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Wired Baby Monitors (Hardwired/Ethernet)

Sandra W Bullock

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What is a wired baby monitor?

A wired baby monitor system is a baby monitor that does not use radio frequency to transmit signals from the baby unit to the parent unit (also called a non-rf wired baby monitor). Wired baby monitors are not readily available for sale but you would have to buy a camera and wire it yourself. I personally bought a D-Link camera and made it a hard-wired baby monitor earlier this year. These fully wired baby monitors are preferred and we discussed at length on our baby monitor radiation post.

Why set up a wired baby monitor

Baby monitors emit radiation and they can have harmful effects on your baby. In 2011, the World Health Organization classified EMF as a possible carcinogen. Watch the video below explaining the dangers of EMF radiation

Are Wired Baby Monitors Safe?

Yes. Wired baby monitors do not emit radio frequency that has been linked to possible harmful effects on the baby. According to several studies we reviewed here at 10BabyGear, wired baby monitors are zero-emission baby monitors that secure your baby and ensure your baby nursery is 100% emission-free. The National Cancer Institute summarized that there hasn’t been a verifiable correlation between cancer and non-ionizing emf radiation. Here is a brief from their website:

Numerous epidemiologic studies and comprehensive reviews of the scientific literature have evaluated possible associations between exposure to non-ionizing EMFs and risk of cancer in children (12–14). (Magnetic fields are the component of non-ionizing EMFs that are usually studied in relation to their possible health effects.) Most of the research has focused on leukemia and brain tumors, the two most common cancers in children. Studies have examined associations of these cancers with living near power lines, with magnetic fields in the home, and with exposure of parents to high levels of magnetic fields in the workplace. No consistent evidence for an association between any source of non-ionizing EMF and cancer has been found.

National Cancer Institute

Below is a video explaining D-Link wired baby monitor. The baby monitor would be using home ethernet to facilitate signal transfer from the camera to the parent unit. This wired ethernet baby monitor has low EMF radiation. The D-Link wired baby monitor camera.

Arlo Q is another wired baby monitor you can get:

Wired Audio Baby Monitor

Similar to fully wired video baby monitors wired audio baby monitors can be set up.

To set up a digital fully wired audio baby monitor, you’d have to find a Wifi audio baby monitor. Once you find one, you need to follow the steps indicated in the video above. Essentially, you’d be setting up a wired intercom baby monitor

Kodak Wired Baby Monitor

Below is a video of the Kodak baby monitor that can be fully wired as the D-Link baby monitor shown in the video above.


In our review, the best hard-wired baby monitor is the D-Link camera as it is the cheapest on the list when compared with BabyMoov, Kodak, and other wired IP camera baby monitors