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Ring Cam As Baby Monitor

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Can I use Ring Cam as a baby monitor? If you’re wondering if Ring is suitable for monitoring your baby, you’ve landed on the right page with the most detailed helpful guide to help you decide.

Ring Stick Up Cam is an indoor home security camera that can be possibly turned into a wifi video baby monitor but you should take note of the LED light brightness.

Can I use Ring Cam as Baby Monitor?

Ring Cam is designed and set up as a security camera and has bright night-vision LED lights making it ideal as an outdoor camera and not an indoor camera for your baby’s nursery. To find out whether Ring Cam can be used as a baby monitor, I asked their customer support in the email below:

Question to Ring Customer Service about whether Ring Cam can be used as a baby monitor

Below was their response:

Ring Indoor Cam is the most appropriate as a baby monitor but……

Regarding LED light, yes it is too bright for lights to be used as a baby monitor because it usually used or intended to be use outside.

Quote from email

You can read the entire response below:

Thank you for contacting Ring Community Support.

I see that you’re contacting us because you wanted to ask features on our products for use as a baby monitor. I understand that you want to check events happening in your baby and I would want that as well. I’ll be glad to explain his further to you.

For baby monitor, the best we can suggest is our Indoor Cam. But just an information that our devices record events once motion is detected, it is not the same as CCTV Cameras that it records all the time. If baby moves that is motion and camera start to record then if it stops, please know that there is a 60 seconds interval before it records again.

Regarding LED light, yes it is too bright for lights to be used as a baby monitor because it usually used or intended to be use outside.

Check this link for more information on our Indoor Cam:  Ring Indoor Security Camera or this Ring Mini Indoor Cam.

We are committed to providing a great experience for all of our Ring neighbors. If you need further assistance please contact us via phone at:

US: +1(800) 656-1918 (24/7)
US: +1(888) 981-8993 (Español – 24/7)
INTL(charges may apply): +1(310) 929-7085 (24/7)

For more information, please visit Ring’s website or contact through our online help/Chat at Ring Support.

Best regards,

Ring Customer Support – Nov 2019.

The blue LED light from the Ring Stick Up Cam is too bright and may keep the baby up at night. Most baby monitors use invisible or near-visible infrared light to illuminate your baby and allow the camera to take visible pictures. The range of glowing required to illuminate on the baby ranges from visible light to invisible light. The invisible ones are the best as they are not too bright to keep the baby up at night.

However, you can still use Ring Stick Up Cam as a baby monitor if you plan on only using it during the day.

Ring Camera is manufactured by Ring, a home security company that was acquired by Amazon for $1B in 2018.

Why do people like Ring Cam?

Ring can continuous streaming can continuously stream your home security feed. Here are some other cameras that record continuously as well:

  1. Arlo Pro 2: Records continuously and stores the footage in the cloud
  2. Arlo Q Plus: Record continuously and stores the footage in the cloud
  3. Nest Cam: Continuously records and stores the video footage in the cloud
  4. YI Home 2: Records continuously and can store the footage locally or in the cloud.

ring company logo
Ring Logo

Unlike other security cameras that can be turned into baby monitors such as Nest, Arlo, Kasa Cam & Logitech, Ring Stick Up Cam is not ideal for use as a baby monitor.

While Ring Stick Up Cam streams in high-quality 1080p HD videos, you may not appreciate the blue light that will become a nuisance to your baby. According to Ring, this camera is rated for indoor and outdoor use.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery As Baby Monitor
Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Here is a video describing Ring Stick Up Cam Can Be Set Up

There are three Ring Cams models with two of the brands being outdoor cameras and one is an indoor camera. Ring Floodlight and Ring Spotcam are both outdoor cameras while the recently released Ring Stick Up Cam is an indoor and outdoor camera.

Picture of Ring Stick Up, Ring Spotlight and Ring Floodlight appearing side by side.
Ring Cams

What is Ring Cam or What is Ring Stick Up Cam?

Ring Cam or Ring Stick Up Cams are security cameras designed and manufactured by Ring, a renowned security camera brand in the market. Ring, the company, was founded in 2013 by Jamie Siminoff who created it out of his garage following a rejection by Shark Tank (Season 5, Ep 3). Five years later, the company was acquired by Amazon Inc.

