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VTech Baby Monitor Warranty, Problems, Customer Service & Troubleshooting (beeping)

Ashley Davis

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In this post, I share details of the VTech baby monitor warranty, how to claim it, VTech monitor problems and troubleshooting, customer services, and how to fix the beeping sound.

If you are facing any problem with the functionality of the VTech baby monitor, you should contact the VTech baby monitor customer service team through their website,, or by calling the phone number provided below. We searched the internet and asked a few mums in our email list about their experience dealing with VTech customer service. Overall, most parents indicated that VTech’s customer service has improved over the years as it was terrible in the past few years – from 2013 through to early 2016.

Some of the latest brands do not have a lot of glitches and part failures compared to the older VTech brands and some actually made it to our list of recommended sound-only monitors

I personally sent a series of questions to find out their response period and whether they were willing to help me with my VTech monitor charger that needed to be replaced. I also asked about their one-year warranty and how to go about claiming it for a replaced part.

While I can’t really complain about their support since I finally got the help I needed but I also can’t compare with excellent customer support services offered by other baby monitor brands such as Vava, Eufy, Hellobaby, and Infant Optics.

VTech Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-521-2010

VTech has provided their US customer service phone number which is reachable when you call during working hours in California (Mountain Time). When you call, you’ll be asked to fill out a support form on their website (here is the link to the form)

VTech Baby Monitor Warranty & Claiming It

VTech has 12 months warranty on most of its baby monitors. Like other standard baby monitor warranties, VTech has clearly indicated that it is not transferable and you should only try to claim it if you are the original owner of the device you’re seeking to claim a warranty for. You can read more about their warranty policy here.

Most retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, or Target, however, offer extended protection/warranty plans that go for over one year. I would, however, stick with the one-year warranty that comes with the device as the VTech devices are fairly cheap anyway.

To claim the warranty, you need to return all the packaging you bought your VTech baby monitor with, the purchase receipt, and a description of the malfunction. You also need to pay for the return shipping. A lot of customers fail with this as they toss the packaging right after they unbox the baby monitor.

This is a big disadvantage with VTech baby monitors and most other inexpensive baby monitors that impose strict restrictions on claiming product warranty. The warranty period is strictly one year and if you are on the 13th month or just over the 12 month warranty period, you will not get a replacement for any of the parts.

Can You Use Warranty To Claim a Replacement of Parts Such as Batteries or Power Chord?

If any part of your VTech baby monitor stops functioning and it is within the 12-month warranty period, consider contacting them with the aim of having the entire baby monitor unit replaced. For batteries and power chords, if you are within the 12-month window, VTech can and has replaced these two critical parts for several parents. You’ll get a new replacement battery or a new replacement chord if you have the original packaging, and receipt and are willing to ship the items to VTech.

Here is a video with more contacts of VTech:

Common VTech Baby Monitor Customer Service Troubleshooting

VTech Not Linking Parent and Baby Unit

Users of VTech baby monitors such as VTech DM111 and VTech DM221 have experience linking problems with linking the parent and the baby units. If you have this problem, contact the VTech baby monitor customer service on the phone number above or on their website. This problem is caused by internal problems with the receptors. To save on cost, VTech uses the cheapest available parts and they own this as their manufacturers caused the fault. They will send you a replacement unit if you are still within warranty and have all your documentation. Depending on where you live, they may ask you to pay for shipping which is common with other baby monitor brands as well.

VTech Baby Monitor Beeping

If your VTech baby monitor is beeping, it is possible that any of the following issues are causing it to beep:

  1. Antennae is broken or faulty – If the antennae is faulty or broken, the signal is not effectively being received on the parent unit and you’ll hear a beep. If your antennae is not broken or faulty, check if the parent and the baby units are blocked by an object in-between. If no object is blocking the two units, the motherboard may be broken.
  2. Battery Issues – If the connection between the batteries and the motherboard is weak or faulty, you may hear your VTech baby monitor beep. You need to make sure that the connection is not loose and that power is being transferred with no short-circuit. If you are looking for a VTech battery replacement, check out this post.
  3. Out of range: If you hear three loud beeps, this means the baby unit is out of range. You’ll hear this beep if the parent unit is on mute and the sound alert feature is ON. You can switch off the sound alert feature.

You should also note that you need to keep the parent unit and the baby unit far apart by at least 3ft. to avoid static.