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The Best Outdoor Baby Gates to Keep Baby Safe Outside

Sandra W Bullock

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Finding the best outdoor baby gate is your first step to securing your little one outdoors. While there are many hazards indoors, there are also a ton of harmful hazards outdoors.

If you have a deck, patio, or porch then it’s important to babyproof it with a reliable safety outdoor gate. But I understand the challenge of finding a good one. I have personally shopped for a gate for my kid to use outside – especially when playing.

Most gates are designed for indoor use but with careful analysis of top brands, we found safe ones you can pick. We found great choices that you can rely on to give you a sturdy and rust-free barrier with secure child lock and closing mechanisms that you can rely on.

We spent 30+ hours coming up with outdoor baby gates suitable for outdoor play yards and decks. Your baby can have fun-filled outside adventures and you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable barrier assuring you safety of your child.

In the next section, you can read our reviews of our top outdoor baby gates available in the market today. Before the reviews, let me answer some common questions first;

Can baby gates be used outside?

Most baby gates are designed for indoor use but there are top brands designed for outdoor use. Our picks below do not necessarily have to be permanently installed outdoors as they are lightweight and portable.

So, which areas should you babyproof outdoors?

If you have decks or backyards with swimming pools, exits with stairs, and spaces between the grills on your porch or balcony you need an outdoor baby gate. All these places are dangerous for young children. You can also install outdoor gates on stair barriers, play yards, and deck netting.

Below is a quick comparison table of outdoor baby gates with our top picks;

Best Outdoor Gates: Comparison of Top Brands

Outdoor Gate BrandMaximum WidthGate Height
Cardinal Outdoor Gate – Top Pick42.5 inches29.5 inches
Summer Infant Walk-Thru Gate42 inches28 inches
The North States Super Yard Gate for Play Yards18 sq feet/16 ft stretched into a gate26 inches
Retract-A-Gate52 inches34 inches
Regalo Super Wide Outdoor Baby gate192 inches28 inches
Summer Infant Pop n Play Portable Gate14 sq ft16 inches
Perma Retractable Wide Outdoor Gate71 inches40 inches
Cardinal Deck Shield Netting Gate50 ft 36 inches

In the next section, I review each of our 8 top picks;

Overall Best Outdoor Baby Gate

1. Cardinal Gates Outdoor Child Safety:

The overall best outdoor baby gate you can find in the market today is the Cardinal Gate. We picked it because it is a weatherproof brand with adjustable width.

When doing our outdoor picks, this gate stood out because of its all-metal build, which makes it easy for adults to use yet hard for toddlers to open. For extra safety, it has a swing stop to keep it from opening over in outdoor installations including a flight of outdoor stairs as shown in the image below.

Overall best baby gate for outdoors - 1. Cardinal Gates Outdoor Child Safety: For Patios and Outdoor Gate for Top of Stairs

It is one of the high-quality baby gates in the market, seeing that it uses steel parts and lightweight aluminum while others use less sturdy plastic parts. It has a powder coat finish that makes it weather-resistant and rustproof, hence suitable for outdoor use.

Because its hardware is mounted and very sturdy, the Cardinal gate can be mounted on top of the stairs or bottom of the stairs.

The door is designed to swing both ways, but it has an optional stop bracket that you can use to make it open in only one direction, like when you have mounted the gate on top of the stairs and don’t want the door opening towards the stairs. Plus, the latch is simple and easy for adults to open but very hard for toddlers to figure out.

It comes in variable lengths from 27 inches to 45 inches to cover different entrances for patios, decks, and other outside areas. Its height is 29.5 inches making it hard for little children to climb over and a 2.5-inch bar spacing also makes it impossible for them to slip through.

This gate is designed to be mounted permanently and is easy to do with just four screws being required to set it up. Plus, unlike most of its competitors that can only be installed perpendicular to a wall, this gate can be set up to a 30-degree angle, making it a versatile option for posts and railings that are not properly lined.