Ring Cam and Ring Stick Up Cameras are WiFi-enabled security cameras that stream to your smartphone. You need to download the Ring App on AppStore or on Google Playstore to start streaming videos of your baby during the day (again, it is not ideal as a baby monitor at night/low-light conditions)

Picture of Ring stick up cam
Picture of Ring Stick Up Cam

Ring Spotlight Cam Vs. Floodlight Vs. Stick Up

Ring has three main cameras that it currently retails on Amazon and other major online stores including Ring’s site. All the cameras have the variation of being powered with battery, solar power, and AC and you have to choose which model is best for you.

The following are the features that differentiate Spotlight from Floodlight and Stick Up Cams.

Ring Floodlight CamRing Spotlight Ring Stick Up Cam
Powered by AC Comes in four variations differentiated by power source; battery pack, hardwired, solar and AC Comes in three variations differentiated by power source; battery, solar and AC
1080p HD videos1080p HD videos1080p HD videos
~10-15 minutes install ~5-10 minutes install 15-25 minutes install
Customizable Motion Detection Adjustable Motion Detection Customizable Motion Detection
Rated for indoor and outdoor use Rated for outdoor useRated for indoor and outdoor
Wall or flat surface mount Wall or flat surface mount Wall or flat surface mount
140° horizontal, 78° vertical 140° horizontal, 78° vertical 140° horizontal, 78° vertical
2-way talk2-way talk2-way talk
Check PriceCheck Price of Battery operated

Check Price of wired
Check Price of Ring Stick Up Wired

Check Price of Ring Stick Up Battery-Operated
Ring Spotlight Cam hardwired and Ring Spotlight Wired appearing side by side.

Below is a picture of the Ring Camera App appearing on videos showing the app features and how videos of your baby would appear on the app.

App of Ring Cam baby monitor
Ring Cam App

The App is rated 3.3/5 by over 27,000 Android users and 3.2/5 by 19,560 iOS users.

Picture of wired Ring stick up cam as baby monitor
Wired Ring Cam Stick Up

Video Review of Ring Cam Stick Up Cam

Battery-operated Ring Stick Up Cam

The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD security camera can be turned into a baby monitor.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Operated as Baby Monitor
Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Powered

Below are some of the features of Ring Stick Up Outdoor Cam:

  • Two-way talk
  • It is voice-activated and only transmits video footage when movement is detected.
  • Ring Stick Up allows you to integrate with Alexa and use Amazon Alexa virtual assistant to monitor your baby. You can instruct Alexa to stream the videos on the Echo Show
  • When you purchase Ring Stick Up Camera, it comes with tools and you won’t need to visit Home Depot or local Walmart store to purchase tools to mount your Ring Stick Up Cam baby monitor.

Features of Ring Cams:

  • 1080p HD video quality
  • 2-way talk
  • Internet-enabled and streams to the ring app
  • Night vision
  • DIY installation
  • 150 degrees field of view
  • Siren feature
  • A free 30-day trial of Ring Protect plan. To access up to 60 days you need to register for a subscription plan
  • Ring only records when motion has been detected
  • With the free plan, you can view live view but will not record and store the footage in the cloud.

Ring Subscription Plans

When you purchase Ring Cameras, security cams or video doorbells, you have an option to use the free plan which gives you free live-viewing with real-time notifications. With the free plan, you can also access the following features:

  • Two-way talk,
  • Lifetime theft protection
  • One year warranty
  • 30 day trial to the subscription app that costs $3/month or $30/year. This is relatively cheaper compared to Nest’s $30/month storage fees and Arlo’s $10/month storage fees.

The Basic Plan which costs $3/month allows you to access up to 60 days of cloud storage which again shows how Ring’s storage plan is better than Nest’s and Arlo’s. Nest and Arlo’s plans only allow you 30 days of video footage and they cost more than Ring’s basic plan.

