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5 Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents 2024 Reviews

Ashley Davis

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You need to pick the most suitable baby monitor for deaf parents if you have any sort of hearing impairment or if you’re just a heavy sleeper.

As a deaf parent, not having a monitor that notifies you properly with the right way for you to know using light or vibration can be incredibly frustrating. It renders the monitor useless, leaving you feeling responsible for the situation despite having bought a monitor.

After consulting with multiple parents and caregivers who have hearing loss or are hard of hearing, a common agreement emerges: most current monitor brands primarily target parents who have perfect hearing and rely solely on sound notifications. It took me some time to discover a few monitors that don’t rely on sound notifications, and I must admit, it was not easy to find a reputable brand in this category.

We were only able to acquire a limited number of brands that we believed could provide a solid top recommendation. Our testing focused on evaluating the compatibility and effectiveness of the transmitter and receivers in delivering appropriate notifications, whether through loud audible alerts, LED lights, or vibrating notifications.

Borrowing from various tests on audible and vibrating devices, we needed to ensure that the baby monitor for deaf parents would provide you with accurate notifications even when you’re asleep or busy in another room.

We also put into consideration other features such as video monitoring, range, battery life, and overall durability.

We evaluated the different monitors using evaluations metrics including, alert intensity, alert type effectiveness, receiver placement, level of innovation, variety of alert types, and compatibility with other assistive devices.

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDOCD), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), estimates that there are approximately 28 million individuals in the United States who are deaf or hard of hearing. Other studies suggest that out of this population, around 10 million experience some degree of hearing loss, with an estimated 1 million being completely deaf. While there are emerging innovations such as vibrating pillows or mattresses that are activated by smoke alarms, parents who are hard of hearing have to innovate a bit to find the most suitable monitoring solution.

In our rating of best brands of monitors for deaf parents, we gave better rankings to those devices that utilize vibration and light alert types as they are more effective in alerting the parent, even when they are asleep or in a noisy environment. We, however, also included those with a combination of up to 3 alert types such as sound, light and vibration to give you options as you read the reviews to determine which one suits your condition best.

We also excluded units such as nannio monitor that was rated poorly for vibration feature.

Our recommendations cater to a broad range of individuals, from those with mild hearing loss to those who are completely deaf/legally blind. This includes individuals who may wear hearing aids or have cochlear implants to enhance their hearing abilities.

Comparison Table of the Best Baby Monitors for Parents with Hearing Impairments

Baby Monitor NameBest For:RangePowerMonitoring ModesVibrating Wristwatch?2-Way Talk
#1.SereneLife Wireless Baby Monitor:Overall Best Pick850 ft.USB for camera and rechargeable battery for the wristwatch 2:vibration and soundYesYes
#2. Summer Infant Babble Band Wearable Audio Monitor/Vibrating Baby Monitor BraceletBest Vibration Monitor for Deaf Parents800 ft.Rechargeable batteries3: sound, lights, & vibrationYesYes
#3.  Sonic Alert Sonic Sitter Baby Cry Signaler and ReceiverBest Flashing Lights Alerts Monitor for Deaf Parents1000 ft.Plug-in 2: vibration & sound-alert NoNo
#4. VTech DM221Best Sound Level Indicator Alert for the Deaf1000 ft.Rechargeable Ni-MH battery or AC power2: 5-level sound indicator & soundNoYes
#5. Sonic Alert SB1000SS Boom Alarm Clock with Bed ShakerExtra Loud(113 dB0)5 ft.Plug-in 2: vibration & sound alert NoNo

Reviews of my Best Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents in 2024:

SereneLife Wireless Baby Monitor:

In this updated 2024 list, our overall best baby monitor for deaf parents is SereneLife Wireless Baby Monitor by Serene Life Home. This brand unquestionably dominated the competition with its exceptional, cutting-edge wristwatch and highly efficient vibrating notification, surpassing all others in our evaluations.

If you used to rely on hearing aids to hear your little one crying, forget about them. All you need to do is to remember to wear the watch throughout the night and anytime you are away from the baby in the crib.

This monitor outshines the older technologies that depended on transmitters and less portable receivers like those used by Sonic Alert and Cry Signaler.

It also goes further by incorporating video which is what placed it ahead of Summer Infant Babble Band which is audio-based with similar vibrating alerts. The 1.54-inch digital screen is surprisingly clear and I was able to see the baby very clearly notwithstanding the small screen size.

The night vision was also surprisingly great with no blue tint issues common with some low-quality monitors.

I was incredibly impressed with the alert intensity and effectiveness of this unit. It’s voice-activated and allows you to customize the sensitivity for receiving notifications about your baby’s crying. If you prefer to be notified only when the baby’s cry is very quiet, you can adjust it accordingly. However, be aware that you may receive a higher number of notifications. On the other hand, if you want to reduce the number of alerts, you can set the VOX sensitivity to high. Each sensitivity level allows you to set the sound threshold, such as 20 decibels, 30 decibels, 50 decibels, or 80 decibels or whichever decibels, at which you want to be notified.

