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Owlet Sock 3 Vs 2: How Much Better Is V3

Sandra W Bullock

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Owlet Smart Sock 3 is better than Smart Sock 2 and the extra $50 is worth every dollar. In summary, Owlet Smart Sock 3 is better than the Owlet 2 (V2) when you consider the consistency of readings, the magnetic wireless charging that is fast, the improved sleek design, the improved technology, and the improved sleep trends data.

I should explain that about a year after Owlet Smart Sock 3 (V3) was released FDA insisted that Owlet should seek FDA clearance as it classified it as a medical device. Almost 2 years later when Owlet Smart Sock 3 was relaunched with Babysat device, Owlet entirely discontinued the V2 Sock.

That said I have given details of how the V3 Smart Sock was improved compared to the V2 model.

I’ve explained in detail below:

First, you’ll like and perhaps appreciate getting readings consistently from your baby even when the baby’s feet are in gentle motion (wiggling), thanks to Owlet Smart Sock 3’s super-sensitive sensor. On Owlet Smart Sock 2, you will not get any reading if your baby is wiggling or having any gentle motions and I’ve personally had to wake up at night to go check on the baby. To me, this was a huge differentiator as it helps to get those readings on time when you need to.

Secondly, Owlet Smart Sock 3 has a magnetic wireless charging of its base station which is new to all baby monitors. I do not know of any other brand that uses magnetic wireless technology and I have reviewed a good number of Owlet alternatives. With Smart Sock 2, you need to plug in your base station to charge, and most of the times when I used Owlet Smart Sock 2, I’d forget to plug in – the fact that it requires you to use my two hands to plug it in, makes it harder when you are occupied and therefore easy to forget.

Owlet 3 can fully charge in 90 minutes, half the time you need to charge Owlet Smart sock 2, and in my experience, a charge of 20 to 30 minutes will suffice for most of the night. So, even when I forget to charge until it’s a few minutes to bedtime, I can still get a good amount of charge in 20 minutes. On the other hand, Owlet Smart Sock 2 requires 4 hours to fully charge! However, If you forget to charge on time, you’ll be woken up by annoying low-battery notifications at 3 or 4 am when the battery goes below 20%.

Thirdly, Owlet Smart Sock 3 has an improved design compared to Owlet Sock 2. Owlet 3’s sleek design is much smaller than Owlet smart Sock 2 as shown in the diagram below:

Owlet Smart Sock 3 vs 2 Sizes - Owlet 3 is smaller
Credit: Momma Alia

Another significant difference between Owlet 3 and 2 is sleep trends and insights. The third generation Owlet Sock has improved sleep trends data compared to the older Smart Sock 2. You’ll get data on your baby’s sleep quality such as the hours the baby slept, the number of waking hours, among others.

Comparison Table of Owlet Smart Sock 2 vs 3:

The table below shows more features that differentiate Owlet Smart Sock 2 from Owlet Smart Sock 3:

Owlet Smart Sock 2Owlet Smart Sock 3
Released in March 2017Released on July 9, 2020
A package has 3 socks, one for each sizeA package has two socks for each of the three sizes
Fits babies of 0 to 18 months or 6-25 lbs.Fits babies of 0 to 18 months or  5 – 30 lbs.
Not as reliable charging or storing power – Customers have reported that the second generation does not hold a charge for long. After 6 – 9 months in use, you will face challenges charging it. It takes 180 minutes to fully charge the battery16 hours battery charge (fully charges in 90 mins)
Dimensions: 3.50 x 3.50 x 0.70 inchesDimensions: Measures 3.5″ L x 3.5″ W x .7” H
Gives you a basic insight on how the baby slept – metrics such as how long the baby was awake, in a deep sleep, and in light sleep and for how long. It has new improved sleep trends – hours slept, the number of wakings, sleep quality, and more. This feature makes Owlet Smart Sock 3 closer to Nanit Plus – a smart monitor for advanced sleep insights.
Washing involved first removing the sensor from the socksYou can wash the sock and the sensor too with no damage
V2 used a larger base and was powered by two Micro USBThe V3 base station is significantly smaller in size and now operates with the power of a single USB-C connection.
Poor connectivity between the Base Station and sensorIt has an improved and reliable connection between the base station and sensor
V2 smart sensor was exposed and couldn’t be washedV3 smart sensor is sealed and is now washable
Babies weighing 6 pounds to 25 pounds could use the V2 modelBabies from age 6 Pounds to 30 Pounds can use the V3 model
Does not support wireless charging. Charging involves plugging a micro-USB cord into the sensor to charge, which takes timeWireless charging – Features a one-handed wireless charging that allows you to simply plug the sensor into the Base Station.
Smart Sock and sensor sometimes fails to track when the baby moves their footSmart Sock and sensor is designed to flex to the foot and track through gentle motion, giving more live readings consistently
No longer availableCheck Price


