Tips to Boost Your Baby Monitor Signal Strength and Range

Tips to Boost Your Baby Monitor Signal Strength and Range

Lost connection or signal disconnection warnings are the most annoying things that can happen while you are watching wonderful footage of your baby in her crib. I have often found non-antennae monitors to suffer from signal loss and some monitors now provide connection stability as an add-on feature. I wasn’t smart enough to obtain a … Read more

65 Practical Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe from Top Hazards

65 PRACTICAL Tips to keep baby safe - blog banner image with list of 65 practical tips on keeping baby safe on baby monitors, car seats, strollers, high chairs, carriers and more

I have divided this article on ways to keep your baby safe from hazards into two. The first part explains safety and existing safety standards as set by CPSC with details of four key hazards. The second section has detailed info on safety tips when using common baby products such as baby monitors, car seats, … Read more

Baby Carrier M Position

Baby carrier M carrying position.jpg

When I was babywearing for the first time in 2011, there was little information on baby safety and especially on baby’s hips development and the role that carriers play. When it comes to babywearing, the right infant hip posture is particularly crucial since the duration of time spent wearing a baby is usually long. Maintaining … Read more

How to Wear Lillebaby Carrier & Tips to Put on

Lillebaby Carrier positions

You can put the Lillebaby carrier in six different positions, the Fetal Position Carry, the Front Infant Carry, the Front Outward-Facing Carry, the Front Inward-Facing Carry, the Hip Carry, and the Back Carry. The most important steps of wearing the Lillebaby carrier are engaging the waistline and adjusting the seat width. Below is a snapshot … Read more

How to Wear Baby K’tan Baby Carrier


In this post, I have shared the step-by-step process on how to wear Baby K’tan baby carrier which is a forward-facing carrier we previously reviewed here at SaferForBaby. It is also our top-rated soft carrier made with 100% cotton ideal for carrying premies. Baby K’tan, the manufacturer of the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier claims that … Read more

California Car Seat Laws (Booster, Rear-Facing, Weight, Height, and more)

California Car Seat Laws Guide - SaferForBaby guide.jpg

In this post, I have shared detailed guidance on California car seat laws including booster seat laws, rear-facing, forward-facing, and other key topics including using car seats after accidents in California, using car seats in taxis, and California car seat weight limits, height limits, and much more. About California Car Seat Laws and History Apart … Read more

Best FAA-Approved Car Seats(Airline Approved)

FAA approved car seats Reviews 2022 - Motherhoodhq

FAA-approved car seats will enable you to get the satisfaction that your baby is secured with a child restraint system when you experience some unexpected turbulence. As a frequent flier with my toddler, I have been tempted several times to have my baby on my lap especially when my toddler was still an infant. I … Read more

Do I Need a Stroller? Are they Necessary?

do i need a stroller?

Wondering if you need a stroller and if they are necessary? I have put together this post to guide you on why you need to consider one with some tips on no-stroller parenting if you choose it. One of the baby safety products we feature here at SaferForBaby is the ever-reliable baby stroller. This essential … Read more

Boba vs Moby vs Solly Wraps – Comparisons

Boba vs Moby Wrap + Other comparisons

If you are looking to get a wrap, you probably have heard about the famous Boba Wrap by Boba. It is one of the most sought-after babywearing options in the market for 2024. If you’re curious about its quality and want to compare it with other leading brands before making a decision, let’s see how … Read more

Baby Monitor Tech: FHSS, DSSS and DECT

FHSS Baby Monitors, history

FHSS, DECT, and DSSS are all digital baby monitoring technologies but each technology has distinct characteristics and advantages that I have explained in detail below. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) is the only transmission technology used in baby monitors to power secure signal data transmission. As a local closed-circuit network, it is designed to operate … Read more


Detailed step by step process on how to mount baby monitors for motorola, vtech baby monitors, universal baby monitors, infant optics baby monitors.

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