How to Clean Your Baby Monitor(8 Steps)

How to Clean Baby Monitor(1)

If you’re looking for guidance on how to best clean your baby monitor, you’ve come to the right page. Similar to other devices such as phones that need to be sanitized regularly, baby monitors are no exception! Back in 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic was just starting to spread, people became more cautious about keeping … Read more

How to Install Baby Gates in Stairs with Banisters

How to Install Baby Gate in Stairs with Banisters

Installing a baby gate in stairs with banisters can be easier if you don’t mind drilling the wall but may require more steps if you want to install it without drilling. I remember brainstorming intensively on the challenge of childproofing the stairs. At first, I didn’t think it would be too difficult. The thing is, … Read more

11 Ways to Stop Baby Monitor Interference

11 Ways to Stop Baby Monitor Interference

Looking for ways to stop your baby monitor interference having gotten tired of static noises or perhaps constant signal drops? You’ve come to the right page. Baby monitor interference with WiFi and other devices/objects can significantly impact the performance of your monitor, resulting in poor audio quality with static sounds and choppy, laggy footage for … Read more

8 Ways to Fix Nanit ‘Baby is Moving’ Alert

8 Ways to Fix ‘Baby Moving’ in Nanit when Baby Isn’t

Nanit is an innovative baby monitor that uses advanced technology to track your baby’s movements and sleep patterns. However, there may be instances where the device detects movement when your baby is actually still. This can be frustrating for parents, especially if they are trying to make sense of their baby’s sleep patterns. In this … Read more

How to Reset VAVA Baby Monitor(Correctly)

How to Reset VAVA Monitor

Resetting your VAVA Baby Monitor will help you resolve some issues the monitor may experience with maintaining a connection with the VAVA camera. VAVA Monitor also sold under the Hipp brand name on Amazon need to be reset from time to time to ensure efficient functioning. At Safer For Baby, we believe a normal-functioning monitor … Read more

How to Fix Eufy Baby Monitor Not Pairing

How to Fix Eufy Baby Monitor Not pairing

If you’re struggling to connect Eufy Baby Monitor with its camera and is repeatedly failing to pair, you’ve come to the right page. Repeated firmware updates combined with technical hardware bugs have left many users frustrated and you’re not alone. The pairing issues with Eufy Cam is among the highly sought-after troubleshooting solutions for this … Read more

How to Clean Owlet Sock

How to Clean Owlet Sock

One of the ways to ensure that you are using Owlet Sock safely is to regularly clean it up. To ensure the utmost comfort for your little one, Owlet recommends cleaning the Owlet fabric sock and spot-cleaning its sensor every two weeks. Note that a complete cleaning of the sock isn’t just cleaning the fabric … Read more

How to Reset Owlet Dreamsock, Sock 3 & Cam 2

How to Reset Owlet DreamSockSock 3 & Cam 2

Resetting Owlet Dreamsock, Sock 2, Sock 3, and even Owlet Cam 2 is one of the main troubleshooting fixes for many of Owlet’s issues such as Wi-Fi connection problems, wrong readings and even pairing issues with the app and base station. I recently wrote about how to troubleshoot Owlet’s Wi-Fi connection issues. In this guide, … Read more

23 Ways to Fix Owlet Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

23 ways to Fix Owlet won’t connect to Wi-fi

If you’re experiencing difficulties connecting your Owlet to WiFi or encountering issues connecting it to the app or base station, I have put together comprehensive step-by-step troubleshooting instructions to help resolve the Wi-Fi connection problems with your Owlet. Unlike other traditional Wi-Fi monitors, Owlet comes with a base station that connects your monitor to the … Read more

How to Connect Nanit to Hotel Wi-Fi

Using Nanit without Wifi & and Connecting to Hotel Wifi(No Password)

Trying to figure out how you can connect to Nanit to Hotel Wi-Fi when traveling? I have shared detailed information on Nanit’s connection to Wi-Fi networks with no password and have also explained Nanit’s capabilities, both with and without an Internet connection As a parent who has personally experienced the benefits of using the second-generation … Read more

11 Ways to Fix Nanit Wrong Temperature & Humidity

nanit temperature and humidity fix to make the readings accurate

If your Nanit’s temperature readings are consistently inaccurate, and you’re seeking ways to troubleshoot the issue, this guide is for you. I have compiled a set of practical steps that have been proven effective in troubleshooting temperature and humidity readings on the Nanit. These steps are based on suggestions from Nanit’s support page, as well … Read more


If you are having difficulties pairing Anmeate Video Baby Monitor’s parent unit with the camera ...

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