If you have more than 42.5 inches to cover, you don’t have to look for another gate; Cardinal sells 10.5 and 21.75 inches extensions to cover your desired space. Also, the gates come in black, white, and brown finishes that blend well in many homes.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Rustproof
  • Can open both ways
  • Has an optional stop bracket
  • Can be installed at an odd angle
  • Can easily be removed from permanent mounts when needed
  • Extra extensions are available for sale
  • Available in three finishes


  • Some have found it tricky to operate the latch on one hand
  • Mounting hardware may rust
  • Difficult to install

Best Plastic Outdoor Baby Gate for Decks and Patios:

2. Summer Infant Outdoor Walk Thru Gate with Door

If you find the top pick above made of metal heavy, this second pick by Summer Infant is made of plastic making it very light, and is the perfect choice for those looking for an easily accessible walk-through outdoor baby door/gate.

Because it is made using sturdy plastic, this simple gate can withstand all weather conditions without disintegrating or rusting, unlike most metal gates. And with both pressure and hardware mounting options, you can choose to set it anywhere you wish on the deck, patio, top, or bottom of stairs.

The dual lock mechanism is relatively easy to open and close, and there is no threshold bar to cause tripping.

2. Summer Infant Outdoor Walk Thru Gate with Door

It is a very versatile gate that can be used on decks and patios, indoors, and both at the top or bottom of stairs. It is not as sturdy as our first choice, but it will get the work done and is also cheaper. It fits openings 27.5 inches to 42 inches wide and stands 28 inches tall.

This gate is made of rugged plastic, so it stands unaffected by harsh outdoor weather. It has a stopper to prevent it from swinging outward over stairs and doesn’t have a threshold, so there is no tripping.

It has three options for mounting it: by pressure, using adhesive tape, and with hardware. If mounting at the top of stairs, then using hardware is the only appropriate method. However, if it is just to seal off an area, you can use a pressure mount. Adhesive tape should also not be used to mount outside where it will be exposed to the elements.


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Weather-resistant plastic
  • Budget-friendly pricing


  • Users complained that the plastic feels very tight, making it difficult to open and close
  • The weight causes the screws to come off the wall the more one opens and closes

The Safest Outdoor Baby Gate

3. North States Superyard Colorplay Ultimate Playard

If you need a safe playing space for your little one in the backyard, porch, or even in the house, look no further than the North State Superyard. This gate comes third in this 2022 list of top outdoor baby gates most ideal for play yards.

It is a popular choice for many families because it’s roomy, sturdy, user-friendly, and colorful. It is one of our best choices for extra wide spaces because it stretches over 16 feet wide and uses high-quality plastic to withstand the elements. However, we didn’t like that you have to buy the hardware for mounting as a gate separately.

The superyard comes with 6 panels that connect to provide up to 18 square feet of interior space and a height of 26 inches. If you need more space, the company sells an optional 2-panel extension that will extend the total space to 34.4 square feet.

It has an easy access door that has a safety latch and a lock. Adults are able to open and close with ease, but the mechanism is impossible for young toddlers and difficult for bigger kids.

We love that this super yard is completely adaptable to fit your space. You can use four panels to make it smaller or add two to enlarge once your child is bigger or if they have a playmate visiting, requiring more room. Also, the six panels are easy to attach and can be configured to any shape, including square, circular, and rectangular.

It’s easy to put together because panels come interlocked and folded. And when you want to put it away or transport it to the park or beach or to a friend’s house, it folds compactly and can be carried with included straps.


  • Suitable to use indoors and outdoors
  • High quality and durable
  • Non-toxic plastic, safe for teething babies to chew on it
  • Can be configured to many shapes and sizes
  • Lightweight and portable with carrying handle
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Great pricing


  • Some reviewers found it difficult to open and close the door with one hand
  • Needs a lot of strength to fold and unfold panels to transform into different shapes

Best Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

4. Retract-A-Gate Safety Gate 52″ White

Our next brand is suitable if you want an outdoor gate that is retractable and certified for both indoor and outdoor use. The manufacturer claims that it has been extensively tested in wet, rainy seasons and hot, dry summers and going per the reviews, no one is complaining of any rust.