I wasn’t well-versed in the intricacies of decibels when we tested this and had to familiarize myself with the various sound levels. Experimenting with different settings is key to discovering the one that best suits your needs. Don’t worry if you end up adjusting several times.

In terms of design and outlook, this is a product I would proudly wear on my wrist. The sleek modern design makes it wearable even in public without feeling self-conscious. It also comes with a charging dock and long-lasting battery life, which I found to be very convenient.


  • Clear and sharp display
  • Effective voice activation and customizable sensitivity levels
  • Sleek, modern design with a comfortable wristband
  • Comes with a charging dock and long-lasting battery life
  • Great night vision images and videos
  • No signal drops
  • Easy set up
  • Has melodies and lullabies you can play to soothe the baby back to sleep when they cry


  • May receive a higher number of notifications with lower sensitivity settings
  • Requires experimentation to find the best sound threshold setting for your needs
  • Light notification is not as effective
  • Slight delay in vibration notification – by about 3 seconds from when the baby cries. Not a deal breaker at all.
  • Vibration can be missed if you are not wearing the wristwatch
  • Can at times vibrate when other sounds are picked up and you get notified.
  • When I checked in February 2024, it wasn’t available on Amazon

Summer Infant Babble Band Wearable Audio Monitor/Vibrating Baby Monitor Bracelet

If you would rather opt for an audio-only monitor suitable for your hearing impairment with no visuals as SereneLife, then Summer Infant Babble Band Wearable monitor is your best choice.

Summer Babble Band Wearable Audio Monitor
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While this brand is similar to SereneLife’s which has two alert types(vibration and light), this Babble Band Wearable monitor utilizes 3 alert types;

  • Audio-only Mode which is great if you have normal hearing capabilities
  • Vibration Mode which notifies of sound in the baby’s nursery and perhaps the best option for any deaf parent. You should note that the vibration feature is possible only when the audio monitoring is turned off.
  • Sound Light Mode is the third way you could use this baby monitor if you can’t hear audio signals well. The sound-activated LED lights provide you a visual cue when there is noise in the nursery, and audio is turned off.

We found the battery life to drain faster than SereneLife’s despite the manufacturer’s claims that it can last up to 8 hours but you can count on it to last up to 5 hours.

What I wish this Babble Band monitor had is the 2-way talk-back feature that SereneLife Monitor has. 2-way talk-back would give you the ability to communicate with your baby when you are in another room, and you can’t be physically beside that adorable little being.

There is also a light delay in vibration notification – by about 3 seconds from when the baby cries. This may not be a significant issue for most parents, but it’s something worth noting.

Another minor downside we found is that it can lose signal connection without notifying you. This means you’ll have to constantly check the monitor to ensure it is still connected.

Looking at the positive side, this Babble Band monitor is very comfortable to wear and easy to use with its adjustable wristband. It also has a range of up to 800 feet which allows you to move around your house without losing connection.

The price point for this Summer Infant Babble Band monitor is less than half of SereneLife’s but is not always available on Amazon or on major retail outlets.


  • 3 convenient monitoring modes (audio, vibration, and sound light)
  • Adjustable wristband for comfortable wearing
  • Long range of up to 800 feet


  • Fast battery drain compared to manufacturer’s claims
  • No 2-way talk-back feature
  • Signal connection can be lost without notification
  • Availability may be limited

Sonic Alert Sonic Sitter Baby Cry Signaler and Receiver

If you prefer a monitor with a flashing light alert type, the best model we recommend is the Sonic Alert Sonic Sitter Baby Cry Signaler. It is specially designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing parents, providing them with a reliable alert system when their baby cries.

This unit comes in two components, a Cry Signaler with sound detection placed in the baby’s room and a Cry Receiver that flashes red lights to notify the parent in another room. The transmitter can be connected to any standard outlet while the receiver has a plug-in option or can operate on batteries.

Sonic Alert Baby Cry Signaler Sitter - BC400
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06/19/2024 05:39 pm GMT

One of the key features of the Sonic Sitter is its adjustable baby cry sound sensitivity control. This allows you to customize the sensitivity of the monitor to your baby’s cry, ensuring that you only receive alerts when your little one truly needs your attention. No more false alarms from background noises, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to relax and focus on other tasks.

With its convenient design, the Sonic Sitter can be easily plugged into any wall outlet in your home. This eliminates the need for additional cords and wires, keeping your baby’s room clutter-free and safe. The monitor also has a built-in indicator light that shows you when it is working, so you can rest assured that your baby is being monitored at all times.

