Baby Products Safety Standards

Safety Standards for Cabinet Doors and Drawers – ASTM F3492-21

Revised in 2021, ASTM F3492-21 contains Voluntary Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Child Safety Locks and Latches for Use with Cabinet Doors and Drawers. This article is part of our series on baby safety standards which you can read here. Locks and latches for doors, cabinets and drawers are part of essential baby safety products for … Read more

What is Encryption in Baby Monitors and Apps?

What is Baby Monitor Encryption?

In this article, I have shared information on baby monitor encryption to help you understand the importance of encryption in baby monitor security. Although the Consumer Products Safety Commission(CPSC) does not currently have safety standards specifically for baby monitors, I strongly believe that if they were to establish guidelines, data encryption would be their paramount … Read more

10 Baby Gates Safety Standard for Baby Safety

10 Baby Gates Safety Standards

There are baby gate safety standards developed by the Consumer Safety Product Commission(CPSC) and are available in the published Federal Register (86 FR 53535). It establishes a mandatory safety standard for gates and enclosures designed for children. This standard, known as the Safety Standard for Gates and Enclosures, incorporates the guidelines outlined in ASTM F1004-22 … Read more

25 Ways to Secure Your Baby Monitor from Hackers

steps to secure your baby monitor from hackers

This guide is part of our baby safety guides and focuses on practical steps you can take to prevent your baby monitor signal from being hacked. Step 1: Secure your home router: Your home internet router stores your network settings and controls who accesses it. Routers are like other internet-connected devices and use firmware with … Read more

Baby Hazards and What to Do to Keep Baby Safe

Baby Safety Hazards and What to Do to Keep Baby Safe

Do you want to understand key baby hazards and what to do to keep your baby safe? As a safety-first blog with guides on baby safety products, I have put together this article for you to identify different baby hazards. Most of these identified baby safety hazards touching on various baby products have inspired different … Read more

Baby Products Safety Standards

If your baby is starting to be mobile on their own and realizing that you ...

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