Aside from being rectractable gate that’s easy to pull, this gate is JPMA-certified which means that it meets all these CPSC safety standards for gates including the 30lbs minimum push force. It actually indicates that it is certified for up to 200 pounds of push out force and for top and bottom stair use.

I really like that it is made of transparent mesh which enables you to effortlessly monitor the other side of the gate, whether it be a hallway, staircase, patio, or any other space you choose to block off. Users have specifically mentioned that the mesh doesn’t sag, making it a strong and reliable barrier for your child.

The gate is made of tough mesh and sturdy plastic hardware. Once installed, these gates look attractive. You can choose from black, white, or brown mesh. It has a smooth one-handed operation when opening or closing.

An important thing to note is that retractable gates are not recommended for top of stairs, so if you have stairs on your deck or porch, this gate is not safe to be used at the top.


  • Suitable for any size opening
  • Automatically retracts
  • Easy to remove from mounting brackets


  • Not suitable for top of stairs
  • Bigger kids may be able to destroy the mesh
  • Can be difficult to open or close on one hand

Best Outdoor Baby Gate for Decks and Patios:

5. Regalo Super Wide Outdoor Baby Gate:

If you prefer an extra-wide gate to keep your little one safe on elevated outdoor decks and patios, the Regalo Super Wide Outdoor Baby Gate is your best option.

I chose this item specifically because it is hardware-mounted, providing you with the confidence and reliability that comes with a secure hardware installation. You can trust that your baby won’t accidentally fall from the deck. Additionally, it is constructed with durable steel, making it perfect for outdoor use.

This expandable baby gate can be adjusted to fit openings up to 192 inches, making it ideal for wide spaces such as hallways, decks, or outdoor areas. With eight 24-inch panels, it can be configured into a play yard of any shape, providing 19 square feet of safe playing space. The gate can rise to a height of 28 inches, effectively containing your child and ensuring their safety.

If it wasn’t for the burn hazard that results from its exposure to heat in the fireplace, this brand also makes a great fireplace safety gate.

The gate is made of steel for sturdiness and durability, but it may rust with continued exposure during the rainy season, which is the reason it sits lower on our list. There is a walk-through door that has a double lock lever handle to let adults pass through easily and yet confounding and difficult for toddlers.

For convenience, the gate panels fold up compactly for storage and transportation.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Made from durable steel frame
  • Sturdy even when a toddler tries to shake or hang
  • Easy to install, remove, and store away
  • No tools needed for adjustment
  • Nice looking


  • The plastic hardware break overtime when the gate is pulled on, and caps are tightened
  • The company doesn’t sell replacement hardware

Best Portable Outdoor Baby Gate

6. Summer Infant Pop N Play Portable Playard

Our 6th is the Summer Infant Pop N Play and is excellent for play yards. A play yard may not keep your baby from the stairs, but it will provide a safe place for them to play indoors or outdoors. The Summer Infant Pop n Play Playard appealed to us as a suitable option to use outdoors since it comes with a sturdy frame and a weather-resistant floor canvas.

It is made of a lightweight yet sturdy metal frame that makes it impossible for small kids to tip or topple over. The sides are made from breathable nylon mesh that allows you to see what your baby is doing from a distance, while the canvas floor prevents dirt and any wetness from getting to your baby. Therefore this Playard is suitable for any outdoor setting.

You should also know that this baby gate folds compactly and comes with a travel bag with a handle, so it is easy to carry to wherever you need to use it. Plus, it provides 14 square feet of interior space, which is plenty for little tots and their siblings or friends to play together with their toys. It is also easy to clean using just a damp cloth and detergent.


  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Perfect for grassy areas and the beach
  • Provides more than twice playing space that ordinary playards
  • Has a water-resistant floor
  • Compact folding and easily portable with carrying bag
  • Very attractive


  • The floor is thin
  • Unsteady babies may bump their heads on support bars, but some parents have used pool noodles for cushioning

7. Perma Retractable and Extra Wide Outdoor baby gate

The Perma Child is designed specifically for outdoor use, unlike many other retractable gates that can also be used indoors. It is perfect for covering stairs to your deck or terrace, porch, backyard, or any other outdoor locations. With a width extending to 71 inches, this gate can fit all spaces, narrow and wide.

