy mode allows you to view videos directly from your Lollipop camera in the nursery to your app without loading it to the Amazon Web Servers(AWS). The event videos will not leave your home as the privacy mode will basically disconnect the connection of the camera to the AWS. You, however, need to be connected to the same Wifi network.

In February 2023, an influencer mom claimed Lollipop monitor had been hacked. Read more.

Lollipop baby monitor radiation/EMF

Lollipop baby monitor is a wireless digital baby monitor and like all other digital devices, Lollipop emits EMF radiation. It is, however, voice-activated which means it only streams video and audio signals when activated by your baby’s crying.

According to Lollipop’s SAR, Lollipop passed the FCC’s EMF radiation guidelines and does not exceed the max EMF limit of 4W/Kg.

Lollipop Baby Monitor Apps

The Lollipop baby monitor app is rated very poorly by iOS users. We checked its current rating on Appstore and 152 users have given it an average of 1.9/5. There was an update to the Lollipop iOS app around June 2019 and several users have reported cases of the app not connecting to the camera at all. You can read more about Lollipop iOS app reviews on Appstore here.

On the other hand, 150 Android users have given it a decent rating of 3.7/5. Similar to the issue raised by iOS users, Android users also complained about the app freezing frequently after its latest update. More than 10,000 users have downloaded this App on Google Playstore.

Where to buy lollipop baby monitor

You can buy a Lollipop baby monitor on online retail stores such as Amazon which is preferred for most Lollipop customers. Actually, more than 600 users purchase Lollipop from different Amazon stores in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe. For some time the Lollipop baby monitor was not on amazon but is now available and you can check it here.

Lollipop Baby Monitor FAQs

Is Lollipop compatible with Alexa Home?

Yes, the Lollipop baby monitor is compatible with Alexa Home and you can take advantage of Echo Show and Echo spot and turn your Lollipop baby monitor into an Echo show baby monitor.

Lollipop baby monitor battery life

Lollipop baby monitor’s camera is not battery operated and therefore does not work if not plugged into the AC power outlet. If you are looking for battery-operated baby monitors, you can navigate from the menu bar of this website or search this site for our 10 best battery-operated baby monitors.

Lollipop baby monitor audio mode

You can choose to stream video and audio or you can choose to stream your Lollipop audio feed only. Read more about how you can do this on the review above.

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Lollipop Baby Monitor

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