With this receiver, you can easily receive signals from Sonic Alert signalers and never miss an important alert again. This top-of-the-line receiver also features an outlet to flash a lamp, making it the perfect choice for those with visual impairments or for noisy environments where an audible signal may not be enough. And with the convenient on/off switch, you can easily switch between using the lamp for signaling or as a regular room light.

The Sonic Link Deluxe Remote Receiver is designed for simplicity and convenience. Installation is a breeze as all you need to do is plug it in and you’re ready to go. No complicated wiring or setup required. Plus, it is U.L. Listed for added safety and peace of mind. This sleek and compact receiver is also compatible with all Sonic Alert signalers, making it a versatile addition to your signaling system.

Sonic Alert Cry Signaller has been in the market for 12 years following its release on April 25, 2007. It is perhaps the only baby monitor fully designed for deaf parents or those with any hearing impairments. The company that manufactures Sonic Alert Cry Signaller has been around since 1972 and the founder actually made it to make the life of her grandmother better. Sonic Alert, the company behind this device is based in Troy, Michigan, USA.

Alerts you when the baby starts crying
Has a sensitivity adjuster that allows you to set the sound that you require to be alerted.
The baby unit uses the AC outlet in the baby’s room.
First released to the market in April 2007 and is one of the oldest baby monitors in the market.
Weighs 0.32 ounces

VTech DM221

If you would rather go with a monitor for deaf parents with sound level indicators and vibrating alerts, VTech DM221 is an excellent simple model that is very user-friendly. This unit is excellent with giving you a visual interpretation of sound level in your baby’s room with its 5-level LED indicator in the parent unit.

VTech DM221 also has 2-way talkback feature, a feature that Summer Infant Babble Band above doesn’t have. You can easily talk to your baby when you can’t physically be in the nursery to soothe your little one.

I am impressed by this affordable monitor, as it offers voice-activation and customizable sound threshold options for the baby unit. You can choose to hear all sounds consistently or only those that exceed a specific VOX level.

Unlike SereneLife and Babble Band above, this unit is not wearable in the wrist but you can take advantage of its belt clips that makes it easy to carry it around the house.

VTech DM221 is our third best baby monitor for deaf or hearing-impaired parents as it has a vibrating sound alert. As we compared VTech DM221 with Sonic Cry Signaller and with Summer Infant’s Bable Band, we liked VTech DM221 for a few reasons. Its vibration feature is stronger and has louder buzz compared to wristwatch monitors above. When you have the vibration alert feature on, the parent unit will vibrate when it detects sound.

If you want a similar VTech model with 2 parent units, you can opt for VTech DM223-2 which also has sound-level indicator and vibrating alert types.

Below are the features for VTech VM221

Comes with 2-way talk-back intercom enabling you to talk to your baby if you want.
Has a long range of up to 1,000 feet outdoors or 160 feet indoors
Sound graphic bars on parent unit for indicating sound level

Sonic Alert SB1000SS Boom Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

If you want to get a baby monitor that doubles as an extra loud alarm that has an in-built microphone to detect baby’s crying noises and notify you, Sonic Alert Boom Alarm Clock is your best choice.

This innovative alarm clock boasts a powerful 113 dB extra-loud alarm, making sure you are always there for your baby when they cry . With a built-in receiver, you can eliminate the need for separate receivers in your bedroom and trust that the clock will alert you to your little one’s needs.

But that’s not all – the SB1000SS also comes equipped with the SS12VW Super Shaker bed vibrating unit. This powerful attachment allows you to customize your wake-up experience by choosing between flashing lights, a shaking bed, or a loud pulsating audio alarm. The options are endless and can be easily tested with the push of a button.

Say goodbye to the blaring sound of traditional alarm clocks and hello to a more gentle and effective wake-up call. The SB1000SS also features a 120V lamp connection input, making it easy to incorporate this clock into your existing bedroom setup.

The signaller above works with an alarm clock, either SB1000 or SB1000SS alarm clocks. Below is an image of Sonic Alert SB1000SS Sonic Boom Alarm Clock and a link to its page on Amazon.
Monitoring Modes: alert you to sounds as soft as a baby’s whisper. You will also need to buy a sonic alarm clock (extra loud) or a strobe receiver (for flashing light notification)
Range: 2000ft.
The SB1000SS Sonic Bomb Alarm below can be set to 113 dB loud level – which is super loud.

Loudest Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents and Heavy Sleepers

Below is a list of our top baby monitors that relay extra loud sounds to notify parents with hearing impairments that the child needs their help. The most recent baby monitors have sound levels which could be as high as 5 levels that allow you to adjust the sound level that you think you’ll be able to hear if you have a hearing impairment. VTech DM221 audio baby monitors have 5 sound levels and if you are hearing impaired, you probably need to adjust to the top sound level to have a better chance of hearing from your baby.