What was Owlet Smart Sock 1 vs 2?

The Owlet Smart Sock 2 was introduced 17 months after its predecessor, the Owlet Smart Sock 1. The second generation brought significant improvements in design, accuracy, and app functionalities. With its enhanced design, the Owlet Smart Sock 2 fits securely on a baby’s feet, minimizing false alarms. In contrast, the Owlet Smart Sock 1 often fell off, leading to multiple false alarms.

What was Owlet Smart Sock 3 vs 2?

Firstly, the consistency of readings has greatly improved with the Owlet Smart Sock 3. The new sensor placement and improved technology have resulted in more accurate readings, giving parents peace of mind. Additionally, the updated base station now has a sleeker design, taking up less space on a bedside table.

Furthermore, the Owlet Smart Sock 3 offers new data tracking capabilities. Parents can now view their baby’s sleep trends over time, helping them understand their little one’s sleeping habits and make adjustments if needed. The app also has a “trends” feature, which compares their baby’s sleep patterns to recommended guidelines by age.

Finally, the Owlet Smart Sock 3 also offers a new feature called “Connected Care.” This subscription-based service allows parents to track their baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels in real-time from anywhere, giving them added peace of mind and convenience.

In summary, while the Owlet Smart Sock 2 was already a significant improvement from its predecessor, the Owlet Smart Sock 3 took it to a whole new level with enhanced accuracy, data tracking capabilities, and the addition of “Connected Care.” It continues to be a popular choice among parents for monitoring their baby’s well-being.

Other differences between Smart Sock v3 and V2 are in the table above.

What's the differences between Babysat vs Dream Sock?

While both BabySat and Owlet Dream Sock are FDA approved, they have minor difference. BabySat offers real-time vital sign tracking, but it differs from Owlet’s Dream Sock as it is exclusively available through prescription. This unique solution enables healthcare providers to customize and adjust alarms for oxygen saturation and pulse rate, tailored to meet the specific needs of infants.

Owlet Smart Sock 2 vs 1:

Owlet Smart Sock 2 was released 17 months after Owlet Smart Sock 1 and the major difference between the first and the second generation is design, accuracy, and app functionalities. Owlet Smart Sock 2 has a better design and fits well to the baby’s feet without falling resulting in fewer false alarms. Owlet Smart Sock 1 had several false alarms as it kept falling off the baby’s feet.

The comparison table below has more details on the difference between Owlet Smart Sock 1 and 2:

Owlet Smart Sock 2Owlet Smart Sock 1
Released to the market in March 2017Released to the market in October 2015
Better design that remains attached to the baby’s foot and is less likely to fall off as shown in the picture aboveThe poor design was prone to falling off the baby’s foot and it sent several false alerts (yellow notifications)
Available for sale in several retail outlets including online stores such as Amazon, Target, and WalmartNo longer available on sale.
Can be worn by the baby on either footSock 1 was not universal and each foot worked with its sock
Very breathable with open toeNot very breathable
12 times longer Bluetooth range compared to the original smart sockShorter Bluetooth range
An additional antenna in the base to improve connectivityNo antennae
Stronger and sturdier baseBase not made of strong hardware
Better App reportingPoor App reporting