It is made completely with weather-resistant materials, durable mesh, and rust-proof fixtures that do not need to be brought inside when it rains or snows.

For those looking for a tall gate, the Perma Child is among the tallest, rising to almost 40 inches high, and there is no way your active toddler can climb over it.

As a busy parent, you will love that the opening and closing mechanism only needs one hand so you can carry groceries and other things with your other hand. It also has a dual-action locking mechanism that is secure, so there is no way for your child to be able to open or escape.

These retractable gates come in four color options, so you will easily find one that suits your home.


  • Weather-resistant, designed to be left outdoors permanently
  • Fits extra-wide spaces
  • It is extra tall
  • Four colors to choose from


  • Mounting screws tend to fall off, so you might need to buy extra
  • Not durable, the mesh becomes saggy, and the bottom latch breaks off within months of use.

8. Cardinal Gates Deck Shield Netting

Deck shield netting - great gate for balcony or porch outdoors

If you are worried about your little one slipping through the gaps between railings on your balcony or porch, adding this netting will put your mind at ease. It is just a soft webbing of nylon material that goes around where you want to cover and affixes to your post sealing dangerous gaps.

Cardinal Gates Deck Shield 15' Roll, Black
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The material measures 50 feet long and 36 inches high and comes with zip ties to attach to posts. Many also love that it is soft enough to cut with regular scissors and that it doesn’t obstruct the view. Because it comes in black, it looks attractive up close but barely noticeable when looking from outside.

Other top outdoor baby gates

Outdoor baby gate for top of stairs

If you are looking for an outdoor baby gate for the top of the stairs, the Cardinal Gate Outdoor is ideal. It’s made using steel and aluminum parts overlaid with a protective powder-coated finish, making this gate resistant to harsh weather conditions and rust outdoors. In addition, the solid metal structure and hardware mounting system provide sturdiness for the top of the stair application. At the same time, an optional stop bracket prevents the gate from opening over the stairs for safety.

Outdoor baby gate no drill

Want an outdoor baby gate that doesn’t require drilling? Retract-A-Gate is the best option in the market. It is a sturdy weather-resistant mesh gate that is JMPA recommended for use at the top or bottom of stairs and doesn’t require drilling if you use the Stair Banister Adapter Kit (sold separately). 

Expandable outdoor baby gate

The North States Superyard Colorplay Ultimate Playard is one of the best expandable baby gates in the market. It comes with six panels to provide your child with up to 18.5 inches of playing space. And if more space is needed to accommodate more playmates you can get more panels to expand the playard to eight panels that interlock to provide a massive 34.4 square feet of space. It is made of plastic hence suitable to use indoors and outdoors. 

Freestanding outdoor baby gate

Evenflo Versatile Play Space is one of the best freestanding baby gates in the market. It is a versatile structure that you can stretch to use as a barrier to keep your baby safe from dangerous places in the house, or you can fold the panels and interlock them to create a spacious play space for your child on the lawn. 

It’s made from high-quality plastic, feels sturdy, and panels easily fold and unfold for convertibility and storage. Its legs are reversible with outdoor stakes to provide stability on the lawn so your child cannot tip it over when playing.

For indoor outdoor baby gate, my favorite is Summer Infant Indoor Outdoor Multifunction Walk Thru Gate

Best outdoor retractable baby gate

Retract-A-Gate Safety Gate is the best choice if looking for a retractable baby gate for outdoor use. That is because it is made with the toughest mesh fabric that is UV and mildew resistant, and this means it’s designed to survive hot summers and rainy seasons.

Extra wide outdoor baby gate/large outdoor baby gate

 The Regalo Plastic 192 Super Wide Adjustable baby gate is one of the largest outdoor baby gates in the market. It stretches into a 192 inches barrier for use when you want to fence large outdoor areas where your child can play safely.  You can also fold up the six panels to transform them into a roomy playard in different shapes.