The table below shows the comparison of the Free, Basic and the Plus plans

Feature Free Plan Basic Plan Plus Plan
1-year warranty Yes Yes Yes
Motion-activated notifications Yes Yes Yes
Real time video with live view Yes Yes Yes
Two-way talk Yes Yes Yes
Lifetime theft protection Yes Yes Yes
60-day video history Yes Yes
video saving and sharing Yes Yes
Ring Alarm/Siren Yes
Extended warranty Yes
Cost $0 $3 $10

Why We Like Ring (Vs Nest and Arlo)

1. Affordable Storage Fees

Ring cam has storage fees that are ten times cheaper than Nest’s storage fees and three times cheaper than Arlo’s storage fees. In addition, the cheaper plan that costs $3 per month allows you to access 2 months (60 days) of cloud storage compared to Nest and Arlo’s plans that only allow you 30 days of footage.

2. Easy Installation & DIY Kit:

Ring is very generous as they ship additional installation tools to help you do the installation without buying any other tools.

In addition, Ring cameras have clear instructions on how you can mount your camera indoors and if you choose to mount it on your baby’s nursery, Ring’s process is straight forward.

3. Quality Videos

As a baby monitor, you can rely on Ring Cam to stream 1080p HD videos of your baby right to your smartphone. In addition to 1080p high definition pictures of your baby, you can rely on Ring’s night vision which will allow you to get footage day and night.

4. Wide Selection & Relatively Cheaper

You can choose between wired and non-wired cameras as well as video doorbell cameras that you can turn into a baby camera and use it to monitor your baby. Although the cost of the cheapest Ring cam is higher than those of traditional baby monitors such as Infant Optics DXR 8 or Eufy Spaceview baby monitors that cost less than $170, Ring video doorbells sell for less than $200.

Ring Stick Up Wired Vs. Stick Up Battery Vs. Ring Doorbell 2.0)

Feature Ring Stick Up Cam Wired Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD Ring Video Doorbell (2.0)
Video Resolution 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD
Live Streaming Yes Yes Yes
Field of view 150 degrees pan 115 degrees pan 160 degrees pan
Zoom Yes Yes Yes
Power source AC Battery or solar power AC & Battery
Battery life 3-6 months 3-6 months
Two-way audio Yes Yes Yes
Motion Detection Advanced Standard Yes
Person Detection Yes No Yes
Siren Built-in Built-in Built-in
Local back-up storage No No No
Google Home Hub No No No
Amazon Alexa Echo Show, Echo Spot Echo Show, Echo Spot Echo Show, Echo Spot
IFTTT Yes Yes Yes
Check Price (Amazon) Check Price Check Price Check Price

Ring Cam and Ring Stick Up Cam Hacking

Ring cam and Ring Stick Up Cam rely on the internet and they can be hacked. We’ve had to answer several questions relating to whether Ring Cam or Ring Stick Up cam can be hacked. In our review, we did not find any stories of hacked Ring Cam as of August 2019 but would not pass a claim that Ring Cams are unhackable as they depend on hack-prone WiFi technology. If you are looking for a hack-proof baby monitor, you should consider non-WiFi baby monitors that rely on FHSS, a technology invented in 1941 and considered hack-proof. Other WiFi baby monitors that are also prone to hacking but have extra security measures are Miku baby monitor, Nanit, Nanit Plus, Motorola Halo Plus and Safety 1st HD WiFi baby monitors. These baby monitors are WiFi-enabled but have the most advanced form of encryption, AES 256 bit encryption that is almost hack-proof.

Does Ring have Ring Cam that works with Solar Panels?

Ring Spotlight comes with a solar panel and battery packs. The Ring Spotlight solar panels allow you to have continuous video monitoring without having to deal with batteries dying. You can purchase the solar panels from Amazon using this link.

Can Ring Cam Be hacked?

Like all wifi enabled baby monitors we’ve reviewed here at 10BabyGear, Ring Cam can be hacked as it relies on Wifi network. Hackers can get access to the video feed if they can bypass the set security credentials. While it is possible to hack any wifi device, there hasn’t been any reported cases of Ring Cam being hacked as discussed in the review above.

Can Ring Spotlight Cam be hardwired?

Ring Spotlight is made to be hardwired.

Can Ring Spotlight Cam be used indoors?

Ring Spotlight Cam is rated for indoor and outdoor use.

Can Ring Floodlight Cam be mounted or installed horizontally?

Ring Floodlight Cam can be mounted or installed horizontally. You can also mount it on the underside of an overhang as long as you have the wiring.


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