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Motorola Connect40 vs 60 vs 75 vs 85 Review

Naomi Lambert

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In this post, I have briefly reviewed Motorola Connect40 and compared it with Motorola Connect60, Comfort75, and Comfort 85.  Except for Motorola Comfort75, all these Motorola models of videos baby monitors are wifi-enabled with capabilities for viewing using the app and the handheld units and I’ll have a more detailed comparison below. 

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About Motorola Connect40 baby monitor

Motorola Connect40 gives you the option to see and hear your baby through the app with unlimited range or using the parent unit which has a range of 1000 ft. outdoors and about 165 ft. indoors. Over 1500 parents have given it an average review rating of 4.2/5.

Here is a quick introductory video by the manufacturer:

Key features

Audio & Video Features

Its parent unit features an impressive 5-inch screen display (720p) with superb picture quality. You will love the infrared night vision that gives you sharp images of your baby. Even best, Connect40 audio works in the background when the screen is off. The camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom functions are digital, so you can only move the camera on the app and not the monitor.

On the downside, however, the camera has no internal battery which means the connection is absent during power interruption. In addition, parents complain about an annoying blue light that blinks when the camera is connected. The camera has a battery life of 8 to 10 hours.


Connect40 lets you record feeds and upload them on the cloud depending on the period you choose from the Hubble Service Plan so you can share or playback later.


 If you want to monitor your kiddo remotely, the Connect40 is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones via their Hubble Connected App using your home Wi-Fi. This app also offers free a growth & development tracker as well as parenting & sleep tips, but you may need to subscribe to Essentials & Select plans. Even best, the camera is voice assistant enabled and works well with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to help you operate it using your voice.


 Connect40 features a two-way talk feature with a high-sensitivity microphone and speaker for crystal clear sounds when communicating with your kid. Although it monitors the temperature, most of the time the readings are way off and erratic.

Below are some of the features of this Connect40 model;

  • 2-way audio communication
  • 5-inch display
  • Hubble Connected App
  • Record & playback

Comparisons of Motorola Connect40 Vs others

What I have learned throughout my years as a parent is that a decent baby monitor, one that is worth the value for your money, is only as good as its reliability. Is it an audio baby monitor that helps you hear and connect with your little one? Or a video baby monitor that allows that and visual aid? It all comes down to what facilitates your ability to become a more ubiquitous parent.

So, how does the Connect40 compare to her sisters and cousins?

Motorola Connect40 vs Connect60

Both Motorola Connect40 and Connect60 have 5-inch displays and are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones via the downloadable Hubble Connected App. The two baby monitors offer digital pan, tilt, and zoom abilities so you can adjust your viewing angle remotely for a closer look.

Like the Connect 40, Connect60 requires a cloud subscription via the Hubble app in order record and store videos, and they both have motion alerts and temperature monitoring. Also, their cameras have to be charged continuously. Data is stored on paid cloud in both.


Unlike the Connect40, however, the buttons on the Connect60’s parent unit are intuitive and well-positioned, each designated for a particular function. Also, the screen resolution for the Connect60 is Full-HD 1080p compared to Connect40’s 720p HD. 


For security, Motorola Connect60 uses a combination of P2P tech and AES 128-bit encryption. This is more secure than with the previous model which relies on your Wi-Fi encryption. 

Other features & Pricing:

Also, Motorola Connect60 has two models – 2020 with 1 & 2 cameras as well as the 2021 upgrade with 1 & 2 cameras. In terms of price, the Connect60 cheapest model is approx. $10 pricier Connect40. But Connect60 has 10 pre-loaded nature sounds, audiobooks, and lullabies.

Battery life: 

Even with more features, upgrades, and camera varieties in the Connect60, the Connect40 seems to sweep most parents by their feet as it is the most popular baby monitor. Compare that to the 8 to 10 hours camera battery life with to 1 to 3 hours in the Connect60. Also, Connect40 has many positive customer reviews on Amazon (1,100+) buys compared to her counterpart.

Motorola Connect40 vs Comfort75


Both Motorola Connect40 and Comfort75 have loads of common features including a 5-inch display screen, two-way talk, room temperature monitoring, a highly-sensitive mic, and 5 pre-loaded lullabies for soothing your fussy baby. Both cameras offer remote digital zoom, pan, and tilt so you can get the full view of your little one’s room. In addition, they are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones via the Hubble Connected App with extra parenting features at an extra fee. Their cameras have to be charged continuously and data in both is stored on a paid cloud.


Motorola Comfort75 is a non-wifi video baby monitor that only supports local viewing while Motorola Connect40 supports both local viewing using the handheld unit and app-based viewing with wifi connection.  

The Motorola Comfort75 baby monitor, however, has the upper hand in terms of options as you have a choice between a monitor with 1 or 2 cameras. The single-camera option is about $130 and the 2-camera Comfort 75 is about $260. On the other hand, Motorola Connect40 only comes with one camera but is expandable and can support up to 4 cameras. You can also pair up to 4 cameras on Comfort75. 

Motorola Comfort75 Video Baby Monitor

Warranty: 12 months
Range: 1000 ft.
Screen Size: 5" LCD
Battery Life : 4 Hours
Zoom : 2X & 4X
Number of Reviews:
Non-Wifi Range: 1000 ft.
Quality of images & videos: 720p HD
Pan (horizontal) and Tilt (vertical): Not listed
Alarm timer:
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On top of that, the Comfort75 excels in terms of an easy user interface with a single button for each function (like the Connect60) on the parent unit. On the parent unit, you will see 6 light indicators that show you the battery status, pairing, and sound levels which makes it better and user-friendly than the Connect40. Read more about it in this manual. Comfort75 is relatively cheaper than Connect40, and its parent unit can work with either a battery or power adapter.

If you want a non-wifi option that you can use at home, go for Comfort75. If you want a local-viewing option with the handheld unit and viewing using the app with wifi when away from home, get the Connect40. 

Motorola Connect40 vs Comfort85

Both Motorola Connect40 and Comfort85 baby monitors have 5-inch display screens with great image quality for day and night vision. They also monitor temperature, have a two-way talk with fantastic mic and sound quality as well as 5 pre-loaded lullabies.

Motorola Nursery CONNECT40 Baby Monitor (Binatone) (VM40CONNECT)

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In addition, you can remotely pan, tilt, or zoom your camera for better viewing, and there is a downloadable Hubble Connected App for connecting with your iOS or Android smartphone. The buttons format on the parent unit is similar on both 40 & 85 parent units, and the extra features on the Hubble app require a subscription. Recordings and playbacks are available on subscribed cloud on the app.

Motorola Baby COMFORT85 Connect Video Baby & Home Monitor

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The Motorola Comfort85 baby monitor, however, has two cameras with multi-color mood light that appears when playing lullabies. But when it comes to popularity, functionality, and positive reviews, the Connect40 baby monitor waves the flag (1,100+).

Motorola Connect40-2

The Motorola Connect40-2 is just like the Connect40 baby monitor with all the features stated above, just that it comes with 2 cameras for monitoring two rooms consecutively.

Motorola Nursery CONNECT40 Baby Monitor (Binatone) (VM40CONNECT)

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Motorola Connect40 Manual

If there is anything you wish to learn about the Motorola Connect40 baby monitor, you can get all the relevant information in its user manual. From how to interpret the readings on your screen to set-up, connection with the Hubble App, among other things, all this data is available. Luckily for you, I found a manual for the Motorola Connect40, Connect40-2, Connect40-3, and Connect40-4 right here.