For a retractable outdoor baby gate, go for Perma Retractable Extra Wide Outdoor Gate

Pressure-mounted outdoor baby gates Safety (are pressure-mounted baby gates safe?)

Pressure-mounted gates are secured in place using pressure against the walls or doorframe; as such, they are not sturdy enough to use on top of the stairs where a child might lean over and risk falling. But, they are safe to use at the bottom of the stairs and for separating sections within the same floor.

How to choose the perfect baby gate for use outside:

8 Features to Consider:

An outdoor baby safety gate is designed to provide a secure area for infants and toddlers to play in while outdoors, minimizing the risk of injury or wandering off. A good outdoor baby safety gate should possess several key features to ensure it’s effective and convenient for outdoor use. Here are some characteristics that make an outdoor baby safety gate great:

  1. Weather-Resistant Materials: The gate should be made from materials that can withstand various weather conditions, such as UV rays, rain, and temperature extremes, without deteriorating. Materials like heavy-duty plastic, stainless steel, or powder-coated metals are commonly used for their durability and resistance to rust and fading.
  2. Sturdiness and Stability: The gate must be strong enough to resist being pushed over by a child. It should come with a secure mounting system that can anchor it firmly to the ground or attach it to a solid structure, depending on the design.
  3. Safety Features: Look for gates with safety locks that are child-proof yet easy for adults to operate. The gate should not have any sharp edges or points, and the spacing between bars should prevent a child’s head from getting stuck.
  4. Portability and Ease of Assembly: An ideal outdoor gate is lightweight and easy to assemble or disassemble, making it convenient for families to take it on trips or move it around the yard.
  5. Adjustability and Expandability: A gate that can be adjusted in width or expanded with additional sections can fit a variety of spaces and grow with your child’s play area needs.
  6. Visibility: It should offer good visibility so parents can easily monitor their child’s activities from a distance.
  7. Non-toxic Materials: Since babies and toddlers tend to put things in their mouths, ensuring that the gate is made from non-toxic materials is crucial for their safety.
  8. Aesthetic Appeal: While not a safety feature, a gate that looks good in your outdoor space is a bonus, as it doesn’t detract from the overall look of your yard or garden.

Avoid safety gate brands with these non-outdoor-friendly features:

To pick the best safety gates for open air exposure, we avoided brands with the following features;

  1. Non-Weatherproof Materials: Outdoor gates should be made from materials resistant to rust, decay, and damage from UV exposure. Avoid gates made from materials that can easily deteriorate when exposed to the elements, such as certain metals that rust or woods that can rot.
  2. Complex Locking Mechanisms: While a secure lock is essential, overly complicated locking mechanisms can be problematic outdoors. They may become difficult to operate due to dirt, debris, or corrosion. Look for a gate with a simple yet effective locking system that won’t become a hassle over time.
  3. Gaps or Openings Too Large: Avoid gates with gaps or openings larger than 2 inches (about 5 cm). Larger openings can pose a risk for children to stick their heads through or climb over the gate, leading to potential injuries.
  4. Sharp Edges or Points: Outdoor gates should not have sharp edges or points that could cause injury if a child were to come into contact with them. Smooth finishes and rounded edges are safer options.
  5. Lack of Stability or Strength: Gates that are not designed to withstand outdoor conditions may lack stability, risking collapse if leaned on or pushed by a child. Avoid lightweight or flimsily constructed gates that do not offer solid anchorage to the ground or adjacent structures.
  6. Toxic Paints or Coatings: Since outdoor gates are exposed to the elements, any paint or coating used should be non-toxic and safe for children. Avoid gates treated with potentially harmful chemicals that could leach out when wet or over time.
  7. Difficult to Install or Adjust: Gates that are complex to install or difficult to adjust for a secure fit can lead to improper installation, reducing their effectiveness and safety. Look for a gate that offers an easy installation process with clear instructions and adjustable features to fit your specific outdoor space properly.