Top Baby Monitors with LED-Light Alerts for Deaf Moms and Dads

If you are completely unable to hear any sound from your baby he/she cries, LED lights can be helpful to notify you that the baby needs your attention. With LED lights, all you need to do is turn the parent unit to face upwards and it will light up when the baby cries.

If you want a baby monitor that will notify you with LED lights, you can consider VTech DM221, DM223, and DM223-2 models. They all offer a 5-level sound LED indicator that changes color and intensity based on the sound level in your baby’s room. This feature is especially helpful for deaf parents as they can easily see when their baby is crying without relying on audio cues.

A number of baby monitors have LED light levels showing the sound level from the child. If the child’s crying is very loud, the LED level could be 5 and when the child is crying or cowing, the LED light level could be 1 or 2. This segmentation helps deaf parents to respond accordingly. LED lights are however ineffective when you are asleep as you are unable to see the bright light coming from the parent unit. Some baby monitors have combined the LED lights alerts with vibration alerts to make sure that you don’t miss any cry from your baby.

Where to buy

If you live in Australia, Canada, and the UK and want to buy baby monitors for deaf parents, you can purchase them on Amazon. You can also get this and other baby products for deaf parents in other stores like Walmart, Wayfair, Target, Best Buy, among others.

Raising A Child As a Deaf Parent

4 Ways Baby Monitors Notify Deaf Parents and Heavy Sleepers

Baby monitors for deaf parents relay information by using modes other than sound. The most common alternatives to sound are

  • Vibration alerts,
  • Light alerts,
  • Extra-loud sound
  • A combination of light, vibration, and sound.

These four ways have been proven to effectively communicate with deaf parents and heavy sleepers when the baby needs their attention. For heavy sleepers, extra loud volume really works well to wake them up from deep sleep.

You can read more about our guide on deaf babies here.

How to choose the best baby monitor for Parents that don’t hear:

When looking for a baby monitor for deaf parents, there are unique features that need to be considered so that the gadget can work flawlessly for them. Here are the factors to look for when buying a baby monitor for a hearing-impaired caregiver:

Sound Level Indicator
It is a feature in baby monitors that distinguishes between your baby’s noise when he or she is playing and crying. The monitor can have a sound level indicator or a combination with a vibrating alarm.
Talk-back feature
The talk-back communication feature allows you to comfort your little one with stories, talks, or even singing lullabies to help them sleep. The signal comes to you as a sound or vibration which prompts you to check on your little angel.
Vibrating pad
TThis involves installing a receiver inside your baby’s room while the vibrating pad is placed somewhere you can feel the vibration like under your pillow.
This includes a sensor that is placed next to the baby crib where your baby is sleeping and a receiver that vibrates after detecting your baby cries or loud noise. This alerts will prompt you into checking on your baby.
Video display
Although expensive, video display is considered one of the handiest method for parents with hearing impairment to monitor their young ones. This method allows you to see the real-time images and stream of your baby.
Go for baby monitors with rechargeable batteries so you can save yourself the hurdles of replacing batteries often. Also look at the battery life to ensure your monitor gives you optimal performance for effectiveness when keep an eye on your baby. I would recommend that you also opt for a device with hands-free operation.
Range and Connection
Choose a baby monitor unit that offers a long range to allow you to receive signals from anywhere around the house. It should be at least 600 to 1000 feet. My top choice, for instance, has a range of 850 ft.
Temperature Monitoring
Pick a unit that comes with a temperature monitor so you can ensure your baby sleeps in a good environment.

Tips to assist Deaf Parents:

  • Consider using external vibrating pad: Place a pad under the pillow to shake you awake if the baby is disturbed, you will be too.
  • For heavy sleepers, flashing lights may not be enough – go for those with additional notification such as vibration
  • Get monitors with high-quality with little interference or static. It’s also important to get one which you can adjust sensitivity so you don’t get notified for every small murmur.
  • Go for a monitor with temperature sensors to give you an idea of how warm or cold the baby’s nursery is.

How can a baby monitor help deaf parents?

Baby monitors for parents with hearing problems come in handy in three distinctive ways including video, vibration, and light indication. Let us briefly look at each.

Light Indication
Involves the installation of a light system that blinks when your baby cries. When your baby’s noises increase, this light indicator blinks much faster which catches your attention.
This includes a sensor that is placed next to the baby crib where your baby is sleeping and a receiver that vibrates after detecting your baby cries or loud noise. This alerts will prompt you into checking on your baby.
As the name spells out, this involves installing a camera into your baby’s room that sends a live feed to you through a monitor inside your room, on your smart watch, or smartphone.

So, if you asked: how does a vibrating baby monitor work? The monitor includes a receiver that you keep close to your baby so it can detect your baby’s cry or noise and make your smartwatch or another device vi

FAQs on Deaf Parents Monitors